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HALEY, HERBERT F.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-127
HALL, ADELINE                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-449
HALL, CHARLES H. (DR)             TBL                                     GA-11-E-278
HALL, JACKSON THOMAS              TBL                                     GA-11-H-406
HALL, JOHN I.                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-194
HALL, JULIA B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-110
HALL, KENAN (DR)                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-204
HALL, SELINA P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-107
HALL, SOPHIA B.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-217
HAMILTON, FAYETTE M.              TBL                                     GA-11-F-183
HAMLIN, J. C.                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-206
HAMLIN, L. E.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-511
HAMLIN, LOUIS                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-393
HAMMOCK, FRANKLIN HENRY           TBL                                     GA-11-H-632
HAMMOCK, PETER                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-532
HAMMOND, ABNER H.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-383
HAMMOND, D. W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-390
HAMMOND, NELLIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-158
HAMMOND, NELLIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-108
HAMMOND, RICHARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-690
HAMMOND, S. J.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-371
HAMPTON, A. M.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-544
HANHOOSTER, FREDRICK WILHELM      TBL                                     GA-11-D-445
HANSE, ANNA LORA                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-598
HAPP, MORRIS                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-355
HARBAUM, MARY E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-412
HARBAUM, WILLIAM T.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-309
HARDEMAN, ANN                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-67
HARDEMAN, FANNIE                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-439
HARDEMAN, GAZLEEN M.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-323
HARDEMAN, ISAAC                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-363
HARDEMAN, ISAAC                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-376
HARDEY, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-426
HARDIN, MARTIN L.                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-100
HARDY, ESTELLE ZETTLER            TBL                                     GA-11-H-530
HARDY, WHITMILL                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-78
HARGROVE, MARY F.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-464
HARMON, MARY                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-483
HARNE, ADELAIDE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-208
HARPER, JULIA H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-14
HARPER, MARY E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-513
HARPER, W. B.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-90
HARPER, W. B.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-87
HARRELL, HARDY                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-43
HARRIS, HENRY T.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-503
HARRIS, LIZZIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-626
HARRIS, MARTHA                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-25
HARRIS, MORRIS                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-565
HARRIS, MORRIS                    TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-575
HARRIS, S. ELLIOTT                TBL                                     GA-11-E-326
HARRIS, T. A.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-304
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-92
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-96
HARRIS, WILLIAM MITCHELL          TBL                                     GA-11-H-405
HARRISON, CELIA                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-12
HARROLD, WILLIAM E.               TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-333
HARROLD, WILLIAM E.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-333
HARROLD, WILLIAM E.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-363
HARSH, MARY E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-292
HART, ELIZA                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-570
HART, JOHN W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-85
HARTLEY, MARY L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-370
HARTZ, IDA A.                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-77
HARVELL, SALLIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-250
HARVEY, MARY                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-368
HATCHER, AMANDA                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-60
HATCHER, HAMILTON FELTON          TBL                                     GA-11-G-390
HATCHER, M. J.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-308
HATTAWAY, ANNIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-69
HAUSE, H. R. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-D-163
HAWES, OBIE                       TBL                                     GA-11-G-610
HAWES, ROLAND R.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-345
HAYS, C. O.                       TBL                                     GA-11-H-429
HAZLEHURST, ROBERT                TBL                                     GA-11-B-278
HEARD, BAILEY A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-155
HEARD, J. F.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-100
HEILKER, ANNETTE                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-277
HEILKER, AUGUST                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-269
HEMBRIE, H. M. R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-40
HENDERSON, LUCINDA                TBL                                     GA-11-E-482
HENDRICKS, MARY ADDIE             TBL                                     GA-11-F-471
HENDRICKS, MARY ADDIE             TBL                                     GA-11-F-422
HENDRIX, ANDREW J.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-116
HENDRIX, NARCISSA JANE            TBL                                     GA-11-E-322
HENLEY, THOMAS                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-37
HENRY, CHRISTIAN A.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-166
HERIN, J. W.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-107
HERNDON, JESSE WARREN             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-288
HERNDON, JESSE WARREN             TBL                                     GA-11-F-276
HERRINGTON, JOHN P.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-370
HERTZ, JACOB H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-479
HERTZ, JACOB HERMAN               TBL                                     GA-11-F-7
HERZOG, CAROLINE                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-601
HICKS, AUSTIN                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-459
HIGHTOWER, JOE                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-541
HIGHTOWER, JOHN S.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-454
HILL, CANDIS                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-7
HILL, POPE S.                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-402
HILL, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-107
HILLYER, L. P.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-406
HILSMAN, A. S.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-214
HILSMAN, JOSEPHINE                TBL                                     GA-11-E-116
HINES, ADELAIDE M.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-486
HINES, CAROLINE V.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-67
HINES, GEORGE S.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-404
HINES, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-E-106
HINES, R. K.                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-177
HINES, TREAT                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-206
HINKLE, LAURA E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-369
HINTON, J. W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-156
HINTON, S. C. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-E-89
HODGES, ROBERT                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-33
HOFFMAN, ABRAHAM                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-470
HOGE, JOHN S.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-480
HOGG, JARRELL N.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-624
HOLLAND, JAMES                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-264
HOLLIMAN, VIRGINIA J.             TBL                                     GA-11-G-156
HOLLOWAY, ARY                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-653
HOLLOWAY, ARY                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-673
HOLLOWAY, J. D.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-35
HOLLOWAY, MATTIE BRUNSON          TBL                                     GA-11-G-337
HOLLOWAY, T. O.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-591
HOLMES, CARRIE LEE                TBL                                     GA-11-H-645
HOLMES, ELLEN V.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-280
HOLMES, LEILA BURKE               TBL                                     GA-11-H-212
HOLMES, WALTER R. SR.             TBL                                     GA-11-H-289
HOLT, AB T.                       TBL                                     GA-11-E-394
HOLT, ASA                         TBL                                     GA-11-B-456
HOLT, CHARLES C.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-351
HOLT, FANNIE M.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-290
HOLT, IDA LEONA                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-477
HOLT, ISAIAH                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-589
HOLT, P. S.                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-475
HOLT, SARAH                       TBL                                     GA-11-E-153
HOLT, SUSIE WILLIAMS              TBL                                     GA-11-F-335
HOLT, TARPLY                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-75
HOLT, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-194
HOLT, WILLIAM F.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-348
HOLT, WILLIAM F. (DR)             TBL                                     GA-11-E-38
HOLZENDORF, W. A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-458
HOOD, MATTIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-200
HOOKS, JOHN A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-62
HOPKINS, CAMILLA BELLE            TBL                                     GA-11-H-458
HORNE, ANNIE TURPIN               TBL                                     GA-11-G-317
HORNE, HENRY                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-410
HORNE, HENRY                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-375
HORNE, W. F.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-447
HORNSBY, PHALBA                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-72
HOSKING, JULIA                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-47
HOWARD, ALFRED                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-465
HOWARD, C. W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-476
HOWARD, E. W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-567
HOWARD, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-37
HOWARD, W. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-74
HOWELL, J. L.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-241
HUDSON, B. F.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-39
HUDSON, JAMES                     TBL                                     GA-11-A-162
HUDSON, JUNO                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-225
HUDSON, MARY WARREN               TBL                                     GA-11-H-255
HUDSON, NOEL S.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-125
HUDSON, R. E.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-540
HUDUENIN, E. D.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-324
HUFF, EDWARD                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-24
HUFF, JOHN W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-159
HUFF, TRAVIS                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-346
