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Baker County, Georgia
Will Book Testators
NOTICE! Wills of Vol. A were copied into Vol. B by a clerk in 1930s. Please list on your order if you
want both the original and copied records. The cost is for one original, no cost for the copied record.

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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume List : A = 1868-1918 | B = 1868-1962 |
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ADAMS, LULA M.               NTL                             GA-4-B-172
ALLEN, LOUISA                NTL (INSERTED AFTER 105)        GA-4-A-19
ALLEN, LOUISA                NTL                             GA-4-B-20
ATKISON, JOHN                NTL                             GA-4-B-36
ATKISON, JOHN                NTL                             GA-4-A-37
BAILEY, BENJAMIN F.          NTL                             GA-4-A-65
BAILEY, BENJAMIN F.          NTL                             GA-4-B-67
BAILEY, WILLIAM              NTL                             GA-4-B-39
BAILEY, WILLIAM              NTL                             GA-4-A-39
BALL, SALLIE                 NTL                             GA-4-B-70
BALL, SALLIE                 NTL                             GA-4-A-68
BARNETT, LAURA J.            NTL                             GA-4-B-218
BUTLER, WILLIAM Z.           NTL                             GA-4-A-156
BUTLER, WILLIAM Z.           NTL                             GA-4-B-161
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER          NTL                             GA-4-B-362
CAMPBELL, S. N.              NTL                             GA-4-B-315
CARTER, PHIL                 NTL                             GA-4-B-364
COTTON, ELLIS                NTL                             GA-4-B-306
COX, IVEY MAY                NTL                             GA-4-B-271
CRAFT, CARRIE E.             NTL                             GA-4-B-261
CUTLIFF, JOE                 NTL                             GA-4-B-181
CUTLIFF, JOE                 NTL                             GA-4-B-186
DURHAM, JOHN CASTLE          NTL                             GA-4-B-254
ELDRIDGE, JACKSON            NTL                             GA-4-A-63
ELDRIDGE, JACKSON            NTL                             GA-4-B-65
FISK, WILLIAM R.             NTL                             GA-4-B-174
FLEMING, THOMAS W.           NTL                             GA-4-A-49
FRANKLIN, IDA                NTL                             GA-4-B-309
GALLOWAY, CORNELIUS T.       NTL                             GA-4-A-23
GALLOWAY, CORNELIUS T.       NTL                             GA-4-B-22
GEORGE, JAMES                NTL                             GA-4-B-31
GEORGE, JAMES                NTL                             GA-4-A-32
HALL, C. A. SR.              NTL                             GA-4-B-277
HALL, C. O. SR.              NTL                             GA-4-B-338
HALL, ELLA J.                NTL                             GA-4-B-157
HALL, ELLA                   NTL                             GA-4-A-152
HALL, FANNIE OTWELL          NTL                             GA-4-B-322
HALL, FREDDIE M.             NTL                             GA-4-B-231
HALL, H. H.                  NTL                             GA-4-B-118
HALL, H. H.                  NTL                             GA-4-A-111
HALL, J. H. SR. (MRS.)       NTL                             GA-4-B-344
HALL, JOHN BRYANT            NTL                             GA-4-B-358
HALL, MATTIE LEE             NTL                             GA-4-B-371
HALL, NEVA                   SEE: HALL, JOHN BRYANT          GA-4-B-358
HALL, ROBERT LEE             NTL                             GA-4-B-203
HALL, WARREN H.              NTL                             GA-4-A-132
HALL, WARREN H.              NTL                             GA-4-B-138
HAY, A. B.                   NTL                             GA-4-B-167
HAY, OLIVIA B.               NTL                             GA-4-B-124
HAY, OLIVIA B.               NTL                             GA-4-A-118
HENDERSON, JAMES             NTL                             GA-4-B-279
