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Allegany County, New York
Letters of Administration

Volume List: 1 = 1852-1863 | 2 = 1864-1873 | 3 = 1873-1881 | 4 = 1881-1889 | 5 = 1889-1901 | 6 = 1895-1901 |

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Column 1 = Name of the estate
Column 2 = Location of the Estate (NTL=no town listed)
Column 3 = County #, Volume#, Page #

ABBEY, WILLIAM H.                      BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-75
ABBOTT, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-22
ABBOTT, SOLOMON                        CUBA                                    NY-2-2-52
ABER, ISRAEL F.                        CANASERAGA                              NY-2-4-16
ACKERMAN, DEWITT C.                    WILLING                                 NY-2-3-410
ACKERMAN, GEORGE                       HUME                                    NY-2-3-365
ACKERMAN, LUCRETIA                     ALLEN                                   NY-2-4-450
ACKERMAN, NANCY                        HUME                                    NY-2-3-412
ACKERMAN, OLIVER                       WILLING                                 NY-2-4-218
ACKERMAN, VERANUS                      CERES                                   NY-2-2-40
ACKLEY, ALMIRA                         NTL                                     NY-2-4-368
ADAMS, ANSON A.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-14
ADAMS, HARRIET                         SCIO                                    NY-2-3-304
ADAMS, JAMES                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-186
ADAMS, RALPH H.                        HUME                                    NY-2-2-6
ADAMS, SIMON                           WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-1-203
AKERLY, AUGUSTA J.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-352
AKIN, ALEXANDER                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-137
ALDRICH, PLINY                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-435
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-4-388
ALGER, ALONZO S.                       HUME                                    NY-2-2-301
ALLEN, BETSEY                          NTL                                     NY-2-2-100
ALLEN, CALVIN                          NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-351
ALLEN, JAMES                           WARD                                    NY-2-3-397
ALLEN, OLIVE C.                        ALMA                                    NY-2-4-23
ALNORTH, WALTER                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-5
ALSWORTH, CHARLES                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-304
AMES, AMY                              ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-391
ANDREWS, ALANSON                       CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-255
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH                     WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-311
ANDVILLE, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-36
APPLEBEE, BETSY                        WIRT                                    NY-2-4-256
APSEY, FOREST D.                       SCIO                                    NY-2-4-406
APSEY, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-114
ARMSTRONG, DAVID                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-106
ARMSTRONG, JOSHUA                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-124
ARMSTRONG, MARY ALICE                  CUBA                                    NY-2-4-30
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-327
ARNOLD, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-136
ARTMAN, REUBEN                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-98
ASHBY, GEORGE                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-140
ASHLEY, JONAS J.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-331
ASHLEY, SILAS                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-145
ATHERTON, ANNA                         GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-58
ATHERTON, JAMES                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-330
ATHERTON, WILLIAM 2ND                  NTL                                     NY-2-1-128
ATKINS, PARVIS W.                      ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-210
AXTEL, LUTHER                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-276
AXTELL, HARVEY                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-135
AXTELL, JOHN                           FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-69
AYERS, CHARLES H.                      GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-229
BABCOCK, BRAYTON                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-303
BABCOCK, ERATUS                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-277
BABCOCK, LORENZO R.                    WIRT                                    NY-2-2-218
BABCOCK, SIMON                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-393
BACON, CATHERIN                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-235
BACON, FREDERICK                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-236
BACON, WILLIAM H.                      BURNS                                   NY-2-2-256
BAILEY, CYRUS G.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-449
BAILEY, LEONARD B.                     BURNS                                   NY-2-3-320
BAKER, EDWIN                           WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-2-261
BAKER, ELEAZER                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-20
BAKER, ELEAZER                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-91
BAKER, ESTHER                          HUME                                    NY-2-2-327
BAKER, IRA                             POTTER                                  NY-2-2-39
BAKER, ISAAC N.                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-155
BAKER, JOSHUA                          AMITY                                   NY-2-4-384
BAKER, LYDIA                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-343
BAKER, MINERVA N.                      INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-146
BAKER, THOMAS                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-326
BAKER, VALENCIA C.                     INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-109
BAKER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-132
BAKER, WILLIAM                         HUME                                    NY-2-2-314
BAKER,CURTIS                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-252
BALDWIN, DAVID                         GROVE                                   NY-2-3-94
BALDWIN, JACOB                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-153
BALDWIN, JEREMIAH S.                   NTL                                     NY-2-2-77
BALLARD, EDWARD                        CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-317
BALLARD, EDWARD H.                     (UNREADABLE)                            NY-2-2-357
BALLARD, WESLEY                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-295
BANKS, AARON B.                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-24
BANKS, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-121
BARBER, ALFRED                         GENESEE                                 NY-2-3-338
BARBER, JOSEPH                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-240
BARKER, JOHN                           INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-309
BARRON, FLETCHER J.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-29
BARTLETT, JOHN C.                      INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-172
BARTLETT, SYBEL                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-165
BARTLETT, TITUS                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-162
BARTLEY, ELEN                          NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-250
BARTLIT, WILLIAM                       WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-299
BASCOM, GILBERT                        SCIO                                    NY-2-2-112
BASSETT, ELIZA                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-432
BASSETT, MARY L.                       SCIO                                    NY-2-4-325
BATES, AMOS                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-11
BATTIN, WILLIAM B.                     BURNS                                   NY-2-2-203
BATTSFORD, LYDIA M.                    RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-335
BAXTER, HENRY B.                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-408
BAXTER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-87
BECKER, JOHN                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-73
BECKWITH, HANNAH                       NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-71