HUGHES, DANIEL G.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-296
HUGHS, FRANCES M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-160
HUGUENIN, EDWARD D.               TBL                                     GA-11-B-227
HUGUENIN, EDWARD D.               TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-B-243
HUGUENIN, JULIA E.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-264
HUNNICUTT, MARY E.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-118
HUNT, ELIZABETH                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-184
HUNT, FRANK PECK                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-603
HUNT, LEONARD W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-169
HUNT, LOUISA G.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-336
HUNT, LYCINDA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-398
HUNTER, E. E.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-132
HUNTER, GEORGE R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-267
HUNTER, MOLCY SESSIONS            TBL                                     GA-11-F-156
HUNTER, SAMUEL B.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-437
HURLEY, JENNIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-89
HURLEY, JOHN                      TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-507
HURLEY, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-485
HUTCHINGS, R. H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-31
INABNOTT, J. V. (MRS)             TBL                                     GA-11-C-512
IRWIN, JANE                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-81
ISAACS, EMANUEL                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-378
IVEY, SILAS                       TBL                                     GA-11-H-436
JACKSON, BENJAMIN                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-10
JACKSON, BERTHA                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-531
JACKSON, CHLOE                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-72
JACKSON, ELIZA                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-131
JACKSON, ELIZA MIMS               TBL                                     GA-11-G-461
JACKSON, JULIA                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-365
JACKSON, MARIA ISABEL             TBL                                     GA-11-F-69
JACKSON, MAX                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-91
JACKSON, SARAH                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-319
JACKSON, W. W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-613
JACOBY, LIZZIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-337
JAMES, ANNIE MAY                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-128
JANES, ABIE S.                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-358
JAQUES, ELEANOR HALL              TBL                                     GA-11-H-322
JAQUES, RICHARD W.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-173
JAQUES, S. R. SR.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-386
JEMISON, HENRY                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-1
JENKINS, ANGELINE C.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-89
JENKINS, ELIAS C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-389
JENKINS, J. W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-134
JENKINS, MARY A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-295
JENKINS, THOMAS                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-380
JETER, ANDREW                     TBL                                     GA-11-A-8
JEWETT, HENRY L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-326
JOHNS, ISAAC D. N.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-104
JOHNSON, A. L.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-302
JOHNSON, AMANDA B.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-362
JOHNSON, ANN ELIZABETH            TBL                                     GA-11-F-211
JOHNSON, CHARLES SR.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-445
JOHNSON, CHARLIE                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-179
JOHNSON, CHARLIE                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-136
JOHNSON, DEMARIUS                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-248
JOHNSON, ENNIS B.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-28
JOHNSON, F. S. SR.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-110
JOHNSON, G. C. S.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-117
JOHNSON, HENRY                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-201
JOHNSON, LEWIS                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-20
JOHNSON, NEWTON T.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-268
JOHNSON, OPHELIA                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-39
JOHNSON, OPHELIA                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-111
JOHNSON, OPHELIA                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-39
JOHNSON, THORNTON                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-285
JOHNSON, W. H. C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-37
JOHNSON, W. H. C.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-167
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-386
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-152
JOHNSON, WILLIAM G.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-395
JOHNSON, WILLIAM G.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-352
JOHNSON, WILLIAM I.               TBL                                     GA-11-B-161
JOHNSTON, ANNIE T.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-274
JOHNSTON, EDWARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-297
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH S.            TBL                                     GA-11-C-33
JOHNSTON, HARRIET EMMA            TBL                                     GA-11-D-440
JOHNSTON, J. MARSHALL             TBL                                     GA-11-E-215
JOHNSTON, J. MARSHALL             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-220
JOHNSTON, J. V.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-636
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH K.               TBL                                     GA-11-C-331
JOHNSTON, L. L.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-286
JOHNSTON, LAURA C.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-270
JOHNSTON, R. A.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-292
JOHNSTON, R. A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-9
JOHNSTON, RICHARD W.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-386
JOHNSTON, RICHARD W.              TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-392
JOHNSTON, SARAH B.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-228
JOHNSTON, SARAH E.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-209
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-53
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM B.              TBL                                     GA-11-C-408
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM MCEWEN          TBL                                     GA-11-F-294
JOHSON, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-321
JONES, ALBERT                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-478
JONES, CORRILLA                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-459
JONES, ED                         TBL                                     GA-11-G-511
JONES, ELIZABETH J.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-457
JONES, ELSIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-95
JONES, GEORGE S.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-418
JONES, GEORGE T.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-545
JONES, HENRY HART                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-65
JONES, ISABELLA                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-311
JONES, JAMES MADISON              TBL                                     GA-11-D-50
JONES, JOHN E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-574
JONES, JOHN L.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-123
JONES, JULIA P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-323
JONES, JULIA P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-307
JONES, LELIA E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-59
JONES, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-G-7
JONES, MARY E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-495
JONES, P. W.                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-332
JONES, SEABORN                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-179
JONES, STEWARD D.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-585
JONES, T. B.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-190
JONES, THOMAS                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-273
JONES, THOMAS SKELTON             TBL                                     GA-11-F-374
JONES, W. H.                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-262
JONES, W. M.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-444
JONES, WILLIAM WALTER SR.         TBL                                     GA-11-H-672
JORDAN, ABSALOM                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-165
JORDAN, CORNELIA DIXON            TBL                                     GA-11-G-562
JORDAN, GRADY                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-464
JORDAN, LEONIDAS A.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-422
JORDAN, MARY E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-138
JORDAN, MATTIE L.                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-254
JORDAN, R. C.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-187
JORDAN, REBECCA                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-452
JOSEPHSON, SIMON                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-72
JULIEN, MARIA                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-167
KEENAN, A. E. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-G-418
KELLY, FRANCIS                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-123
KELLY, J. L. B.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-364
KELLY, JULIA                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-98
KEMME, JOHN C.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-453
KEMP, ALICE B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-16
KENDRICK, A. N.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-589
KENDRICK, ANNE M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-365
KENEDY, NANCY                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-240
KENNEDY, ANNIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-486
KENNEDY, F. W. C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-133
KENNINGTON, FRANK                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-202
KERNELL, ANNIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-236
KERSHAW, GEORGE T.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-71
KERSHAW, GEORGE T.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-97
KESSLER, ISAAC                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-524
KILFOYLE, JAMES                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-184
KILPATRICK, C. W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-262
KILPATRICK, WILLIAM               TBL                                     GA-11-B-94
KIMBLE, ADA                       TBL                                     GA-11-H-629
KIMBREW, HENRY GARDNER            TBL                                     GA-11-G-244
KING, JOHN                        TBL                                     GA-11-A-17
KING, MARY ANN                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-455
KING, RANDALL                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-418
KING, THOMAS                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-186
KINGERY, EVELYN                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-473
KIRKSEY, ANNIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-296
KITCHENS, DELIA                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-358
KITCHENS, GEORGE W.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-630
KITCHENS, JOHANNA                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-543
KNIGHT, FRANCES L.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-19
KNIGHT, S. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-6
KNIGHT, THOMAS SR.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-15
KNOBLOCH, WILLIAM C.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-42