HILBURN, JOHN W.             NTL                             GA-4-B-200
HOLT, TAFT                   NTL                             GA-4-B-96
HOLT, TAFT                   NTL                             GA-4-A-90
HUMELY, THOMAS               NTL                             GA-4-B-170
IVEY, ALBINA ELIZABETH       NTL                             GA-4-B-58
IVEY, ALBINA ELIZABETH       NTL                             GA-4-A-57
IVEY, ANNE                   NTL                             GA-4-B-141
IVEY, MARY                   NTL (FADED)                     GA-4-A-85
IVEY, MARY                   NTL                             GA-4-B-90
IVY, ANN                     NTL                             GA-4-A-134
JACKSON, MARTHA              NTL                             GA-4-A-127
JACKSON, MARTHA              NTL                             GA-4-B-133
JOHNSON, FLORENCE            NTL                             GA-4-B-233
JOHNSON, MARY MCINTOSH       NTL                             GA-4-B-365
JONES, HARRIETT              NTL                             GA-4-A-139
JONES, REUBEN                NTL                             GA-4-A-45
JONES, REUBEN                NTL                             GA-4-B-46
KENNY, JOHN                  NTL                             GA-4-B-123
KERNEY, JOHN                 NTL                             GA-4-A-116
KIDD, CORDELIA F.            NTL                             GA-4-B-159
KIDD, CORDELIA F.            NTL                             GA-4-A-154
LANIER, JOHN                 NTL                             GA-4-B-45
LIVINGSTON, W. C.            NTL                             GA-4-B-93
LIVINGSTON, W. C.            NTL                             GA-4-A-87
LYONS, GEORGE A.             NTL                             GA-4-B-131
LYONS, GEORGE A.             NTL                             GA-4-A-125
MACKEY, GUS                  NTL                             GA-4-A-78
MACKEY, GUS                  NTL                             GA-4-B-81
MACKEY, NED                  NTL                             GA-4-B-299
MALLOY, JAMES                NTL                             GA-4-B-263
MANSFIELD, MORGAN            NTL                             GA-4-B-374
MASON, J. S.                 NTL                             GA-4-B-187
MATHIS, HENRY C.             NTL                             GA-4-A-129
MATHIS, HENRY CONCH          NTL                             GA-4-B-135
MATHIS, L. J.                NTL                             GA-4-A-53
MATHIS, L. J.                NTL                             GA-4-B-54
MAYNARD, BRUCE               NTL                             GA-4-B-333
MCLENDON, MITTIE SMITH       NTL                             GA-4-B-313
MCRAINEY, M. A.              NTL                             GA-4-A-93
MCRAINEY, MALCOLM A.         NTL                             GA-4-B-319
MCRANEY, M. A.               NTL                             GA-4-B-99
MILLER, JULIUS SR.           NTL                             GA-4-B-340
MILLER, MATT                 NTL                             GA-4-B-355

NESBITT, THOMAS              NTL, JEFFERSON, GA              GA-4-A-105
NESBITT, THOMAS              NTL, JEFFERSON, GA              GA-4-B-105
NEWBERRY, MARTHA ANN         NTL, MILLER, GA                 GA-4-B-235
NEWBERRY, WILLIAM            NTL, MILLER, GA                 GA-4-B-237
NORRIS, CHARLES E.           NTL                             GA-4-B-72
NORRIS, CHARLIE E.           NTL                             GA-4-A-69
ODOM, BENTON                 NTL                             GA-4-B-228
ODOM, JAMES C.               NTL                             GA-4-B-258
ODOM, JARVIS                 NTL                             GA-4-B-176
ODOM, JOE COLLIER            NTL                             GA-4-B-301
ODUM, ANDREW                 NTL                             GA-4-B-34
ODUM, ANDRUS                 NTL                             GA-4-A-35
ODUM, JAMES                  NTL                             GA-4-B-36
ODUM, PURD L.                NTL                             GA-4-A-60
ODUM, PURD L.                NTL                             GA-4-B-62
