E SAMPUBCO, Box Elder County, Utah Old Naturalization Petitions, Indexes, After 1906

Box Elder County, Utah
Old Naturalization Petitions before 1906

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Old Declarations, county #, volume # and page #

AGRICKOLA, FREDRICK                     UT-Old-DOI-2-1-25
ANDERSEN, NIELS                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-14
ANDERSSON, ANDERS                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-2
BAER, MATHEW                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-21
BOMMERER, CHRISTIAN                     UT-Old-DOI-2-1-20
CARLSON, JAMES M.                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-2
CHAL, RICHARD                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-8
CHRISTENSEN, MAREN K.                   UT-Old-DOI-2-1-22
CLASEN, JOHN HUBERT                     UT-Old-DOI-2-1-20
CRAMER, CHARLS A.                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-5
CRAMER, CHRISTIAN                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-7
EARL, JOHN HENRY                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-22
ERIKCKSON, A. P.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-12
ERIKSEN, ERIK A.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-3
ERIKSON, JOHAN FREDRIK                  UT-Old-DOI-2-1-5
FOSS, JENS HANSEN                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-10
FRYE, WILLIAM JOHN                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-15
GASMER, JOHN                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-19
GILL, JOHN HENRY                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-12
GLEERUP, FREDERIK C. C.                 UT-Old-DOI-2-1-6
HANSEN, LARS                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-19
HANSEN, PETER                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-3
HANSEN, RASMUS PETETER                  UT-Old-DOI-2-1-1
HANSSON, EMMA                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-14
HARTMANN, EMILIUS I. F.                 UT-Old-DOI-2-1-24
HINDBERG, LAURITS                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-4
HOLTON, RICHARD                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-8
ITH, JOHN J.                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-11
JENSEN, JACOB C.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-13
JENSEN, LARS SOREN                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-11
JENSEN, NIELS PETER                     UT-Old-DOI-2-1-2
JENSEN, SARUS A.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-21
JOHANSEN, LAURITZ                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-15
KEARNS, MICHAEL CARSON                  UT-Old-DOI-2-1-8
KORTH, FRED                             UT-Old-DOI-2-1-16
KUPFER, JOHN                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-24
LARSEN, AMOS                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-18
LARSEN, BERTHA                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-7
LARSEN, CARL H.                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-19
LARSEN, JENS PETER                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-6
LINDHOLM, NILS PETTER                   UT-Old-DOI-2-1-11
MILLER, JOHN                            UT-Old-DOI-2-1-13
NELSEN, BEN                             UT-Old-DOI-2-1-23
NELSEN, NELS CHRISTIAN                  UT-Old-DOI-2-1-4
NELSEN, RASMUS                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-5
NELSEN, SOREN                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-25
NIELSEN, ANTHON CHRISTIAN               UT-Old-DOI-2-1-24
NIELSEN, FRANTS L.                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-1
NIELSEN, NIELS P.                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-9
NIELSEN, PAULINE                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-23
OLSEN, JOHN C.                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-10
PALLE, JACOB A. J.                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-13
PALMER, JAMES W.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-4
PEDERSEN, CHRISTIAN                     UT-Old-DOI-2-1-17
PETERSEN, HJALMAR                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-3
PETERSEN, NIELS A.                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-7
PETERSEN, PETER                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-6
PETERSON, FRED W.                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-9
POULSEN, CHRISTEN                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-10
RARL, DEWEY LEROY                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-22
RASMUSSEN, HANS                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-17
RASMUSSEN, HANS MARCUS                  UT-Old-DOI-2-1-18
ROMAN, CARL P.                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-1
SCHMIDT, MADS J.                        UT-Old-DOI-2-1-16
SCHWAB, RICHARD                         UT-Old-DOI-2-1-18
SINN, CARL                              UT-Old-DOI-2-1-14
SOEBERG, J. C.                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-16
THOMAS, T. R.                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-12
THOMPSON, JOHN C.                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-9
TROKENBROD, LORENZ                      UT-Old-DOI-2-1-20
USSING, HALVOR                          UT-Old-DOI-2-1-23
VALENTINE, HANNAH                       UT-Old-DOI-2-1-17
WAGER, SOPHUS                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-21
WEISS, CHRIST                           UT-Old-DOI-2-1-15

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