BEEBE, CLARISSA                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-237
BEEBE, JASON M.                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-430
BEEBE, PRENTICE W.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-382
BELAMY, BETSEY                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-60
BELL, JOHN CONRAD                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-17
BELL, JOSEPH                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-101
BELL, MARTIN A.                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-151
BELL, NATHANIEL D.                     NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-268
BELL, WILLIAM                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-398
BENJAMIN, AMOS                         AMITY                                   NY-2-4-46
BENJAMIN, WILLI F.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-404
BENNETT, DANIEL W.                     BURNS                                   NY-2-3-84
BENNETT, HENRY D.                      LT/                                     NY-2-1-10
BENNETT, HUGH                          GRANGER                                 NY-2-3-250
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       GRANGER                                 NY-2-3-210
BESS, JOHN                             WILLING                                 NY-2-4-410
BIGELOW, BRYSON                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-361
BINGAM, OLIVER D.                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-223
BINGAMIN, WILLIAM M.                   SCIO                                    NY-2-3-93
BINGHAM, CARY                          CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-44
BINGHAM, MARSHALL                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-56
BISHOP, GABRIEL                        NTL                                     NY-2-4-56
BISHOP, JOHN W.                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-1-221
BISHOP, SYLVIA B.                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-330
BLACK, ALEXANDER                       WARD                                    NY-2-4-8
BLACK, JOHN P.                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-223
BLACK, MARTHA                          WARD                                    NY-2-2-21
BLACK, MOSES                           WARD                                    NY-2-2-22
BLAIR, MARY                            GRANGER                                 NY-2-2-251
BLAIR, S. M.                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-417
BLAIR, TYRELL                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-47
BLAIR, TYRILL                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-105
BLANCHARD, ALBERT                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-346
BLANCHARD, BARNES                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-396
BLANCHARD, BARNES                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-201
BLINN, ISAAC                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-97
BLINN, SIMEON                          WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-4-321
BLISS, JOANNA                          ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-68
BLISS, POLLY                           HUME                                    NY-2-4-370
BLIVEN, BERIAH                         WARD                                    NY-2-2-37
BLIVEN, JOHN B.                        SCIO                                    NY-2-3-275
BLIVEN, LYDIA                          CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-209
BLOWER, ALEXANDER                      GROVE                                   NY-2-3-247
BOBBIT, HENRY                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-254
BOBBITT, HORACE                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-149
BOHM, HENRY                            AMITY                                   NY-2-3-286
BONER, MICHAEL                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-51
BOSENKARK, ERASTUS                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-168
BOSS, JOSEPH                           GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-342
BOSWORTH, EMORY R.                     BELMONT                                 NY-2-4-433
BOWEN, CATHERINE                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-140
BOWEN, HIRAM                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-326
BOWERS, WILLIAM B.                     AMITY                                   NY-2-2-290
BOYCE,NANCY                            NTL                                     NY-2-4-378
BOYD, HIRAM W.                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-119
BOYLAN, ISAAC                          BURNS                                   NY-2-4-18
BRACE, WILLIAM HENRY                   HUME                                    NY-2-4-52
BRADLEY, ALBRO                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-305
BRADLEY, COLLINS H.                    CUBA                                    NY-2-2-235
BRADLEY, JOHN W.                       HUME                                    NY-2-2-113
BRANDES, DEDRICK T.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-450
BRASTED, JOHN                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-165
BREADON, WILLIAM                       CUBA                                    NY-2-3-426
BREWSTER, SHELDON                      SCIO                                    NY-2-2-179
BRIGGS, LEONARD                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-125
BRISTOL, JOHN P.                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-302
BROKAW, PHILO M.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-115
BRONSON, SARAH                         WARD                                    NY-2-2-321
BROOKS, AARON R.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-241
BROOKS, DORCAS W.                      NTL                                     NY-2-4-268
BROOKS, HIRAM                          CUBA                                    NY-2-2-97
BROOKS, LORENZO                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-1
BROWN, AARON D.                        SCIO                                    NY-2-3-214
BROWN, ANDREW B.                       LT/                                     NY-2-2-2
BROWN, DAVID                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-346
BROWN, EDMUND                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-207
BROWN, ELLIOT                          HUME                                    NY-2-3-122
BROWN, ESTHER J.                       ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-29
BROWN, JACKSON                         BURNS                                   NY-2-3-255
BROWN, JAMES                           WIRT                                    NY-2-3-429
BROWN, JAMES R.                        WISCOY                                  NY-2-4-104
BROWN, JOHN J.                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-246A
BROWN, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-2-2-20
BROWN, WILLIAM                         BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-394
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-140
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-148
BROWNING, GILES                        SCIO                                    NY-2-2-154
BRUCE, PHILENA M.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-3-226
BRUNDAGE, MORRIS S.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-16
BRUNDAGE, WESLEY                       WILLING                                 NY-2-2-186
BUCHINGER, DANIEL                      GROVE                                   NY-2-4-118
BUCK, LEWIS                            BIRDSALL                                NY-2-4-161
BUCKLEY, LORENZO D.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-90
BUDD, LEWELLEN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-35
BULLOCK, HARRY W.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-3-315
BUMPUS, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-112
BUNDY, EDWARD                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-225
BUNDY, FORD F.                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-329
BURBANK, EBENEZER                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-42
BURBANK, WILLIAM                       BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-217
BURDICK, ALVA                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-362
BURDICK, AMOS                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-403
BURDICK, AMOS                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-417
BURDICK, JOSHUA R.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-110
BURDICK, LEWIS                         ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-351
BURDICK, RUSSELL W.                    ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-353