PARR, HATTIE                 NTL                             GA-4-B-226
PASSMORE, H. A.              NTL                             GA-4-B-213
PERRY, H. C.                 NTL                             GA-4-B-157
PERRY, JOHN O.               NTL                             GA-4-B-76
PERRY, JOHN O.               NTL                             GA-4-A-73
PERRY, K. C.                 NTL                             GA-4-A-145
PERRY, LULA                  NTL                             GA-4-B-196
PERRY, OWEN                  NTL                             GA-4-B-164
PHIPPS, HENRY                NTL                             GA-4-B-215
PHIPPS, RICHARD B.           NTL                             GA-4-B-155
RAY, D. C. (MISS)            NTL                             GA-4-B-260
REEVES, LOIS                 NTL                             GA-4-B-350
RENTZ, HENDEROSN T.          NTL                             GA-4-B-288
RHODES, ROBERT M.            NTL                             GA-4-A-108
RHODES, ROBERT M.            NTL                             GA-4-B-115
RUSSELL, OTTO V.             NTL                             GA-4-A-131
RUSSELL, TTO V.              NTL                             GA-4-B-137
SANDERS, ELIZABETH           NTL                             GA-4-B-303
SANDERS, H. RUDOLPH          NTL                             GA-4-B-334
SAPP, RENA B.                NEWTON                          GA-4-B-353
SHIPP, RICHARD B.            NTL                             GA-4-A-149
SHORT, ROBERT B. SR.         NTL                             GA-4-B-276
SIMMONS, JACK E.             NTL                             GA-4-B-369
SMITH, GEORGIA ANNA          NTL                             GA-4-B-194
STABB, JOHN L.               NTL                             GA-4-B-224
TANNER, JOHN                 NTL                             GA-4-A-43
TARVER, FRED                 NTL                             GA-4-B-295
TAYLOR, IDA                  NTL                             GA-4-B-265
TAYLOR, J. ESTEN             NTL                             GA-4-B-275
THOMAS, CRAWFORD             NTL                             GA-4-B-149
THOMAS, CRAWFORD             NTL                             GA-4-A-143
THOMAS, PATSY                NTL                             GA-4-B-145
THOMAS, PATSY                NTL                             GA-4-A-138
WADE, JANE                   NTL                             GA-4-B-252
WALTERS, J. M.               NTL (DIRTY)                     GA-4-A-121
WALTERS, J. M.               BAINBRIDGE                      GA-4-B-127
WASHINGTON, JOHN             NTL                             GA-4-B-284
WEATHERSBY, ALEN A.          NTL                             GA-4-B-182
WEATHERSBY, ALLEN A.         NTL (DIRTY)                     GA-4-A-141
WEATHERSBY, ALLEN A.         NTL                             GA-4-B-147
WHETLOCK, MARTHA ANN         NTL                             GA-4-B-184
WILLIAMS, DENNIS             NTL                             GA-4-A-98
WILLIAMS, DENNIS             NTL                             GA-4-A-107
WILLIAMS, DENNIS             NTL                             GA-4-B-119
WILLIAMS, DENNIS             NTL                             GA-4-B-113
WILLIAMS, DENNIS             NTL                             GA-4-B-104
WILLIAMS, QUEEN B.           NTL                             GA-4-B-367
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM D.         NTL                             GA-4-A-27
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM D.         NTL                             GA-4-B-25
WORTHINGOTN, HCARRIE         NTL                             GA-4-B-179
YOUNG, ASHLEY                PEACE                           GA-4-B-130
YOUNG, ASHLEY                PEACE                           GA-4-A-124
YOUNG, MARY                  PEACE                           GA-4-B-129
YOUNG, MARY                  PEACE                           GA-4-A-123
YOUNGBLOOD, MABLE            NTL                             GA-4-B-316
ZACKERY, HATTIE              NTL                             GA-4-B-297

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