KRENTZ, ANTONY                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-232
KUNZE, JOHN MICHAEL               TBL                                     GA-11-B-61
LAMAR, BENJAMIN B.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-66
LAMAR, ELIZA                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-464
LAMAR, HENRIETTA D.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-174
LAMAR, HENRY J.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-298
LAMAR, HENRY J.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-313
LAMAR, HENRY J.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-417
LAMAR, HENRY J.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-434
LAMAR, J. P.                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-54
LAMAR, JOHN                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-151
LAMAR, JOHN B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-216
LAMAR, M. S. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-C-341
LAMAR, MARTHA E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-504
LAMAR, MARY LOUISA                TBL                                     GA-11-C-539
LANCE, SIMEON                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-372
LANE, ANDREW J.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-299
LANE, ANDREW W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-124
LANE, CHARLES                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-603
LANE, JEFF                        TBL                                     GA-11-D-404
LANE, WESLEY                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-290
LANG, ALOIS                       TBL                                     GA-11-G-437
LANG, SUSAN LEE                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-242
LANIER, JOHN I.                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-42
LANIER, ROBERT S.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-102
LASETER, JOHN                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-330
LATIMER, EDWARD C.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-250
LAWTON, CARRIE W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-478
LAWTON, R. F.                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-42
LAWTON, R. F.                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-19
LAYTON, LIZZIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-349
LECTERS, BENJAMIN                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-200
LEE, B. G.                        TBL                                     GA-11-H-639
LEE, MARY ELLEN                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-41
LEE, MOLLIE E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-488
LEGTERS, BERNARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-25
LEGTERS, DENA                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-454
LESLIE, ANN                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-192
LEWIS, AMANDA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-499
LEWIS, DAVID                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-153
LEWIS, JOHN S.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-558
LEWIS, JULIET                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-65
LEWIS, LAURA                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-254
LEWIS, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-524
LIGHTFOOT, MARY A.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-180
LIGHTFOOT, SALLIE SUSAN           TBL                                     GA-11-E-186
LIGHTFOOT, WILLIAM T.             TBL                                     GA-11-B-408
LINCH, E. A. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-E-363
LINDSEY, C. L.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-4345
LINK, ERATUS HANGER               TBL                                     GA-11-E-263
LINK, FRANCESKA G.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-56
LIQUEUX, PETER                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-7
LITTLE, A. J.                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-9
LITTLE, WILLIAM J. (DR)           TBL                                     GA-11-H-451
LITTLE, WILLIAM J. (DR)           TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-469
LOCKETT, ANN E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-436
LOCKETT, WILLIAM                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-149
LOGAN, PAULINE V.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-76
LOGAN, STEWART ALEXANDER          TBL                                     GA-11-G-491
LOH, MICHAEL                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-337
LONG, LOUISA                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-101
LONG, MAHALA                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-412
LONG, MARION H. W.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-261
LONG, PATRICK                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-219
LOQUE, E. P. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-F-490
LOWE, ANNIE DIXON                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-72
LOWE, HENRY E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-376
LOWE, JOHN H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-146
LOWE, WILLIAM S.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-294
LOWRY, PARALEE                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-536
LOWRY, THOMAS SCOTT               TBL                                     GA-11-H-127
LOWTHER, VIRGINIA H.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-448
LUMPKIN, A. V.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-110
LUMSDEN, BUSHROD D.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-426
LUMSDEN, LAUA E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-80
LUMSDEN, SARAH                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-227
LUNSFORD, ENOCH                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-170
LUNSFORD, PRISCILLA               TBL                                     GA-11-B-127
LUTTERLOH, RALPH B.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-487
LYON, RICHARD F.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-80
MACARTHY, CARRIE NAPIER           TBL                                     GA-11-G-651
MACARTHY, CHARLIE E.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-382
MACARTHY, WILLIAM H.              TBL                                     GA-11-A-149
MACHOLD, MARGARET                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-312
MACK, ALFRED                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-278
MACMILLAN, THOMAS S.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-22
MADDEN, NORA                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-631
MAGRUDER, MARIA L.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-25
MALDEN, CALEB SR.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-57
MALONE, CHERRY                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-5
MALONE, VICTORIA                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-359
MALOY, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-E-54
MANN, GEORGE W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-77
MANSFIELD, DAISY                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-331
MARKS, JOHN                       TBL                                     GA-11-D-347
MARKS, JOHN                       TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-351
MARSHALL, ANGELIEN                TBL                                     GA-11-G-618
MARSHALL, FRED M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-423
MARSHALL, WILLIAM C.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-443
MARSHALL, WILLIAM C.              TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-447
MARSHBURN, JOHN J.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-53
MARTIN, JANE                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-257
MARTIN, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-96
MASON, SARAH J                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-81
MASSEE, MARION E. SR.             TBL                                     GA-11-H-425
MASSEY, JANE                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-85
MASSEY, ORRIN W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-168
MASSEY, W. T.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-300
MATHEWS, B. W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-119
MATHEWS, DICEY                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-331
MATHEWS, MARTHA                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-100
MATHEWS, TIMOTHY                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-125
MATHIAS, C. S.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-450
MATHIS, MARY W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-255
MAUND, JOHN W. SR.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-617
MAY, BENJAMIN                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-3
MAY, KINCHEN                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-454
MAYER, SAMUEL                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-148
MCANDREW, WILLIAM E.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-112
MCARTHUR, JOHN                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-123
MCBRIDE, GEORGE                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-213
MCBURNEY, J. C.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-239
MCCAFFERTY, BIDGET                TBL                                     GA-11-E-334
MCCALL, ELEAZER                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-20
MCCARTHY, CHARLIE F.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-382
MCCAW, MARY LAMAR                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-309
MCCHARY, HONEY                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-352
MCCOOK, C. F. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-G-599
MCCOWELL, MARIA                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-395
MCCREARY, JOHN                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-563
MCCRUDDEN, EDWARD                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-415
MCCULLOUGH, MARY                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-649
MCDOWELL, MARY                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-311
MCEVOY, R. P.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-284
MCGEE, PERRY                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-130
MCGLVIN, ANNIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-480
MCGOLRICK, ROSETTA E.             TBL                                     GA-11-E-140
MCGUIRE, MARTHA                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-281
MCHAN, EDGAR ALLEN                TBL                                     GA-11-H-514
MCHATTON, HENRY                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-70
MCKAY, MAYMIE L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-438
MCKAY, W. H.                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-36
MCKAY, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-95
MCKENNA, ANASTATIA                TBL                                     GA-11-D-431
MCKENNA, ANDREW                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-295
MCKINNEY, HEZAKAIH                TBL                                     GA-11-C-172
MCLEAN, HUGH                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-400
MCMANUS, LEONARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-82
MCMICHAEL, JOHN B.                TBL                                     GA-11-B- 287
MCMILLAN, THOMAS S.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-22
MCMULLIN, J. W. (MRS)             TBL                                     GA-11-F-76
MCNIECE, J. B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-391
MCRAE, CATHERINE A.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-143
MCRAE, D. L.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-297
MCRAE, LULA P.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-633
MCREE, ADELINE                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-182
MCWILLIAMS, MARY ELIZABETH        TBL                                     GA-11-H-57
MCWILLIAMS, WILLIAM A.            TBL                                     GA-11-H-141
MEARA, JAMES                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-306
MEATH, GEORGE                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-387
MELTON, H. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-214
MELTON, OTIS I. (MRS)             TBL                                     GA-11-E-366
MERCER, J. J.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-483
