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This is for will book record scan copy or PDF orders. If you are looking for any other types of record, this is not the correct place.
Please go to these particular sections. These sections have their own forms.
PLEASE DISCARD ALL YOUR OLD FORM! Please Use the current forms only.
You are not required to have PayPal account to order anything.
You can use credit/debit card or eCheck, please request invoice

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For Paper copy orders - please do not use this form - Use the form specifically for Paper Copy Order.

There are different ways to send order form to SAMPUBCO.

1. Fill in order form. Do any one of these steps:
Option A: Get your smartphone out, take a photo of filled order. Send by email attachment (look for paper clip)paper clip to dsam52 at

Option B: Print out, fill in, use scanner, save as PDF or jpg, send order form by email attachment.

2. Save the order form (in .txt), go to notepad, wordpad or whatever that will open as text format. Fill in and save. Send by email attachment.

3. RTF (rich text format) forms can not be accepted due to different codes used in different programs.

Print the form out to handprint or save to your computer if you prefer to type in your order. will-image.txt (the form will open in new window)

Notice - Effectuve 2 January 2017

text-formatted Scanned Images: <<<<< CLICK HERE for order form
or save it to your computer and open in your Notepad or Wordpad

pdf-formatted Scanned Images: <<<<< CLICK HERE for order form

Scanned Image PER RECORD- send by email

$10.00 if paid through PayPal / Credit or Debit Card / eCheck

(PayPal Site:

(dsam52 at is the address to send payment to) after emailing the order

(if paying by credit card, please email order and request credit card invoice.)

Please try to save the order form in your computer, as plain text (ASCII) if you

can and use it as attachment instead. PDFs are ok if not possible

$12.00 if paid by check (via slow mail)

Mistakes to avoid when filling your order form, click here: Common Mistakes

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