Franklin County, Illinois
Petitions for Naturalization (1908-1912)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birthdate (NL- birthdate not listed, S=spouse. C=child)
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Franklin County Illinois, Circuit Court, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page #

ADAMOWICZ, ANDREW                      1881                                    RUSSIA                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-9
BASSO, ANGELINE                        NL-S                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, ANGELINE                        1909-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, ARNADO                          1908-C                                  INDIANA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-16
BASSO, DOMINICI                        1878                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, DOMINICI                        1903-C                                  ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, EUGENIA                         1906-C                                  INDIANA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, EUGENIO                         1880                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, FRANK                           1876                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-16
BASSO, ISIDORO                         1909-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-18
BASSO, ISIDORO                         1881                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-18
BASSO, LENA                            1902-C                                  ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, MARGARIETTA                     1908-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, MARY                            NL-S                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, MARY                            1904-C                                  INDIANA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-15
BASSO, MATILDA                         1905-C                                  INDIANA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, RICARDO                         1909C-                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-17
BASSO, UMBERTO                         1905-C                                  INDIANA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-16
BASSO, VICTORIA                        NL-S                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-16
BASSO, VIRGINIA                        NL-S                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-18
BIONI, ANGELO                          1907-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
BIONI, GUIDO                           1872                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
BIONI, JOHN                            1901-C                                  ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
BIONI, LOUISE                          1903-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
BIONI, MAGGIE                          1905-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
BIONI, MARGHERITA CONSTANTINO          NL-S                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-2
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         1879                                    SCOTLAND                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-32
CARDY, CEDRICA MARION                  1904-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, EARL                            1907-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, EDWARD JOHN                     1892-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, GEORGE                          1870                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, HANNAH ELIZABETH                1895-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, MARY                            1900-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARDY, SARAH ANN                       NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-25
CARLO, BERNARDONI                      1879                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-8
DUDAS, ANDY                            1884                                    AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-1
ELLWOOD, CHARLOTTE ANN                 1894-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-12
ELLWOOD, ELIZABETH                     NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-12
ELLWOOD, JAMES                         1869                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-12
ELLWOOD, THOMAS                        1892-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-12
EYNON, DAVID                           1862                                    WALES                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-21
EYNON, JOSEPH JOHN                     1892-C                                  WALES                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-21
EYNON, MARY MARIE                      NL-S                                    WALES                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-21
FORNEY, ELIZA                          1901-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, JACK                           1892                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, JOHN                           1897-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, MARY                           1903-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, MILLY                          1907-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, NELLIE                         1909-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORNEY, OLLIE                          NL-S                                    ALABAMA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-13
FORTUNATO, ANTONINI                    1880                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-19
GARINO, JOHN                           1878                                    ITALY                                    IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-30
HERBECK, RICHARD                       1882                                    SAXONY                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-7
HORODA, ANDRO                          NL                                      UNKNOWN                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-35
KIONKA, ANNA                           NL-S                                    AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-26
KIONKA, JOHN                           1902-C                                  AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-26
KIONKA, ROSA                           1909-C                                  COLORADO                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-26
KIONKA, STEFAN                         1879                                    AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-26
LAND, AGNES MARY                       NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-29
LAND, JOHN                             1885                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-29
LAND, JOHN BARNARD                     1910-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-29
LARONDELLE, AUGUST                     1857                                    BELGIUM                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-6
LAUGHRON, EDWARD                       1902-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, EDWARD                       1865                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, GEORGE                       1905-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, HARRY                        1896-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, JAMES                        1890-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, LEAH                         1899-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
LAUGHRON, MARY ANN                     NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-5
MEDVARICH, ANDREW                      1883                                    AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-34
NICHOL, WALTER                         1876                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-14
NICHOLS, ELIZABETH                     NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-22
NICHOLS, WALTER                        1866                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-22
PAPEIKA, ALEX                          1878                                    RUSSIA                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-4
PAPEIKA, FRANK                         1906-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-4
PAPEIKA, JOHN                          1908-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-4
PAPEIKA, MAGDILINA                     1904-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-4
PAPEIKA, MAGDILINA                     NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-4
ROPEC, RUDOLF                          1884                                    AUSTRIA                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-27
SATEIA, FLORENCE                       NL-S                                    POLAND                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, HELEN                          1908-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-23
SATEIA, HELEN                          1908-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, JENNIE                         1909-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-23
SATEIA, JENNIE                         1909-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, LADA                           1904-C                                  OHIO                                     IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-23
SATEIA, LADA                           1905-C                                  OHIO                                     IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, THRESA                         1906-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, THRESA                         1906-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-23
SATEIA, WALTER                         1883                                    POLAND                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-20
SATEIA, WALTER                         1883                                    POLAND                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-23
SCHULTZ, FRED                          1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-28
SCHULTZ, IDA                           NL-S                                    ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-28
SCHULTZ, WILHELM                       1871                                    GERMANY                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-28
SCHULTZ, WILLIE                        1901-C                                  GERMANY                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-28
SHIBOVITCH, HELEN                      1902-C                                  AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SHIBOVITCH, KAROLINE                   1908-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SHIBOVITCH, LEON                       1878                                    AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SHIBOVITCH, MARCELA                    NL-S                                    AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SHIBOVITCH, VONDA                      1906-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SHIBOVITCH, ZIGMUNT                    1909-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-11
SKARES, SYLVASTAR                      1884                                    RUSSIA                                   IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-24
TIPLING, CHOICE                        1896-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, CHRIS                         1897-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, ELIZABETH JANE                NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, ESTHER                        1889-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, GEORGE WILLIE                 1900-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, HANNAH BELLA                  1905-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TIPLING, WILLIAM                       1866                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-3
TOWAL, ELEANOR JANE                    NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-31
TOWAL, ELSIE                           1904-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-31
TOWAL, FREDERICK                       1898-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-31
TOWAL, JAMES                           1875                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-31
WINN, ELLEN                            1903-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-10
WINN, EMILY                            NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-10
WINN, ISAIAH                           1907-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-10
WINN, JOHN THOMAS                      1876                                    ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-10
WINN, MARY JANE                        1901-C                                  ENGLAND                                  IL-FRANKLIN-CC-PET                      1-10

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