MERCER, MARY EVERS                TBL                                     GA-11-H-678
MERIWETHER, MIRANDA               TBL                                     GA-11-H-105
MERKEL, LOUIS                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-504
MERKEL, LOUIS                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-491
MERRITT, EDWARD C.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-557
MERRITT, LEILA A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-584
MERRITT, ROBERT L.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-279
MERRITT, T. E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-182
MERRITT, T. E.                    TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-190
METTAUER, HENRY A. (DR)           TBL                                     GA-11-F-299
MIDDLEBROOKS, SOPHIA              TBL                                     GA-11-G-346
MILLER, FRANK                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-108
MILLER, JOEL TEXAS                TBL                                     GA-11-H-588
MILLER, KATIE                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-71
MILLER, KATIE                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-269
MILLER, KATIE                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-273
MILLER, MARY M.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-169
MILLS, MILES                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-224
MILNE, DAVID                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-2
MIMS, NEEDHAM                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-309
MINCHEW, PHILLIP                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-91
MINHINNETTE, T. J.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-306
MINOR, FRANK L.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-315
MINTER, JAMES W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-209
MITCHEL, MAZIE JANE               TBL                                     GA-11-C-90
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER               TBL                                     GA-11-B-297
MITCHELL, EMANUEL                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-253
MITCHELL, JOHN                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-142
MITCHELL, L. A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-580
MITCHELL, MARY A. D.              TBL                                     GA-11-D-243
MITCHELL, MATTIE                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-375
MITCHELL, OPHELIA                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-238
MOFFITT, ANNA ELIZA               TBL                                     GA-11-H-29
MONCRIEF, H. H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-462
MONTAGUE, ANDREW PHILIP           TBL                                     GA-11-H-566
MONTFORT, A. A. (MRS)             TBL                                     GA-11-E-486
MONTFORT, W. E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-106
MOORE, ANNIE S.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-331
MOORE, GEORGE W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-111
MOORE, KINGMAN P.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-488
MOORE, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-F-149
MOORE, S. C.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-376
MORGAN, GEORGE W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-443
MORGAN, JOHN H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-639
MORRILL, CHARLES W.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-103
MORRIS, BETSEY                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-7
MORRIS, GEORGE A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-422
MORRIS, GEORGE A.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-443
MORRIS, JESSIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-165
MORTON, MARTHA A.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-237
MORTON, MARTHA A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-213
MOSELEY, MAGGIE C.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-540
MOSELY, J. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-502
MOTER, MATTIE S.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-272
MUIT, FRANCIS                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-256
MULFORD, MARY B.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-198
MULLIM, JAMES                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-449
MUMFORD, IDA E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-185
MUNROE, NATHAN                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-63
MUNROE, NATHAN G.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-367
MURPHEY, THAD E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-66
MURPHY, PATRICK                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-81
MURRAY, G. T.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-580
MYERS, J. H.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-613
MYERS, JOHN H.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-396
MYERS, MARY A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-499
MYERS, MARY A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-206
MYERS, W. T.                      TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-135
MYERS, W. T.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-102
MYRICK, JAMES W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-456
MYRICK, NANCY                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-470
NAPIER, BRIGG H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-237
NAPIER, EUGENIA O.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-237
NAPIER, JANE E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-541
NAPIER, JANE E.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-C-559
NAPIER, LEROY                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-418
NAPIER, MATILDA L.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-43
NAPIER, SKELTON                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-327
NAPIER, THOMAS                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-46
NAPIER, VIRGINIA A.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-338
NEAL, A. P.                       TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-500
NEAL, A. P.                       TBL                                     GA-11-F-477
NEAL, MOLLIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-292
NEAL, SUSIE                       TBL                                     GA-11-G-526
NEEL, JOSEPH NORRIS               TBL                                     GA-11-G-185
NELSON, SARAH N.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-388
NEWBERRY, N. J.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-29
NEWBY, ELIZABETH F.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-440
NEWMAN, JOHN P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-304
NEWMAN, MARTIN                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-255
NEWMAN, MARY A. HOLMES            TBL                                     GA-11-F-167
NEWMAN, SILAS                     NTL, TX                                 GA-11-E-270
NEWMAN, WRIGHT                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-342
NEWSOM, HENRY                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-163
NEWSOM, M. G.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-86
NISBET, EUGENIUS A.               TBL                                     GA-11-B-430
NISBET, JAMES A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-460
NISBET, JAMES F.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-175
NISBET, MARY C.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-167
NISBET, MARY S.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-142
NISBET, ROBERT A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-222
NISBET, THOMAS C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-28
NIXON, R. K.                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-155
NIXON, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-71
NORMAN, SARAH                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-90
NOTTINGHAM, C. B.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-69
NOTTINGHAM, EMMA J.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-379
NOWELL, ISAM W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-459
OCKINGTON, JAMES G.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-35
OCONNELL, EDWARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-187
OCONNELL, MAGGIE THERESA          TBL                                     GA-11-H-293
OCONNER, M. E. (MRS)              TBL                                     GA-11-C-461
ODOM, FANNIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-246
ODOM, SABUD                       TBL                                     GA-11-A-133
ODONNELL, BRIDGET                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-107
OGDEN, J. MONROE                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-14
OHARA, PATRICK                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-85
OHARA, THOMAS M.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-369
OLEARY, MAGGIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-259
ONEAL, EVELYN                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-322
ONEAL, MILDRED                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-470
ONEAL, POMPEY                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-473
ORR, NANNIE OLIVER                TBL                                     GA-11-G-371
OWENS, BENJAMIN F.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-26
OWSLEY, ROBERT F.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-125
PANT, INCREASE C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-60
PARK, ELLA H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-481
PARK, ROBERT E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-407
PARK, ROBERT E.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-413
PARKER, A. H. (DR)                TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-475
PARKER, A. H. (DR)                TBL                                     GA-11-F-462
PARKER, BURWELL                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-206
PARKER, CLARA W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-423
PARKER, ELIZA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-171
PARKER, IDA V.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-455
PARKER, MARY A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-452
PARKER, SALLIE FRANCIS            TBL                                     GA-11-F-451
PARKER, SARAH E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-96
PARKER, W. B.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-1
PARROTT, ABNER F.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-427
PARTRIDGE, FRANKIE                TBL                                     GA-11-G-266
PASSMORE, M. A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-197
PATRICK, ABRAM P.                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-121
PATTERSON, DALLAS                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-460
PATTERSON, GEORGE E.              TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-689
PATTERSON, GEORGE E.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-680
PATTERSON, MARY ANN               TBL                                     GA-11-G-399
PATTON, MARTHA E.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-372
PATTON, S. E.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-576
PAUL, GEORGE                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-548
PAUL, LULA HOGANS                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-34
PAYNE, GEORGE                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-211
PAYNE, L. B.                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-86
PAYTON, MARIAH                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-27
PAYTON, PATRICK                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-355
PEACOCK, E. J.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-522
PEACOCK, E. J.                    TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-539
PEACOCK, MARGARET A.              TBL                                     GA-11-C-339
PEACOCK, V. A. (MRS)              TBL                                     GA-11-E-88
PEARSON, ROSETTA                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-434
PEAVY, CHARLES D. SR.             TBL                                     GA-11-H-158
PELLEW, ANNIE E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-141
PEPPER, C. N.                     NTL, NORFOLK, VA                        GA-11-E-203
PEPPER, DANIEL P.                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-145