BURDICK, THOMAS F.                     ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-227
BURGESS, JOSEPH D.                     CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-74
BURKE, MARGARET                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-158
BURKE, MARGARET                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-364
BURLESON, LOUISA                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-31
BURLESON, WILLAM M.                    WIRT                                    NY-2-3-293
BURLESON, WILLIAM M.                   WIRT                                    NY-2-3-308
BURLINGAME, EDMOND G.                  NTL                                     NY-2-1-144
BURNS, LOUISA S.                       SCIOP                                   NY-2-4-254
BURR, ALVIN                            ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-211
BURR, ELIZABETH                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-135
BURRELL, ALONZO                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-162
BURRETT, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-134
BURROWS, AARON                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-176
BURROWS, DAVID                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-177
BURROWS, PERIAM                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-174
BURROWS, WILLIAM H.                    ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-328
BURTON, JAMES                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-74
BUSKIRK, SAMUEL S.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-160
BUTLER, ELIZABETH S.                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-120
BUTLER, ROBERTK.                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-375
BUTLER, WARREN B.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-39
BUYLAN, HULBUT                         BURNS                                   NY-2-3-242
BYRAM, ASA B.                          CUBA                                    NY-2-4-197
CAHMEL, FREDERICK W.                   ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-66
CALDWELL, JENNETT                      CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-328
CALDWELL, JENNETT                      CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-365
CALDWELL, MAHITABLE                    RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-229
CAMPBELL,CONLEY E.                     RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-339
CAPPELL, GILBERT                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-244
CARDWELL, LUCY                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-157
CARPENTER, ABIJAH                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-34
CARPENTER, CHARLES B.                  SCIO                                    NY-2-4-138
CARPENTER, MARY ANN                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-47
CARPENTER, RICHARD E.                  WIRT                                    NY-2-2-202
CARPENTER, SAMUEL                      ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-374
CARROLL, MATTHEW                       ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-159
CARTER, DANIEL                         GROVE                                   NY-2-1-220
CARTER, ELECTA M.                      GROVE                                   NY-2-4-422
CARTER, MILLIS                         BURNS                                   NY-2-3-168
CARTWRIGHT, ALBERTUS R.                SCIO                                    NY-2-4-126
CARTWRIGHT, ALPHONSE D.                NTL                                     NY-2-3-199
CARTWRIGHT, CLARENCE B.                WIRT                                    NY-2-3-444
CARTWRIGHT, JOHN C.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-259
CARTWRIGHT, LILIAN E.                  AMITY                                   NY-2-3-378
CASEY, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-110
CHADWICK, CHARLES                      SCIO                                    NY-2-4-281
CHAFFEE, JAMES M.                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-119
CHAMBERLAIN, CALVIN T. 2D              BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-35
CHAMBERLAIN, DANIEL T.                 ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-242
CHAMBERLAIN, HUGH B.                   ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-198
CHAMBERLAIN, MOSES                     BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-176
CHAMBERLAIN, QUINCY                    CUBA                                    NY-2-4-301
CHAMBERLIN, HIRAM                      CUBA                                    NY-2-3-164
CHAMPLAIN, MARSHALL B.                 CUBA                                    NY-2-3-301
CHAMPLIN, ANN                          NTL                                     NY-2-2-19
CHAMPLIN, GEORGE B.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-57
CHARLES, JOHN H.                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-63
CHARLES, JOHN R.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-7
CHARLES, RICHARD                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-256A
CHASE, ELISHA                          HUME                                    NY-2-2-144
CHASE, FRED H.                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-94
CHASE, ISAAC                           WIRT                                    NY-2-2-106
CHASE, LEVI B.                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-124
CHENEY, ENOCH                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-230
CHENEY, HIRAM                          SCIO                                    NY-2-2-311
CHILDS, JOHN C.                        CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-17
CIENDEMAN, JOHN                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-13
CLAIRE, AMANDA                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-279
CLAIRE, LEE A.                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-252
CLAIRE, THOMAS                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-171
CLAPP, WALLACE                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-304
CLAR, THOMAS P.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-6
CLARE, FRANKLIN                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-243
CLARK, AARON                           AMITY                                   NY-2-2-237
CLARK, ALONZO P.                       HUME                                    NY-2-4-176
CLARK, BEARNARD                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-26
CLARK, DANIEL                          ALLEN                                   NY-2-2-67
CLARK, SILAS                           WILLING                                 NY-2-3-276
CLARK, STEPHEN B.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-65
CLARKE, PAUL                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-184
CLAUS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-238
CLAUS, NANCY                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-181
CLEMAN, MARTHA                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-195
CLINE, ELIZA                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-9
CLINE, LUCRETIA L.                     ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-292
COATS, HENRY                           INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-194
COATS, JULIA                           WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-38
COBB, HORACE                           INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-73
COFFEY, JAMES                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-23
COLBURN, GEORGE                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-302
COLBURN, HOLTON                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-25
COLE, AURELEA                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-110
COLE, ELIHU                            CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-3-369
COLE, ELLEN E.                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-358
COLE, JAMES                            CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-354
COLE, JOSEPH                           CUBA                                    NY-2-3-310
COLE, OLIVE                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-102
COLE, SANDS                            FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-340
COLE, SANDS                            FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-325
COLE, THOMAS J.                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-9
COLEMAN, EDWARD                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-166
COLLAR, ABRAM                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-81
COLLINS, ANN                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-212
COLLINS, HARRY                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-39
