IRFANVIEW instructions

For PC users only. For Mac users, Look down the page

Before you order, all scanned images are in .jpg format only.

Download absolute free and bug-free browser -Mozilla Firefox

Highly recommended: Irfanview to see full and scalable viewing of scanned images.

Please download "Irfanview" program. This is a free program. This will allow you view the scanned images in full size with comfort. Here is the link to Irfanview.... Do not forget to install it and also get the add-ons for better features.

Instructions for using Irfanview with the scanned images.

1. Download it

2. install it, click yes to make Irfanview default for all images. )All

icons will show as red cats when you see them later, don't worry because

any other photo editing or adobe reader will open them just fine -

EXCEPT Microsoft Windows which have their own stupid rules)

2a. Download the plugins, too and install within Irfanview for full functionality.

3. Go to "My Computer"

4. Go to the folders where zipped folders are.

5. click on each zipped folder, one at a time

6. Move the pages out of each zipped folder, into another folder

directory where you want them to be.

7. Do NOT use Windows' own stinking "Picture Tasks" to view them under any circumstance

8. Click "View", reset to "List"

9. Close "My Computer" windows

10. Go to red cat icon for Irfanview (on your monitor display), click

open the Irfanview program

11. "File" > "Open", browse to where the UNzipped pages are located.

12. Be sure setting for "View", "Display option" is set to "Fit Window

to Image 1:1"

After this, you will never use Windows' own Picture Tasks again once you

realize what Irfanview can do for you.

For Mac Users. For PC users, go up the page

for Mac Users

You will need Crossover Mac if you haven't already have it to make Irfanview program works.

Then follow instructions for Irfanview as shown up the page.

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