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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # Volume List (Years covered)
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ALLEN, WILLIAM                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-15
ALLEN, LYDIA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-146
ALLEN, SAMUEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-540
ALVORD, SAUL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-183
ALVORD, CYNTHIA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-240
ALVORD, SAUL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-513
ANDRUS, SYBIL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-141
ARMSTRONG, OLIVER                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-356
ARNOLD, DEBORAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-9
ATHERTON, SIMON SR.                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-437
AVERY, AMOS                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-135
AYERS, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-131
AYRES, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-542
BACKUS, EZRA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-458
BACKUS, ANNE                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-239
BACON, SAMUEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-545
BADGER, DANIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-104
BADGER, ENOCH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-181
BADGER, IRENE                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-369
BADGER, DANIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-236
BARBER, HIRAM                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-143
BEACH, ELISHA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-7
BEACH, ELISHA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-41
BENNET, ELIPHALET                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-505
BENNET, SIMON                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-288
BILL, ELISHA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-194
BILL, THOMAS                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-181
BINGHAM, ASA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-166
BIRGE, ISAAC                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-131
BIRGE, EZEKIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-216
BISHOP, THOMAS                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-249
BISHOP, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-202
BISHOP, LOUIS                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-36
BISHOP, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-43
BISSELL, ABIGAIL                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-180
BISSELL, LEVI                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-394
BISSELL, HIG. ESQ.                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-127
BLACKMAN, DAVID                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-452
BLACKMAN, ANNA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-320
BLACKMAN, BENJAMIN                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-233
BLISS, MARTHA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-24
BLISS, NATHAN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-104
BLISS, ABIEL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-117
BLISS, HENRY                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-261
BOWDOIN, JAMES                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-352
BOWDOIN, JAMES                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-196
BREWSTER, PETER                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-183
BREWSTER, WADSWORTH                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-182
BREWSTER, JACOB                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-66
BROWN, EPHRAIM                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-180
BROWN, LYDIA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-26
BROWN, JOSIAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-43
BROWN, THOMAS (COL.)                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-92
BROWN, EBENEZER                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-97
BROWN, HANNAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-140
BUCKINGHAM, JEDEDIAH                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-301
BUELL, WILLIAM (DEA.)                  ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-252
BUELL, BENJAMIN ESQ.                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-392
BUELL, AARON                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-304
CARPENTER, AMOS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-186
CARPENTER, NOAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-232
CARPENTER, ELIPHALET                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-96
CARPENTER, ELIJAH                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-37
CARPENTER, PAUL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-153
CARVER, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-202
CARVER, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-423
CASE, BENJAMIN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-178
CASE, TUBAL                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-302
CHAPMAN, EPHRAIM                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-142
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-88
CHAPMAN, MARTHA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-23
CLARK, ASAHEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-210
CLARK, SIMON                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-45
COLE, DAVID                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-249
COLEMAN, JOHN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-94
COLMAN, NATHAN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-475
COLTON, MARTHA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-174
CONE, JARED                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-35
COOK, JESSE                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-106
COOK, JOHN                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-217
COOK, CATHARINE                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-221
COOK, MARY                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-50
COTTON, GEORGE (REV.)                  ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-295
CRAIN, EUNICE                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-384
CROUCH, CHRISTOPHER                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-89
CROUCH, CHRISTOPHER JR.                ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-381
CULVER, DAVID                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-121
CURTIS, HOSEA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-39
CURTIS, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-92
DAGGETT, SAMUEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-445
DAGGETT, SAMUEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-101
DAGGETT, JOHN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-214
DANIELS, JOHN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-127
DANIELS, NEHEMIAH                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-231
DART, ELIAS                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-354
DART, JOHN                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-364
DART, SARAH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-63
DAVENPORT, EPHRAIM                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-25
DAVENPORT, NARICSSA                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-488
DIMMOCK, TIMOTHY                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-246
DIMOCK, DESIAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-229
DORCHESTER, DAVID                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-244
DORMAN, DUDLEY                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-366
DOW, ELISABETH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-37
DOW, PELATIAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-423
DOW, HARVEY                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-225
DOW, HUMPHREY                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-427
DOW, LEVI                              ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-57