COLWELL, WILLIAM                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-383
COMMON, CHARLES                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-350
COMMON, MARGARET                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-275
COMSTOCK, MARTIN L.                    ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-76
CONANT, SAMUEL H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-33
CONNEL, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-85
CONNORS, HUGH                          CUBA                                    NY-2-4-319
CONNORS, PATRICK                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-416
CONNORS, WILLIAM                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-137
COOK, AARON                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-115
COOK, AMELIA                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-31
COOK, LELAND                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-116
COOLEY, DYER W.                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-364
COOLEY, JOHN                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-352
COOLIDGE, STEPHEN S.                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-129
COON, JOHN                             ALLEN                                   NY-2-4-423
COON, LORAIN                           CUBA                                    NY-2-3-202
COON, WILLIAM N.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-3-114
COOPER, RUSSEL                         GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-168
CORBUTT, DANIEL C.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-15
CORCORAN, MICHAEL                      CUBA                                    NY-2-4-286
COREY, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-53
CORNELIUS, ELLSEY                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-349
CORNWELL, COMER                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-214
CORNWELL, ELSWORTH                     LT/HUME                                 NY-2-1-7A
CORNWELL, OREN O.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-35
CORR, MARY C.                          NTL                                     NY-2-4-324
COTTEN, IRA                            FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-68
COTTRELL, WILLIAM S.                   WHITESVILLE                             NY-2-4-228
COUCH, LUTHER                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-175
COUTS, STEPHEN F.                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-18
COWLES, MERRELL                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-10
COY, JOHN A.                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-58
COYLE, THOMAS                          SCIO                                    NY-2-4-188
CRABTREE, DANIEL                       AMITY                                   NY-2-4-357
CRADNALL, FRANCIS                      NTL                                     NY-2-4-6
CRANDAL, DAVID                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-68
CRANDALL, CHARLES M.                   BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-165
CRANDALL, ETHAN G.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-355
CRANDALL, EZRA P.                      ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-284
CRANDALL, GEORGE B.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-219
CRANDALL, GIDEON O.                    NTL                                     NY-2-4-4
CRANDALL, GILBERT D.                   NTL                                     NY-2-2-129
CRANDALL, JACOB                        ALMA                                    NY-2-3-21
CRANDALL, JOSEPH S.                    NTL                                     NY-2-3-39
CRANDALL, LUCY                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-329
CRANDALL, MARY C.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-377
CRANDALL, PHEBE N.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-356
CRANDALL, WILLIAM S.                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-239
CRANSON, MARY A.                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-278
CRANSON, MARY O.                       BELMONT                                 NY-2-3-316
CRAWFORD, JACOB                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-367
CRAWFORD, JACOB                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-334
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-225
CRAWFORD, OERILLA J.                   CLARKVILLE                              NY-2-3-154
CROCKER, FRANKLIN                      BELMONT                                 NY-2-4-249
CRONK, JAMES                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-397
CROSBY, ROBERT G.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-4-1
CROWELL, LAURINDA                      ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-389
CROWELL, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-227
CROWELL, SULLIVAN                      ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-391
CROWELL, SULLIVAN                      ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-307
CUNNINGHAM, PETER                      WILLING                                 NY-2-4-89
CUNNINGHAM, PETER                      WILLING                                 NY-2-4-227
CURRY, JOHN                            ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-302
CUTLER, HIRAM                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-195
CUTLER, IRA                            ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-99
DALY, PATRICK                          WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-240
DAMON, EMILY K.                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-337
DAMON, HURBERT A.                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-61
DAMON, RILEY                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-442
DARLING, HERCULES                      WILLING                                 NY-2-2-234
DARTT, HORACE                          ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-111
DAVIDSON, DANIEL J.                    ALMA                                    NY-2-3-438
DAVIDSON, HULDAH P.                    WIRT                                    NY-2-3-439
DAVIDSON, ITTUS B.                     WIRT                                    NY-2-3-362
DAVIDSON, THOMAS A.                    HUME                                    NY-2-3-104
DAVIDSON, THOMAS A.                    HUME                                    NY-2-3-87
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-3-166
DAVIS, BENJAMIN M.                     CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-189
DAVIS, CATHARINE                       ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-313
DAVIS, CHAUNCEY L.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-256
DAVIS, DAVID W.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-80
DAVIS, EBENEZER                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-43
DAVIS, ELY                             HUME                                    NY-2-2-118
DAVIS, HENRY G.                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-34
DAVIS, JOHN                            CUBA                                    NY-2-2-51
DAVIS, LORENZO D.                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-278
DAVIS, LORIN                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-178
DAVIS, OLIVER                          SCIO                                    NY-2-2-272
DAVIS, SERENA                          ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-335
DAVIS, THOMAS H.                       NTL                                     NY-2-4-353
DAYTON, JOHN M.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-436
DAYTON, ORANGE W.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-4-27
DEAN, HANNAH M.                        WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-7
DEAN, LUTHER T.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-122
DEAN, THEODORE F.                      WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-2-71
DEAN, THOMAS M.                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-126
DECINE, DAN                            CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-223
DECK, DANIEL J.                        SCIO                                    NY-2-3-278
DEKAY, SAMUEL                          NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-356
DENMOND, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-102
DENSMORE, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-141
DEPEW, MARGARET                        WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-190
DEVENING, WILLIAM F.                   ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-365
DEXTER, DAUPHIN                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-337