PEPPER, JULIA                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-25
PEPPER, JULIA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-9
PEPPERS, ELSIE T.                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-228
PERRY, JAMES R.                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-109
PERRY, WELLINGTON S.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-609
PETERSON, JOHN T.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-77
PHELPS, JULIA BUTLER              TBL                                     GA-11-H-544
PHELPS, JULIA BUTLER              TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-647
PHILLIPS, C. J. (MRS)             TBL                                     GA-11-H-499
PHILLIPS, MORGIANA E.             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-517
PHILLIPS, MORGIANA E.             TBL                                     GA-11-F-491
PHILLIPS, RUTH CROSLAND           TBL                                     GA-11-H-630
PHILLIPS, SARAH H                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-144
PITT, LOUISIANA                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-89
PITTMAN, MARY JENNIE              TBL                                     GA-11-H-176
PITTMAN, W. W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-137
PITTS, AUGUSTUS                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-177
PITTS, SARAH L.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-359
PLANT, AUGUSTA M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-408
PLANT, MARGARET R.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-36
PLANT, R. H.                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-196
PLUNKETT, CLARA B.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-176
POPPER, STEPHEN                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-584
PORTER, ANNIE E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-335
POST, PATTIE DABAUT               TBL                                     GA-11-F-152
POSTELL, GEORGE                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-109
POWELL, HARNEY T.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-614
POWELL, JULIET M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-491
POWERS, ABNER P.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-154
POWERS, ANN E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-335
POWERS, DIRGIL                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-169
POWERS, FRANK H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-594
POWERS, JULIA A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-125
POWERS, JULIA A.                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-B-356
PRATER, WILLIAM G.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-441
PRATT, JOHN                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-55
PRESTON, W. C.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-592
PRICE, DORA CONGLETON             TBL                                     GA-11-G-77
PRICE, E. R.                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-224
PRICE, JULIA F.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-83
PRICE, MARIE THERESA              TBL                                     GA-11-G-452
PRICE, WILLIS F.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-279
PROUDFIT, ALEXANDER               TBL                                     GA-11-F-279
PRUDEN, ED H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-68
PSILOPOULUS, GOSTH                TBL                                     GA-11-G-601
PYE, ANDREW                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-168
QUINN, THOMAS                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-288
RABURN, SALLIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-154
RAGSDALE, THOMAS B.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-586
RAIFORD, JANE S.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-4
RAILEY, ABNER                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-401
RAINES, C. W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-73
RAINEY, HESTER                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-374
RAINEY, J. B. D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-198
RALEY, MARY A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-178
RAMAGE, LOURENIA J.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-93
RAMSEY, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-649
RAMSEY, MARY                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-51
RANDALL, EDMUND                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-604
RANDALL, JONATHAN C.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-1
RANDALL, LUCY W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-299
RANDALL, MARY A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-64
RANDOLPH, ELIZA M.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-168
RANDOLPH, RICHARD H.              TBL                                     GA-11-A-132
RANKIN, SARAH E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-75
RANSONE, JULIEN                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-452
RANSONE, JULIEN                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-427
RANSONE, SARAH J.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-227
RAWLS, HARRY                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-429
RAWLS, LAURA T.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-504
RAY, ABBIE                        TBL                                     GA-11-G-144
RAY, J. H.                        TBL                                     GA-11-D-253
RAYMOND, GEORGE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-272
RAYMOND, GEORGE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-272
REA, JAMES                        TBL                                     GA-11-B-203
REDDING, ELIZABETH S.             TBL                                     GA-11-E-441
REDDY, MARY E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-186
REESE, VIOLA ROSS                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-153
REEVES, EDWARD L.                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-68
REEVES, G. L.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-303
REEVES, JOHN BETRANN              TBL                                     GA-11-G-239
REEVES, SALLIE ANN                TBL                                     GA-11-G-183
REEVES, VICTORIA                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-429
REICHERT, JOHN WHEDON             TBL                                     GA-11-G-361
REID, ELVIRA P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-530
REID, JAMES E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-38
RENFROE, MAUD                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-456
RESPESS, ADELAIDE H.              TBL                                     GA-11-F-519
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER SR.           TBL                                     GA-11-C-565
REYNOLDS, ELVIRA                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-131
REYNOLDS, L. O.                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-58
RICE, CHARLES R.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-77
RICE, MARTHA F.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-449
RICHADSON, S. P.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-160
RICHARDS, WILLIAM T.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-314
RIDDLE, ALFRED C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-210
RIDLEY, JANE                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-20
RIGGINS, ELIJAH L. D.             TBL                                     GA-11-C-93
RIGGINS, SARAH ANN ELIZABETH      TBL                                     GA-11-E-52
RINGHILL, CALEDONIA               TBL                                     GA-11-G-493
RINGHILL, MARTHA                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-576
ROACH, PATRICK                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-282
ROBERSON, MINNIE                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-161
ROBERSON, PHILLIP                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-132
ROBERSON, PHILLIP                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-185
ROBERTS, AMANDA BELLE             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-230
ROBERTS, AMANDA BELLE             TBL                                     GA-11-E-217
ROBERTS, B. F.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-431
ROBERTS, JOHN                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-412
ROBERTS, JOSEPH H.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-477
ROBERTS, LIZZIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-165
ROBERTS, MARY                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-635
ROBERTS, MATTIE A.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-432
ROBERTSON, DELZELL                TBL                                     GA-11-H-178
ROBERTSON, J. T.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-521
ROBINSON, MARIAH                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-201
ROCKHILL, R. H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-473
ROCKWELL, SARAH F.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-499
RODGERS, MARY                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-83
ROFF, A. A.                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-136
ROGERS, ELIZABETH L.              TBL                                     GA-11-C-222
ROGERS, GEORGE T.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-536
ROGERS, JANE                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-432
ROGERS, JOSEPH                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-258
ROGERS, LAURA A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-288
ROGERS, MARIA LOUISE              TBL                                     GA-11-G-199
ROGERS, MARY A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-230
ROGERS, MATTHEW R.                TBL                                     GA-11-D-23
ROGERS, WILLIAM B.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-336
ROGERS, WILLIAM B.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-22
ROPER, CLARENCE SIMS              TBL                                     GA-11-E-410
ROSS, CARRIE LOU                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-539
ROSS, E. A. JR.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-136
ROSS, EMMETT HILL                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-46
ROSS, JOHN P.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-38
ROSS, LUKE                        TBL                                     GA-11-A-106
ROSS, MARTHA F.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-485
ROSS, MARY G.                     TBL                                     GA-11-A-113
ROSS, NETTIE S.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-12
ROSS, WILLIAM A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-196
ROSS, WILLIAM H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-58
ROUSE, BETTY ANNE                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-217
ROWLAND, ALEXANDER M.             TBL                                     GA-11-B-483
ROYE, LEWIS WILLIAM               TBL                                     GA-11-H-241
RUSS, PERMELIA MATHEWS            TBL                                     GA-11-H-218
RUSSELL, CATHERINE                TBL                                     GA-11-D-205
RUSSELL, JACOB                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-386
RUTH, ANN                         TBL                                     GA-11-C-43
RUTHERFORD, B. H.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-311
RUTLAND, REDDEN                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-28
RUTLAND, REDDICK                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-83
RUTLEDGE, FREDERICK               TBL                                     GA-11-C-285
RYDER, MATTIE L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-496
RYDER, T. P.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-382
RYE, SARAH F.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-80
RYLANDER, JACK                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-398
RYLANDER, JOHN C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-99
RYLE, J. R.                       TBL                                     GA-11-F-392
RYLE, SARAH E.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-306
SACRA, CANDACE                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-314
SAMUELS, JACOB                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-276
SANDERS, ELLEN                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-135
