Alpine County, California
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Alpine County Supreme Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Vol. 1 = 1907-1915 | Vol. 2 = 1915-1919 |

BILBAO, IGNACIO                        SPAIN               CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-24
DIXON, JOHN                            IRELAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-21
ECHEBORNE, DOMINIQUE                   URUGUAY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-7
ETCHEBARNE, JEAN                       FRANCE              CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-20
ETCHEBARRE, JEANNE MARIE               FRANCE              CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-17
GANSBERG, WILHELM                      HANNOVER            CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-1
GARRA, BERNARD                         FRANCE              CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-23
GREEN, NORMAN LEONARD                  ENGLAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-19
HELLWINKEL, CHRISTIAN                  GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-11
HELLWINKEL, HINRICH                    GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-6
HERBIG, FRIEDA                         GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-18
HOLZE, GEORGE                          GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-16
INDIANO, JEANNE MARIE                  FRANCE              CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-17
IRIBARNE, PETER                        FRANCE              CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-10
JUCHTZER, ARNOLD                       GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-12
NEDDENRIEP, LINA                       GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-15
OELFKE, JOHANNES                       HANNOVER            CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-3
SCHWAKE, WILHELM OTTO                  GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-2
SIMONCINI, EMILIO                      ITALY               CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-5
TIETJE, FRIEDA                         GERMANY             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-18
WHITE, COLIN CAMPBELL                  ENGLAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-8
WHITE, COLIN CAMPBELL                  ENGLAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-9
WHITE, COLIN CAMPBELL                  ENGLAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-13
WHITE, SOPHIE MARIE                    ENGLAND             CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    1-14
ZAHRON, ZAMIEL                         SYRIA               CA-ALPINE-SC-PET    2-22

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