DEXTER, SMITH JR.                      WILLING                                 NY-2-3-212
DEY, WILLIAM E.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-244
DIBBLE, JOSEPH                         SCIO                                    NY-2-3-440
DICKINSON, HIRAM                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-30
DICKINSON, MINERVA L.                  CUBA                                    NY-2-2-264
DIKE, SALLY                            AMITY                                   NY-2-4-167
DILLON, JANE                           WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-174
DIMICK, HARRIET                        WIRT                                    NY-2-3-433
DIMORE, NATHANIEL                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-145
DIVEN, FRANK                           FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-432
DODSON, BENJAMIN                       WIRT                                    NY-2-3-142
DONER, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-2-4-396
DOTY, ELISHA                           ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-291
DOTY, HYLON                            WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-139
DOWD, PAUL C.                          BIRDSALL                                NY-2-4-74
DOYLE, CHARLOTTE A.                    NILE                                    NY-2-4-144
DRESSER, COLLINS                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-98
DRESSER, LEMUEL B.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-92
DREW, HIRAM                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-215
DRY, LAWRENCE J.                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-222
DUBELL, MALIA M.                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-324
DUNBAR, GEORGE J.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-3-377
DUNCAN, JAMES C.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-265
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-312
DURAND, ALBERT E. V.                   ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-371
DUTCHER, MARY E.                       WILLING                                 NY-2-3-72
DYER, MANSUR                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-79
DYER, MAUSUR                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-363
EAGLE, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-62
EAGLE, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-190
EARLY, SUSAN                           SCIO                                    NY-2-2-64
EASTERBROOKS, ROBERT                   ALMOND                                  NY-2-1-204
EASTMAN, ALVENADO                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-246
EASTON, DAYTON                         WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-2-310
EASTON, JAMES E.                       WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-427
EASTWOOD, REUBEN                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-214
EATON, GEORGE                          CUBA                                    NY-2-4-297
EATON, JOSEPH C.                       ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-448
EDARDS, DANIEL                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-318
EDDY, NEWBURY                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-147
EDWARDS, CLARISSA                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-363
ELDRIDGE, ELIZABETH                    GROVE                                   NY-2-4-206
ELDRIDGE, HENRY                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-348
ELDRIDGE, LOREMIS                      GRANGER                                 NY-2-2-335
ELLIOTT, HARRIET                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-161
ELLIOTT, LEEMAN B.                     ALMA                                    NY-2-2-267
ELLIOTT, WARREN J.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-411
ELLIS, MARGARET                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-412
ELLIS,CONSIDER                         AMITY                                   NY-2-4-267
ELLISON, ALONZO S.                     WARD                                    NY-2-4-355
ELWOOD, CHAUNCEY R.                    CUBA                                    NY-2-4-50
EMERY, DANIEL                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-228
EMERY, GEORGE W.                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-173
ENERY, ELLIOTT                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-43
ENGLE, WILLIAM C.                      ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-399
ENGLISH, EDWARD W.                     DENVER, DENVER, CO                      NY-2-4-232
ENNIS, PAUL                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-108
ENNIS,MATTHEW S.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-202
ENSWORTH, DIANTHA                      ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-384
ENSWORTH, DIANTHA                      ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-281
ENSWORTH, HIRAM F.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-181
EVANS, FANNIE                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-121
EVANS, LUTHER                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-157
EVANS, MARGARET                        CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-92
EVERETT, DIANTHA                       WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-2-325
EVERETT, SARAH                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-233
EWART, HUGH                            GROVE                                   NY-2-3-224
FAIRBANKS, EPHRAIM                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-213
FANTON, EMILY                          WILLING                                 NY-2-4-145
FARNUM, EDWARD C.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-241
FARNUM, LUCY                           WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-258
FARWELL, LOWELL M.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-250A
FARWELL, MINER                         WARD                                    NY-2-3-291
FASSETT, CYNTHIA P.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-103
FAY, WILLIAM R.                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-359
FELLOWS, JOHN B.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-94
FENNER, ISAAC                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-194
FENNO, WILLIAM W.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-232
FERRIN, HARLAND E.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-358
FEYES, AUGUSTUS F.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-257A
FILER, JEROME B.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-115
FINDLEY, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-260A
FISH, JOHN                             WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-128
FISK, ISAAC                            ALLEN                                   NY-2-1-193
FITCH, RALPH H.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-44
FLANAGAN, LUKE                         SCIO                                    NY-2-3-370
FLINN, ABRAHAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-62
FOLLUND, JOHN                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-386
FOOKS, GEORGE                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-38
FORD, LYDIA M.                         ALLEGANY, POTTER, PA                    NY-2-4-354
FORSAITH, ZEBEE                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-15
FORSYTH, GUY C.                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-322
FORSYTHE, HENRY                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-83
FORTUNE, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-37
FOSDICK, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NY-2-4-251
FOSTER, CHLOE M.                       WARD                                    NY-2-2-297
FOSTER, HORACE                         CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-381
FOSTE,R HOSEA                          CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-287
FOSTER, SHERMAN A.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-4-447
FOUNTAIN, SAMUEL J.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-54
FOWLER, SARAH                          AMITY                                   NY-2-4-120
FOX, CHAUNCEY                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-224
FRANCE, JAMES W.                       BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-4-63
FRANKLIN, JOHN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-180
FRAZIER, ALEXANDER                     CUBA                                    NY-2-4-282
FREEBORN, EUGENE B.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-257
FREEMAN, BLANCH                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-245
FREMAIN, MARK                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-157