SANDERS, FRANKIE VICTORIA BREEDLOVE TBL                                   GA-11-H-542
SANDERS, JAMES R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-211
SANDERS, JOHN                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-482
SANFORD, ANNE E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-297
SANFORD, LOUISA A.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-553
SANFORD, SHELTON P.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-282
SAPONARSO, VITO                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-435
SAPP, HENRY                       TBL                                     GA-11-A-13
SARLING, LEONORA M.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-552
SATTERFIELD, JOHN E.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-145
SAUNDERS, JAMES H.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-209
SAVAGE, CALEDONIA                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-96
SAWYER, JACK                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-291
SCARBOROUGH, F. F. SR.            TBL                                     GA-11-H-339
SCARBOROUGH, F. F. SR.            TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-349
SCHAEFER, C. W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-221
SCHALL, JACOB                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-94
SCHATZMAN, W. H.                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-180
SCHATZMAN, W. H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-178
SCHEFIELD, JOHN S.                TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-C-550
SCHEFIELD, JOHN S.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-532
SCHELL, LOUIS WILLIAM             TBL                                     GA-11-H-89
SCHMIDT, GEORGE                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-78
SCHOFIELD, ANNA                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-274
SCHONEMAN, F. A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-466
SCHWED, M. G.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-277
SCOTT, CAROLINE A.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-373
SCOTT, EMMA L.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-600
SCOTT, JOHN                       TBL                                     GA-11-A-6
SCOTT, WILLIAM                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-178
SCOVILLE, MARY C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-462
SCOVILLE, MARY C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-448
SEAGO, JANE                       TBL                                     GA-11-F-140
SEALS, THOMAS ARCHIBALD           TBL                                     GA-11-F-173
SEARCY, LIZZIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-560
SEAY, WILLIAM FRANCIS             TBL                                     GA-11-C-306
SEGO, LILLIE MAY                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-24
SEIFERT, ANNETTE C.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-370
SEWELL, THOMAS LEIGHTON           TBL                                     GA-11-F-91
SEYMOUR, REBECCA M.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-399
SHAD, ELIAS B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-186
SHARP, E. M.                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-249
SHAW, HENRY                       TBL                                     GA-11-D-426
SHAW, LEONICE M. S.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-292
SHEDD, PRESTON L.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-103
SHEEHAN, ANNA DUNN                TBL                                     GA-11-G-235
SHEFFIELD, MARY                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-363
SHEHAN, DENNIS                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-404
SHEPARD, MARIETTA                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-660
SHERIDAN, CHRIS                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-456
SHERIDAN, FANNIE                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-621
SHERIDAN, THOMAS F.               TBL                                     GA-11-F-505
SHERWOOD, E. C.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-236
SHERWOOD, MARY FRANCES            TBL                                     GA-11-H-388
SHINHOLSER, R. W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-344
SHINHOLSER, S. D.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-469
SHIVERS, SARAH A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-74
SHOENMAN, ELIZA                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-69
SHONEMAN, ELIZA                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-65
SHORTER, ELIZABETH SWIFT          TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-674
SHORTER, ELIZABETH SWIFT          TBL                                     GA-11-H-619
SHOTWELL, HARVEY                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-135
SIMMONS, M. A. E.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-277
SIMMONS, RHODA                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-87
SIMMONS, W. S. SR.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-253
SIMPSON, HARRIETT F.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-225
SIMPSON, J. D. (MRS               TBL                                     GA-11-G-246
SIMS, JIM                         TBL                                     GA-11-G-334
SIMS, SUSAN                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-2
SINGLETON, MATTIE H.              TBL                                     GA-11-H-11
SINGLETON, WILLIAM C.             TBL                                     GA-11-F-437
SINGLETON, WILLIAM C.             TBL                                     GA-11-G-1
SINQUEFIELD, AMANDA J.            TBL                                     GA-11-E-30
SLADE, DOLLY A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-42
SLEDGE, MARY                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-331
SLEDGE, SAMUEL                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-114
SLOAN, THOMAS D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-542
SMALL, ANNA T.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-526
SMITH, ALEXIUS GUY SR.            TBL                                     GA-11-H-226
SMITH, ALICE                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-23
SMITH, CATHERINE M                TBL                                     GA-11-E-361
SMITH, DAVIS                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-377
SMITH, ELIZA                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-250
SMITH, ELIZA                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-121
SMITH, ELIZA                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-129
SMITH, ELIZA A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-487
SMITH, ELLA E. (MRS)              TBL                                     GA-11-H-274
SMITH, ELLA S.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-446
SMITH, ELODIA K.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-248
SMITH, F. C. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-C-508
SMITH, GEORGE                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-179
SMITH, GEORGE A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-40
SMITH, H. LUKE                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-521
SMITH, HENRY                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-3
SMITH, JAMES                      TBL                                     GA-11-A-18
SMITH, JAMES                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-17
SMITH, JULIA E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-102
SMITH, LEWIS H. SR.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-519
SMITH, LILLA                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-438
SMITH, LUCINDA EDWIN              TBL                                     GA-11-E-411
SMITH, MARGARET P.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-75
SMITH, MARY WRIGHT                TBL                                     GA-11-F-188
SMITH, NANNIE L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-431
SMITH, PHILO H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-433
SMITH, SUSAN                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-176
SMITH, WALTER G.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-466
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY              TBL                                     GA-11-G-525
SMITH, ZACHARIAH                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-241
SNIDER, GEORGE T.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-260
SNIDER, JAMES I.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-379
SNIDER, MARGARET T.               TBL                                     GA-11-B-438
SNIDER, WILLIAM H.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-467
SNYDER, SADIE J.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-579
SOLOMON, CHARLES HENRY            TBL                                     GA-11-G-400
SOLOMON, HENRY                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-158
SOLOMON, M. LOUISA                TBL                                     GA-11-C-425
SOLOMON N. M.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-450
SOLOMON, PETER                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-229
SOLOMON, S. M. SR.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-579
SOLOMON, THOMAS                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-344
SOLOMON, WILLIAM G. SR.           TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-516
SOLOMON, WILLIAM G. SR.           TBL                                     GA-11-H-369
SPARKS, HATTIE JONES              TBL                                     GA-11-H-380
SPEER, ELEANORA D.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-270
SPEER, EMORY                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-193
SPIKES, REBECCA                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-254
SPIREY, MELVIN                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-305
SPRINGER, MARIA                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-585
STANLEY, ROBERT M.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-234
STANTON, GEORGE G.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-198
STAPLES, HANNAH                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-162
STEADMMARY                        TBL                                     GA-11-E-433
STEED, CLEM P.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-297
STEED, INDIA P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D- 182
STEIN, GEORGE J.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-63
STEPHAN, MAGGIE C.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-437
STEPHAN, MAGGIE C.                TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-446
STEPHENS, EMELINE J.              TBL                                     GA-11-D-22
STETSON, EUGENIA S.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-283
STETSON, JAMES D.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-19
STEVENS, ELIJAH                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-172
STEVENS, EMMIE D.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-354
STEVENS, GEORGIA E.               TBL                                     GA-11-H-172
STEVENS, MILESLY                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-104
STEVENS, SIMEON L.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-28
STEVENS, WILLIAM .                TBL                                     GA-11-E-430
STEVENS, WILLIAM PARKS            TBL                                     GA-11-G-396
STEWART, BARNEY                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-556
STEWART, BRIDGET BURNS            TBL                                     GA-11-D-502
STEWART, ELBERT F.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-21
STEWART, MAMIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-154
STINSON, ELLA JANE                TBL                                     GA-11-H-199
STOKES, JOHN ALLEN                TBL                                     GA-11-H-1
STONE, B. F.                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-420
STORY, JOHN                       TBL                                     GA-11-H-688
STOTESBURY, ARTHUR                TBL                                     GA-11-B-184
STOTESBURY, LOUISA                TBL                                     GA-11-B-145
STRAYER, ELIZA R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-480
STREHECKER, EDWARD                TBL                                     GA-11-C-114
STROEMER, H. R.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-641