DOWE, EPHRAIM                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-5
DRESSER, EBENEZER                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-133
DRESSER, MARY                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-395
DUNHAM, ISAAC                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-282
ELLIS, JOHN (DEA.)                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-122
ELLIS, MACY M.                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-135
ELLIS, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-34
ELMER, JERUSHA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-186
EMERSON, JABEZ                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-56
EMERSON, ANDREW                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-62
ENSWORTH, JOHN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-219
ENSWORTH, EBENEZER                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-244
FARMER, AARON                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-188
FILER, ELISABETH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-164
FITCH, JEPTHA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-478
FITCH, JEREMIAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-19
FLINT, TALCOTT                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-103
FOGERSON, JEREMIAH                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-454
FORD, ISAAC                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-226
FOWLER, JERUSHA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-243
FOWLER, BETSEY                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-246
FOX, DEBORAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-96
FRENCH, AARON                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-84
FRINKS, CROUCH T.                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-84
FULLER, JEHIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-49
FULLER, JEREMIAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-53
GARDINER, JESSE                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-484
GEAR, SAMUEL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-157
GILBERT, JOHN (REV.)                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-151
GILBERT, ABAGAIL                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-150
GILBERT, SAMUEL ESQ.                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-331
GILLET, EZEKIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-29
GOTT, JOHN                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-43
GOTT, DANIEL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-365
GRANT, HESTER                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-407
GROVER, HEMBERG                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-244
GURLEY, MARY                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-408
HALE, JOHN ESQ.                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-1
HALE, SARAH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-81
HALE, DAVID ESQ.                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-310
HALL, SETH                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-68
HALL, AMOS                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-237
HAMMOND, LEMUEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-188
HAMMOND, LORA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-344
HAMMOND, NATHANIEL                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-265
HAMMOND, ELEANOR                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-406
HARDING, ASAHEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-33
HARRIS, JOSEPH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-464
HASKINS, WILLIAM                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-132
HASKINS, DANIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-166
HENDEE, ELIPHALET                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-164
HIBBARD, DAVID                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-175
HILLS, JOSEPH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-307
HORSFORD, DANIEL                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-43
HORTON, EBENEZER                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-547
HORTON, EZEKIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-327
HORTON, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-454
HORTON, ANNA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-439
HOUGHTON, EBENEZER                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-66
HOUSE, HANNAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-330
HOUSE, ELECTA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-533
HOUSE, SAMUEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-109
HOUSE, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-182
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-108
HOWARD, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-346
HUNT, ELIZABETH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-508
HUNT, GAD                              ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-243
HUNT, ELIJAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-264
HUNT, ELIPHAZ                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-125
HUNTINGTON, JOSEPH (REV.)              ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-265
HUTCHINSON, EPHRAIM                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-258
HUTCHINSON, ELEAZER                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-68
HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-309
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-17
HUTCHINSON, RUTH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-301
INGHAM, DANIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-138
ISHAM, TIMOTHY                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-289
ISHAM, NOAH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-119
JANES, SAMUEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-143
JEWET, ICHABOD                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-2
JONES, ABNER                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-132
JONES, SETH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-54
JONES, EZEKIEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-87
JONES, JOHN F.                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-195
JONES, DANIEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-197
JONES, MINDWELL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-154
JONES, JONATHAN                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-205
JONES, ELIPHAZ                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-46
JONES, CLARISSA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-328
JUDD, THOMAS                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-238
KELLOGG, MOSES                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-144
KELLOGG, DANIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-391
KIMBALL, HANAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-46
KING, CHARLES                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-45
KING, STEPHEN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-168
KINGSBURY, SAMUEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-150
KINGSBURY, DENISON                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-251
KINGSBURY, EPHRAIM                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-30
KINGSBURY, NATHANIEL                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-426
KINGSBURY, PRISSILLA                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-152
KINGSBURY, LYDIA                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-265
KINGSBURY, DUTHAN                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-413
KINGSLEY, MARY                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-411
KNEELAND, JOSEPH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-131
LADD, JOHN                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-145
LADD, SAMUEL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-25
LATHROP, SILENCE                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-135
LATHROP, ELIJAH (REV.)                 ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-79
LENARUS, JOHN A.                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-70