FRIES, FREDONIA                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-40
FRISBEY, LEONARD H.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-202
FROST, ALVIN                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-226
FULLER, ANDREW J.                      WARD                                    NY-2-4-78
FULLER, JOHN GILBERT                   ALFRED CENTRE                           NY-2-4-291
FULLER, RANSOM                         WIRT                                    NY-2-3-8
FULLER, RUSSELL                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-105
FURGASON, JAMES                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-25
FURNALD, CHILSON W.                    ALMA                                    NY-2-3-387
FURNALD, JOHN                          WIRT                                    NY-2-4-93
GALPIN, WILLIAM T.                     RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-345
GAMOOSE, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-97
GARDNER, LOVINA                        NTL                                     NY-2-4-115
GARDNER, MICHAEL                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-193
GARDNER, OWEN                          WARD                                    NY-2-4-362
GARY, ENOS                             RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-443
GATES, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-258A
GATES, WILLIAM                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-8
GAULT, DAVID                           AMITY                                   NY-2-4-187
GAUS, HANS HENRY                       ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-300
GAVITT, ADALINE M.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-160
GEE, SOLOMON                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-57
GENNIS, MARGARET NEE                   NTL                                     NY-2-3-25
GENUNG, OSHEA                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-146
GEORGE, ELIAS P.                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-259
GERMAN, ROSOLVO                        CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-48
GIBBS, JESSE B.                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-102
GIBSON, MARY E.                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-313
GILBERT, AIRY                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-150
GILBERT, FRANK H.                      CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-316
GILBERT, NELLIE E.                     RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-182
GILBERT, REBECCA                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-347
GILBERT, SYLVESTER                     BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-315
GILMAN, SAMUEL                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-5
GLEASON, ALFRED                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-239
GLEASON, JOHNATHAN                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-66
GOODRICH, DINAH                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-196
GORDON, CYRUS                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-386
GORDON, CYRUS                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-328
GORDON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-50
GORDON, PAULINA                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-329
GORDON, THOMAS                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-3
GORTON, DENSLOW                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-236
GORTON, JAMES A.                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-95
GOULD, JESSE O.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-216
GRAHAM, CHARLES H.                     ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-246
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-118
GRAMES, EUGENE                         WIRT                                    NY-2-3-130
GRAVES, LYMAN O.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-217
GRAVES, NATHANIEL                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-100
GREEN, ALONZO S.                       NTL                                     NY-2-2-326
GREEN, BYRON L.                        ALFRED CENTRE                           NY-2-4-235
GREEN, ELISHA B.                       INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-220
GREEN, ERASTUS A.                      NTL                                     NY-2-4-293
GREEN, ETHAN S.                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-2-33
GREEN, GEORGE                          WARD                                    NY-2-3-349
GREEN, JAMES S.                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-34
GREEN, JOEL C.                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-207
GREEN, LUKE                            ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-203
GREEN, WILLIAM B.                      INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-103
GREENE, STEPHEN R.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-152
GREENFIELD, RICHARD                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-221
GREGORY, ADALINDA                      SCIO                                    NY-2-2-260
GREGORY, RALPH                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-99
GRIFFIN, ISAAC B.                      CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-299
GRIFFIN, JOEL                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-308
GRIFFIN, ORAMEL                        CUBA                                    NY-2-3-215
GRIFFITHS, DANIEL L.                   NUNDA, LIVINGSTON, NY                   NY-2-4-408
GROVE, SAMUEL H.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-14
GROVER, HANNAH                         HUME                                    NY-2-3-77
GROVER, TIMOTHY                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-3-75
GROVES, SETH                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-33
GRUBER, CHARLES                        GROVE                                   NY-2-4-194
HACKETT, OLIVE C.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-209
HAIGHT, SAMUEL S.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-3-230
HAKES, WHEELER                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-163
HALBERT, ANDREW B.                     BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-3-143
HALBERT, ELI D.                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-446
HALBERT, LEONARD A.                    NTL                                     NY-2-3-151
HALL, GEORGE                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-133
HALL, JOHN                             GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-233
HALL, LUCY R.                          ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-428
HALSEY, EDWARD                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-63
HALSEY, JEREMIAH                       WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-192
HALSEY, THOMAS E.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-260
HAMILTON, JOSEPH S.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-236
HAMILTON, SEYMOUR                      WIRT                                    NY-2-2-368
HAMILTON, WILLIAM C.                   NTL                                     NY-2-3-127
HAMILTON, WILLIAM H.                   SCIO                                    NY-2-4-73
HAMMOND, JOHN M.                       HUME                                    NY-2-4-418
HAND, RACHAEL                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-314
HANDY, ZABUD C.                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-93
HANDYSIDE, JOHN                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-125
HANES, SAMANTHA                        CUBA                                    NY-2-2-155
HANKS, ENOCH                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-177
HANKS, ENOCH                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-186
HANKS, JOHN                            BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-180
HANNUM, NANCY K.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-54
HANNUM, POMEROY                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-222
HARDENBERG, GEORGE W.                  CUBA                                    NY-2-4-53
HARDER, H. JENNETTE                    ALMA                                    NY-2-4-327
HARDY, STEPHEN                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-179
HARRIS, CALEB HOWARD                   AMITY                                   NY-2-4-150
HARRIS, CHAUNCEY                       WILLING                                 NY-2-2-130
HARRIS, LAURA                          BURNS                                   NY-2-4-449
HART, JOSEPH L.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-188