STROHECKER, S. A. (MRS)           TBL                                     GA-11-E-233
STRONG, EDGAR P.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-196
STROZIER, W. F.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-444
STUART, EDWIN H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-324
STUART, SUSIE F.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-193
STUBBS, B. P.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-23
STUBBS, ELIZA L.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-220
STUBBS, JAMES H.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-293
STUBBS, JOHN WESLEY               TBL                                     GA-11-H-641
STUBBS, JOSEPH R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-485
STUBBS, PETER                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-32
STUBBS, REBECCA B.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-364
STUBBS, ROBERT W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-202
STUBBS, ROBERT W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-161
SUBERS, J. A. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-C-434
SUBERS, JACOB JAMES               TBL                                     GA-11-G-23
SULLIVAN, E. (MRS.)               TBL                                     GA-11-C-352
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-92
SULLIVAN, SYLVANUS                TBL                                     GA-11-E-310
SUMMERLIN, ELISON                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-12
SURMERLIN, SARAH                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-14
SUSSDORFF, MARTHA A.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-36
SUSSDORFF, MARTHA A.              TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-40
SUTTON, EMILY                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-359
SWEENEY, ANN                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-555
SWEENEY, MYLES                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-304
SWEENEY, PATRICK                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-402
SWEENY, ELIZA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-114
SWEET, MARY V.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-225
SWEET, MARY V.                    TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-234
SYMAN, SAM                        TBL                                     GA-11-G-301
TAMMAS, EDUARD                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-354
TARVER, JOHN                      TBL                                     GA-11-F-507
TAYLOR, AUGUSTA P.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-324
TAYLOR, BEN SR.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-128
TAYLOR, DELIA ANN                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-48
TAYLOR, ELLA LUNDY                TBL                                     GA-11-H-313
TAYLOR, JOE SR.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-281
TAYLOR, SAM                       TBL                                     GA-11-C-322
TAYLOR, WESLEY                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-466
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-252
TENNILEE, ANNA PAULIN             TBL                                     GA-11-H-503
THARP, CICERO A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-291
THARP, ELIZABETH                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-109
THARP, JOHN A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-32
THARPE, GEORGE W.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-215
THARPE, LOUIS A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-561
THARPE, O. R. SR.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-515
THARPE, O. R. SR.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-505
THMAS, AMANDA E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-115
THOMAS, HARRIET                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-211
THOMAS, HARRIETT                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-87
THOMAS, HENRY                     TBL                                     GA-11-F-97
THOMAS, JAMES A. JR.              TBL                                     GA-11-G-187
THOMAS, MARY                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-180
THOMAS, MARY A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-243
THOMAS, MEREL                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-275
THOMAS, MICAJAH                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-187
THOMAS, RICHARD                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-272
THOMAS, SARAH                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-458
THOMAS, STEPHEN L.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-210
THOMAS, W. B.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-29
THOMPSON, ALEX                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-78
THOMPSON, ANNIE E.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-616
THOMPSON, ASA E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-406
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-41
THOMPSON, FANNIE STVENS           TBL                                     GA-11-G-189
THORNTON, GEORGIA L.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-384
THORPE, E. S.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-643
THORPE, R. S.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-643
THURMOND, PHILLIP                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-86
TIMBERLAKE, W. C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-403
TINLEY, J. J. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-H-222
TINLEY, JAMES                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-53
TINLEY, JAMES W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-156
TINLEY, JOSH J.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-318
TINLEY, REBECCA                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-463
TINSLEY, T. D.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-655
TOBIN, MARY                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-359
TOOLE, FRED C.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-576
TOWNS, GEORGE W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-43
TOWNSEND, GRACE W.                TBL                                     GA-11-C-483
TRACY, EDWARD D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-A-154
TRACY, HATTIE C.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-568
TRIBBLE, CAROLINE J.              TBL                                     GA-11-F-504
TROUTMAN, H. B                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-134
TUCKER, JACKSON                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-312
TUCKER, JULIA                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-316
TUCKER, STERLING                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-522
TUFTS, THOMAS                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-659
TURNER, A. W. SR.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-228
TURNER, A. W. SR.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-359
TURNER, CHARLIE                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-675
TURNER, JACOB                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-685
TURNER, MARK                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-481
TURPIN, ADA A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-143
TURPIN, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-408
TURPIN, GEORGE B.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-95
TURPIN, GEORGE R.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-43
TYLER, GEORGE                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-379
TYLER, MOLLIE A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-617
TYLER, SARAH E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-533
TYLER, WILLIAM H.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-294
TYNER, M. J. (MRS)                TBL                                     GA-11-G-564
ULMAN, EMANUEL                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-681
USHER, SARAH A.                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-10
VALENTINO, CECILIA L.             TBL                                     GA-11-E-146
VANEVERA, ARCHIE KENNETH          TBL                                     GA-11-H-368
VANNUCCI, LOUIS                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-172
VANVALKENBURG, C. W.              TBL                                     GA-11-C-452
VEAL, PETER                       TBL                                     GA-11-E-98
VICTORY, THOMAS                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-29
VIGAL, GEORGE                     TBL                                     GA-11-A-182
VINSON, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     GA-11-D-490
VINSON, W. G.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-376
VIRGIN, ANNIE E.                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-49
VIRGIN, ANNIE E.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-45
WADE, WILLIAM CRAWFORD            TBL                                     GA-11-H-126
WADLEY, WILLIAM MORRILL           TBL                                     GA-11-F-297
WAGGENSTEIN, ROBERT               TBL                                     GA-11-D-468
WAGNON, L. A. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-G-116
WAKEMAN, JAMES                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-200
WALDEN, JOHN M.                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-487
WALDEN, WILLIAM H.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-432
WALDRON, MALCOLM                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-84
WALKER, B. PRESSLER               TBL                                     GA-11-G-407
WALKER, B. SANDERS JR.            TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-240
WALKER, B. SANDERS JR.            TBL                                     GA-11-F-226
WALKER, CARRIE HOLLIS             TBL                                     GA-11-H-220
WALKER, CHARLES NUTTING           TBL                                     GA-11-F-180
WALKER, ISABELLA                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-341
WALKER, JULIA C.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-341
WALKER, JULIA C.                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-360
WALKER, S. T.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-131
WALL, J. R.                       TBL                                     GA-11-H-182
WALLACE, GUSSIE DAVIS             TBL                                     GA-11-H-328
WALLACE, HARRIET                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-326
WALLACE, JAMES                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-644
WALLEN, MARY R.                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-362
WALLER, MARTHA J.                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-202
WALLER, MARY L.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-173
WAMMACK, SARAH                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-141
WARD, CHARLES T.                  TBL                                     GA-11-D-482
WARD, ELIZA C.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-78
WARD, ELLEN A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-515
WARD, THOMAS                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-128
WARE, HESTER                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-113
WARE, JANE JELKS                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-60
WARLICK, D. A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-350
WARREN, C. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-325
WARREN, CAROLINE M.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-107
WARREN, EBENEZER W.               TBL                                     GA-11-D-118
WARREN, EBENEZER W.               TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-138
WARREN, JANE P.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-118
WASHINGOTN, MARY V. E.            TBL                                     GA-11-H-336
WASHINGTON, EMANUEL               TBL                                     GA-11-F-416
WASHINGTON, HUGH VERNON           TBL                                     GA-11-F-95
WASHINGTON, J. H. R.              TBL                                     GA-11-B-342
WASHINGTON, LOUISA                TBL                                     GA-11-G-554
WASHINGTON, MARY ANN              TBL                                     GA-11-E-59
WATERMAN, ROSA                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-360
WATERS, LULA                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-321