LILLIE, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-479
LINCOLN, ABIJAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-233
LITTER, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-107
LITTLE, ELIZABETH                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-152
LITTLE, CONSIDER                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-267
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-81
LOCKWOOD, ANNA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-113
LONG, LEMUEL                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-426
LOOMIS, ZERVYAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-52
LOOMIS, JEMIMA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-319
LOOMIS, MARIA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-367
LOOMIS, SILAS                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-490
LOOMIS, HULDAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-105
LOOMIS, CHARLES                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-111
LOOMIS, ANNA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-120
LOOMIS, ABIEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-86
LOOMIS, ZACHARIAH                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-93
LOOMIS, ANDREW                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-237
LOOMIS, JACOB                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-408
LOOMIS, BENONI                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-41
LOOMIS, ABNER                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-108
LOOMIS, MARY                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-195
LOOMIS, ESTHER                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-248
LOOMIS, ELISHA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-139
LOOMIS, ELISHA                         ANDOVER (CON'T)                         CT-7-8-166
LOOMIS, PHEBE                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-261
LOOMS, ELIJAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-30
LYMAN, JACOB                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-190
LYMAN, MAHITABEL                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-133
LYMAN, ESTHER                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-272
MACK, JOSIAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-160
MACK, JOSIAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-262
MANN, JOSEPH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-147
MANN, JOHN                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-256
MANN, ABIJAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-724
MARSHAL, ICHABOD                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-148
MARSHAL, EUNICE                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-377
MARVIN, ELIHU                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-481
MCCRAY, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-141
MCDONALD, HANNAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-443
MCLEAN, ALEXANDER                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-1
MERRILL, SARAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-322
MURDOCK, JONATHAN                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-248
NEWCOMB, ZILPHA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-400
NORTHAM, ASA                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-262
NORTHUM, JOSEPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-28
NORTON, SOLOMON                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-188
NORTON, FRANCIS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-472
OLCOTT, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-33
OLCOTT, EZEKIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-317
OWEN, NOAH                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-77
OWEN, DAVID                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-281
PALMER, NATHANIEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-32
PALMER, ELIAS                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-339
PARKER, JOSEPH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-105
PARKER, SOLOMON                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-142
PARKER, PHINEAS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-40
PARMELE, PHILANDER (REV.)              ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-1
PAYNE, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-67
PAYNE, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-139
PAYNE, ELIZABETH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-61
PERKINS, LYDIA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-10
PERKINS, THOMAS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-235
PERRIN, THOMAS                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-22
PETERS, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-143
PETERS, SIM                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-186
PETERS, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-268
PHELPS, ICHANBOD (CAPT.)               ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-154
PHELPS, SOLOMON                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-8
PHELPS, AARON                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-76
PHELPS, JOSHUA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-247
PHELPS, ROGER (CAPT.)                  ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-40
PHELPS, HANNAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-22
PHELPS, ANNE                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-40
PHILIPS, ELIJAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-47
PHILLIPS, JONATHAN                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-156
PIERCE, OLIVER                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-187
PIERCE, MARY                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-226
POMEROY, ELEAZER ESQ.                  ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-88
PORTER, NOAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-230
PORTER, JONATHAN                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-34
PORTER, NOAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-49
PORTER, NEHEMIAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-62
PORTER, SARAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-253
PORTER, TIMOTHY                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-36
PORTER, PELATIAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-88
PORTER, ISAIAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-104
PORTER, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-48
PORTER, ELKANAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-135
PORTER, IRENA                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-169
PORTER, THOMAS                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-369
PORTER, JOHNATHAN                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-2
PORTER, HULDAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-106
POST, THOMAS                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-136
POST, JOEL                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-25
POST, DAVID W.                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-208
PRATT, BETSEY                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-298
PRIOR, ROSWELL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-286
RICHARDSON, JONATHAN                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-152
RICHARDSON, AMOS                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-24
RICHARDSON, JERUSHA                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-261
RIPLEY, JABEZ                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-217
RISLEY, THEODORE                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-468
ROBARTSON, DANIEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-140
ROBERTSON, SAMUEL (CAPT)               ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-192
ROBERTSON, DANIEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-18
ROBINSON, ANNA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-131
ROGERS, NEHEMIAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-22
ROLLO, SARAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-528
ROOT, ABEL                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-86
ROOT, BENJAMIN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-219