HASKINS, PAMELIA                       INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-174
HATCH, CYRUS T.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-148
HATCH, LUCY ANN                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-204
HAYNES, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-44
HAZARD, CALEB                          WIRT                                    NY-2-2-228
HEAD, JANE                             NTL                                     NY-2-1-244A
HEADLEY, HENRY                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-65
HEALY, JOHN S.                         SCIO                                    NY-2-4-179
HEGGINS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-261A
HENDERSON, GEORGE D.                   SCIO                                    NY-2-3-333
HENDRIX, EUNICE                        BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-283
HENDRY, MARY                           CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-170
HENDRYX, CYNTHIA A.                    CUBA                                    NY-2-3-198
HENDRYX, FRED H.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-3-332
HENDRYX, LEEMAN                        CUBA                                    NY-2-1-200
HENYON, EDWARD C.                      WILLING                                 NY-2-3-243
HESELTINE, JOSEPHINE V.                INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-270
HIBBARD, PERRY A.                      NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-138
HICKMAN, ABRAM B.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-40
HIGGINS, HEEMAN                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-213
HIGGINS, MICHAEL                       SCIO                                    NY-2-2-275
HIGGINS, RUSSELL                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-259A
HILDRETH, CAROLINE A.                  HUME                                    NY-2-3-266
HILL, AARON R.                         BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY                     NY-2-4-180
HILL, LOIS M.                          CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-191
HILL, MERCY                            HUME                                    NY-2-3-28
HILLMAN, HARLEY                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-259
HILLS, BURROWS                         WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-1-222
HILLS, JUSTIN                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-284
HILLS, LYMAN                           WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-3-348
HINCHER, HARVEY                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-33
HITCHCOCK, ANN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-211
HOISINGTON, HENRY                      HUME                                    NY-2-2-132
HOLDEN, HARVEY                         EAST SAGINAW, SAGINAW, MI               NY-2-4-55
HOLLIDAY, ELIZABETH E.                 BURNS                                   NY-2-3-334
HOLLIDAY, LORTON                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-318
HOLMES, WILLIAM H.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-340
HOOD, GEORGE W.                        AMITY                                   NY-2-3-238
HOOGLIN, HENRY                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-21
HOOKER, BENJAMIN C.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-184
HOOKER, HORACE A.                      LT                                      NY-2-1-1A
HOOKER, JOHN                           ALLEN                                   NY-2-2-243
HOOKER, LUCINDA                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-234
HOOKER, ORPHA                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-89
HOOKER, RUEL                           SCIO                                    NY-2-3-372
HOOPER, PHILANDER                      GENESEE                                 NY-2-3-237
HOPKINS, DAVID C.                      HUME                                    NY-2-4-265
HOPKINS, JOHN                          BURNS                                   NY-2-3-347
HOPKINS, PETER                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-305
HOPKINS, WILLIAM HENRY                 CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-189
HOPPER, CORNELIUS                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-149
HORNER, HARRIET                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-393
HORTON, BETTS                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-59
HORTON, CALEB                          GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-336
HOUGHTER, GEORGE W.                    NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-190
HOUGHTON, FRED E.                      CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-113
HOUGHTON, JAMES W.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-257
HOVER, BETSEY A.                       BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-3-76
HOWARD, ELEAZOR                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-288
HOWARD, JOSEPH                         SCIO                                    NY-2-2-12
HOWAT, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-366
HOWE, HEZEKIAH                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-8
HOWE, PAUL                             ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-210
HOWELL, JULIA A.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-11
HOWES, ELISHA                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-254A
HUBBARD, EUNICE                        CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-398
HUBBARD, WILLIAM H.                    BURNS                                   NY-2-4-214
HUBBELL, JUSTUS                        CUBA                                    NY-2-2-172
HUFF, EZEKIEL                          WIRT                                    NY-2-3-189
HUFF, ZEPHANIAH                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-228
HUGHES, JOAB B.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-155
HUGHES, JOHN                           CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-305
HUGHS, ALVIN                           BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-185
HULBUT, MOSES                          BURNS                                   NY-2-2-108
HULL, DANIEL S.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-55
HULL, MILFORD D.                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-197
HULL, STEPHEN                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-208
HUNTINGTON, SALLY                      BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-3-232
HURD, HARVEY                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-209
HURD, REUBEN                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-26
HURKIMER, THEODORE                     BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-206
HUTCHINS, PHEBE                        NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-4-19A
HUTN, WILLIAM H.                       WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-193
HYDE, HARMAN                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-173
HYDE, JESSE                            FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-266
HYDE, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-96
INGERSOLL, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-185
INGERSOLL, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-174
IRISH, GEORGE                          GENESEE                                 NY-2-4-402
ISAMAN, MICHAEL                        GROVE                                   NY-2-4-242
IVES, HENRY                            AMITY                                   NY-2-2-66
IVES, LEVI W.                          NTL, *, MN                              NY-2-2-254
IVES, OZRO                             WISCOY                                  NY-2-4-339
IVES, PATRICK                          BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-4-44
IVES, RICHARD J.                       NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-192
JACKSON, ALVIN C.                      ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-401
JACKSON, IRENE S.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-3-132
JACOBS, SHERMAN                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-100
JAMES, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-93
JENNINGS, HANNAH W.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-114
JENNINGS, LOREN G.                     BIRDSALL                                NY-2-4-105
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN F.                   NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-390
JOHNSON, CHARLES H.                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-348
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-75
JOHNSON, FRANK M.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-112
JOHNSON, HANNAH R.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-79