WATKINS, A. B. F.                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-83
WATKINS, A. B. F.                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-74
WATKINS, E. A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-479
WATKINS, JOHN D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-413
WATSON, JOHN W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-298
WATTS, ADELAIDE R.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-288
WATTS, ISAAC                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-182
WAXELBAUM, JOSEPHINE              TBL                                     GA-11-H-661
WEAVER, J. W.                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-583
WEED, EDWIN B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-26
WEED, HENRY M.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-83
WEED, JOSEPH D.                   TBL                                     GA-11-A-45
WEED, JOSEPH E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-474
WEED, SARAH A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-72
WEICHSELBAUM, SAM                 TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-358
WEICHSELBAUM, SAM                 TBL                                     GA-11-E-351
WELBORN, ALFRED                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-421
WELCHSELBAUM, EDWIN               TBL                                     GA-11-F-242
WELLS, JOSEPH E. (MRS)            TBL                                     GA-11-G-109
WELLS, KATIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-494
WELLS, NICHOLAS W.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-15
WELSH, PATRICK                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-76
WEST, ANNIE MUNRO                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-216
WEST, ELLIE W.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-329
WEST, ESTELLE                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-186
WEST, THOMAS B.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-219
WEST, WILLIAM                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-261
WHEELER, SOPHRONIA                TBL                                     GA-11-D-367
WHITE, ANNIE M.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-361
WHITE, ANNIE M.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-142
WHITE, E. V.                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-23
WHITE, FLEWELLEN R.               TBL                                     GA-11-C-528
WHITE, JAMES T.                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-49
WHITE, JOSEPH A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-B- 22
WHITEHEAD, MARY E.                TBL                                     GA-11-G-520
WHITEHEAD, MARY E.                TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-527
WHITEHURST, HOWELL L.             TBL                                     GA-11-B-406
WHITEHURST, LAURA A.              TBL                                     GA-11-E-317
WHITESIDE, J. D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-497
WHITTAKER, J. C.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-510
WHITTLE, L. N.                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-303
WHITTLE, LULA A.                  TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-20
WHITTLE, LULA A.                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-11
WIGGINS, ELVIRA                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-427
WILBOURNE, HATTIE GUERNSEY        TBL                                     GA-11-E-76
WILBOURNE, MARY M.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-10
WILBOURNE, MARY M.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-472
WILCHINSKI, HENRY                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-192
WILDER, C. C.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-51
WILDER, J. C.                     TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-259
WILDER, J. C.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-220
WILDER, REUBEN C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-C-213
WILDER, W. A.                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-656
WILDER, WILLIAM L.                TBL                                     GA-11-A-143
WILEY, ANN                        TBL                                     GA-11-B-121
WILEY, ANN G.                     TBL                                     GA-11-D-5
WILEY, JOHN B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-189
WILEY, L. M.                      TBL                                     GA-11-B-371
WILKER, LULA                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-557
WILKINS, SAMUEL LEE               TBL                                     GA-11-H-206
WILKINSON, ELEANOR                TBL                                     GA-11-D-210
WILKINSON, ELEANOR                TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-D-216
WILLET, MARGARET                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-223
WILLIAMS, ALICE C.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-94
WILLIAMS, AMELIA KEITH            TBL                                     GA-11-H-517
WILLIAMS, ANNIE THORNTON          TBL                                     GA-11-E-252
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE               TBL                                     GA-11-C-184
WILLIAMS, CORA V.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-401
WILLIAMS, ELLEN                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-623
WILLIAMS, ELLEN T.                TBL                                     GA-11-F-428
WILLIAMS, ERNEST                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-220
WILLIAMS, F. DON                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-218
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-74
WILLIAMS, J. H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-114
WILLIAMS, J. M.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-8
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    TBL                                     GA-11-A-57
WILLIAMS, JOHN D.                 TBL                                     GA-11-A-5
WILLIAMS, SARAH ROWE              TBL                                     GA-11-H-546
WILLIAMS, W. H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-325
WILLIAMS, W. W.                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-F-207
WILLIAMS, W. W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-204
WILLIAMSON, ANNA M.               TBL                                     GA-11-E-205
WILLIAMSON, E. C.                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-335
WILLIAMSON, JOHN H.               TBL                                     GA-11-G-523
WILLIAMSON, S. J.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-428
WILLINGHAM, CALDER B.             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-H-651
WILLINGHAM, CALDER B.             TBL                                     GA-11-H-628
WILLINGHAM, CALDER B.             TBL                                     GA-11-E-376
WILLINGHAM, CALDER B.             TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-382
WILLIS, IDA N.                    TBL                                     GA-11-G-38
WILLIS, JERRY B.                  TBL                                     GA-11-H-282
WILLIS, JOSEPH                    TBL                                     GA-11-C-388
WILLSON, ELI                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-155
WILMER, HARRIET D.                TBL                                     GA-11-H-527
WILSON, MARY JANE                 TBL                                     GA-11-F-170
WILZBACHER, WILLIAM               TBL                                     GA-11-C-178
WIMBERLY, EZEKIEL                 TBL                                     GA-11-B-332
WIMBERLY, REBECCA C.              TBL                                     GA-11-A-79
WIMBISH, CYNTHA C.                TBL                                     GA-11-B-334
WIMBISH, E. A.                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-227
WINBERG, JOHN                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-479
WINBUSH, ELLA                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-362
WING, B. ELVIRA                   TBL                                     GA-11-D-453
WING, EDWARD                      TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-E-149
WING, EDWARD                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-145
WING, LEVI H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-B-428
WING, OCIE GOODALL                TBL                                     GA-11-H-189
WING, OCIE GOODALL                TBL                                     GA-11-G-620
WINN, CYRUS                       TBL                                     GA-11-B-361
WINSHIP, KATHERINE DILLON         TBL                                     GA-11-G-385
WINTER, C. VICTORIA               TBL                                     GA-11-C-95
WINTRIP, MARY T.                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-507
WIPPLER, MARGARET                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-287
WITMAN, DAVID                     TBL                                     GA-11-G-377
WOLFF, BRTHA                      TBL                                     GA-11-E-207
WOLFF, EDWARD                     TBL                                     GA-11-E-492
WOLIKIN, EMILY FRANCIS            TBL                                     GA-11-G-432
WOMACK, ABNER                     TBL                                     GA-11-C-165
WOOD, GEORGIA W.                  TBL                                     GA-11-F-274
WOOD, HOMER G.                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-304
WOOD, LEWIS B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-24
WOOD, LUTHER H.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-129
WOOD, MATTIE                      TBL                                     GA-11-G-281
WOOD, SARAH B.                    TBL                                     GA-11-D-293
WOOD, THOMAS E.                   TBL                                     GA-11-H-666
WOODALL, WORLY J.                 TBL                                     GA-11-H-633
WOODHAM, ANNIE MILLER             TBL                                     GA-11-G-405
WOODHULL, EMILY ZILLAH            TBL                                     GA-11-F-461
WOODLIFF, E.                      TBL                                     GA-11-C-380
WOODMANSEE, M. L. (MRS)           TBL                                     GA-11-E-194
WOODRUFF, D. B.                   TBL                                     GA-11-E-293
WOODRUFF, HELEN A.                TBL                                     GA-11-E-349
WOODSON, RICHARD                  TBL                                     GA-11-C-414
WOOLFOLK, THOMAS                  TBL                                     GA-11-B-262
WORSHA, DAISY LITTLE              TBL                                     GA-11-H-547
WORTHAM, HENRY M.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-591
WRIGHT, CARRIE                    TBL                                     GA-11-H-259
WRIGHT, HARRIET                   TBL                                     GA-11-C-382
WRIGHT, MARIA ELIZABETH           TBL                                     GA-11-F-406
WRIGHT, OLIE W.                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-14
WRIGHT, RUSSELL                   TBL                                     GA-11-F-1
WRIGHT, TABITHA                   TBL                                     GA-11-B-448
WRIGHT, W. H.                     TBL                                     GA-11-H-131
WSTCOTT, H. P.                    TBL                                     GA-11-E-165
WYCHE, HARRIET                    TBL                                     GA-11-F-64
WYNNE, ADA M. D.                  TBL                                     GA-11-E-162
YATES, D. T.                      TBL                                     GA-11-D-266
YEAGER, CATHRINE                  TBL                                     GA-11-G-475
YEARTY, THOMAS                    TBL                                     GA-11-B-211
YOUMAN, E. J. (MRS)               TBL                                     GA-11-D-460
YOUNG, E. B. SR. (MRS)            TBL                                     GA-11-F-193
YOUNG, FRANK                      TBL                                     GA-11-H-570
YOUNGBLOOD, L. A.                 TBL                                     GA-11-G-83
ZERN, JOHN                        TBL                                     GA-11-C-485
ZETTLER, ELMIRA                   TBL                                     GA-11-G-201
ZETTLER, ELMIRA                   TBL (CON'T)                             GA-11-G-258

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