ROOT, MEDAD                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-156
ROOT, JESSE ESQ.                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-330
ROOT, ANNA                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-421
ROOT, CALEB SR.                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-446
ROSE, ELIZABETH P.                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-516
ROSE, WALTER                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-201
ROSE, SARAH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-29
ROWLEY, HANNAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-323
SAWYER, PETER                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-173
SHIPMAN, SARAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-122
SIMS, WILLIAM (DEA.)                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-280
SIMS, EDWARD                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-320
SKINNER, JONATHAN                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-281
SKINNER, ISAAC                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-1
SKINNER, ASAHEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-120
SKINNER, JOSEPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-129
SKINNER, DANIEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-124
SKINNER, CYRUS                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-132
SKINNER, DAVID                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-107
SMITH, COMFORT                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-298
SMITH, MARGARET                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-369
STANLEY, MOSES                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-356
STRICKLIN, JONAH                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-129
STRONG, ELIZABETH                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-105
STRONG, AARON                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-136
STRONG, JUDAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-473
STRONG, MARGARET                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-125
STRONG, LEAH                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-96
STRONG, NATHAN (REV.)                  ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-1
STRONG, DAVID                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-213
STRONG, NATHAN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-228
STRONG, BENAJAH ESQ.                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-325
STRONG, DAVID                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-233
STRONG, LEVI SR.                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-109
STRONG, EBENEZER                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-290
SULLARA, LYDIA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-81
SUMMERS, THOMAS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-9
SUMNER, REUBEN                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-39
SUTTON, DAVID (DR.)                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-107
SUTTON, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-198
SWEETLAND, PETER                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-120
SWEETLAND, JOEL JR.                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-34
SWEETLAND, AZARIAH                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-229
SWEETLAND, LEVI SR.                    ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-435
TALCOTT, JOSEPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-13
TALCOTT, JOSEPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-55
TALCOTT, GAD                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-112
TALCOTT, JOSHUA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-126
TALCOTT, MARY                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-184
TALCOTT, SAMUEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-428
TALCOTT, EUNICE                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-467
TALCOTT, BENJAMIN                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-82
TALCOTT, JOHN                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-319
TARBOX, ZENAS                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-147
TAYLOR, DAVID                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-22
TILDEN, JOSHUA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-82
TILLOTSON, ABRAHAM                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-20
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM D.                   ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-253
TOWNSEND, DAVID                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-505
TRUMBULL, BENJAMIN                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-142
TRUMBULL, ABIGAIL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-375
TRUMBULL, ASAPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-222
TUCKER, JOSEPH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-171
TUCKER, ELIJAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-418
TUCKER, HANNAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-388
TURNER, JETHRO                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-278
TURNER, SILENCE                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-111
TURNER, SARAH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-39
TURNER, ROBERT                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-53
TURNER, DOROTHY                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-5
WALBRIDGE, JOHN                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-208
WALBRIDGE, SAMUEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-376
WARNER, ICHABOD                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-349
WARNER, MARY                           ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-179
WATERMAN, EZRA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-138
WATERMAN, RHODA                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-285
WATERMAN, CLARISSA                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-452
WEBSTER, THOMAS                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-18
WEBSTER, JOSEPH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-348
WEBSTER, ASAHEL                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-4-377
WEBSTER, ELIJAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-350
WEBSTER, ANNE                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-257
WEBSTER, DAVID                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-260
WELLES, THOMAS                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-187
WELLS, BENJAMIN                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-136
WELLS, JOHN B.                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-5-80
WHITE, JOEL ESQ.                       ANDOVER                                 CT-7-1-247
WHITE, ADONIJAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-275
WHITE, EUNICE                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-46
WHITE, THOMAS                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-197
WHITE, OBADIAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-209
WHITE, DANIEL                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-125
WHITE, RUTH                            ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-256
WHITE, JOSEPH                          ANDOVER                                 CT-7-9-52
WOOD, BELA                             ANDOVER                                 CT-7-6-40
WOODWORTH, ASA                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-10-326
WRIGHT, TEMPERANCE                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-11-538
WRIGHT, NATHANIEL                      ANDOVER                                 CT-7-2-44
WRIGHT, ELIJAH                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-39
WRIGHT, TEMPERANCE                     ANDOVER                                 CT-7-3-76
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         ANDOVER                                 CT-7-7-48
WRIGHT, DEBORAH                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-212
WRIGHT, CHARLES                        ANDOVER                                 CT-7-8-213

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