JOHNSON, JAMES                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-188
JOHNSON, JOHN H.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-226
JOHNSON, N. R.                         CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-440
JOHNSON, ORIN D.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-171
JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-32
JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.                    SCIO                                    NY-2-2-29
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM HENRY                WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-372
JONES, DOFPHAS                         INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-407
JONES, GEORGE W.                       BURNS                                   NY-2-4-359
JONES, HARRIS W.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-113
JONES, LEE O.                          INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-164
JONES, SQUIRE P.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-52
JORDAN, HELEN J.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-215
JORDON, PHEBE                          WIRT                                    NY-2-2-92
JUDD, DAVIS C.                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-124
JUDSON, MARY E.                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-231
JUNE, DAVID                            WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-158
JUNE, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-2
JUNE, MARNI                            WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-405
KAISE,R JOHN                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-425
KAISER, RHODA                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-249
KAPLE, EDWARD                          WARD                                    NY-2-3-367
KARR, ANDREW J.                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-175
KARR, JAMES                            ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-80
KELLER, SUSAN                          CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-261
KELLOGG, CHARLOTTE O.                  GROVE                                   NY-2-4-309
KELLOGG, MARTHA E.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-99
KELLY, JOSEPH                          GROVE                                   NY-2-3-385
KELLY, PATRICK                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-50
KELSEY, HANNAH                         INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-101
KENDALL, AMANDA                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-382
KENDALL, EMERSON                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-290
KENDALL, EMERSON                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-383
KENDALL, RUFUS C.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-151
KENDALL, ZEBADEE A.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-178
KENDALL, ZEBEDEE A.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-200
KENDALL, ZEBEDEE A.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-283
KENDLAL, EDWARD F.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-164
KENYON, AUGUSTUS                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-74
KENYON, CHAUNCEY C.                    BLACK RIVER FALLS, *, WI                NY-2-2-244
KENYON, DARIUS                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-133
KENYON, ETHAN                          GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-90
KENYON, JOEL B.                        WIRT                                    NY-2-3-298
KENYON, LANCASTER                      WILLING                                 NY-2-2-232
KENYON, OSCAR A.                       WIRT                                    NY-2-2-134
KETCHEN, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-26
KEYES, CYRUS                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-61
KEYES, PETER                           GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-138
KILBY, DAVIS                           BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-28
KINGSLEY, JOEL                         HUME                                    NY-2-4-243
KINNEY, CATHARINE                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-269
KINNEY, MARY A.                        BELMONT                                 NY-2-4-403
KINNEY, ORRA D.                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-280
KINNEY, REBECCA                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-318
KINSTRY, ANDREW                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-121
KLINE, ABBIE                           ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-252
KNAPP, BENJAMIN S.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-262
KNEELAND, EMILY M.                     BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-192
KNIGHT, CYNTHIA                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-101
KNIGHT, MIILTON                        GROVE                                   NY-2-2-306
KNIGHT, SEYMOUR                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-258
KUDER, HIRAM                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-63
LACY, LUCY A.                          BURNS                                   NY-2-2-170
LAFFERTY, JOHN P.                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-418
LAMBERSON, PHEBE                       CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-3-86
LAMONT, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-162
LAMPKIN, SAMUEL                        LT/                                     NY-2-1-121A
LANE, FANNIE                           ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-376
LANE, JOHN W.                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-190
LANE, SAMUEL H.                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-7
LANGWORTHY, BENJAMIN F.                ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-171
LANGWORTHY, DANIEL F.                  ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-366
LANGWORTHY, THOMAS H.                  WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-146
LANING, RALPH B.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-212
LANPHEAR, SUSAN                        ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-111
LATHROP, CYRUS                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-307
LATHROP, ISAIAH                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-367
LATTA, POLLY F.                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-18
LAUPHEAR, AVERY                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-131
LAWRENCE, NORMAN                       WIRT                                    NY-2-2-27
LEACH, ELIAS                           WILLING                                 NY-2-2-102
LEBAR, CONRAD                          WIRT                                    NY-2-4-173
LEDYARD, TIMOTHY C.                    GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-280
LEE, EMMA W.                           BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-3-92
LEE, ESTHER                            NTL                                     NY-2-3-9
LEE, JOSEPH F.                         ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-218
LEET, ABNER                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-233
LEET, BENSON                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-95
LEONARD, LAURA                         BERNE                                   NY-2-3-35
LEONARD, LONNY                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-141
LEONARD, OWEN                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-315
LESUER, LEVI                           BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-247
LESUER, SUSAN                          WIRT                                    NY-2-2-196
LEWIS, ALFRED                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-2
LEWIS, ALFRED                          ALFRED CENTRE                           NY-2-4-263
LEWIS, ELIZA                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-4-248
LEWIS, HARRIET C.                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-298
LEWIS, LYMAN H.                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-273
LEWIS, WILLIAM H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-231
LIDDE, HENRY                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-155
LILLY, FOSTER                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-116
LINCOLN, DANIEL                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-138
LINCOLN, EMELINE                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-177
LIPPINCOTT, JUAN D.                    ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-43
LITTLE, ALBERT                         CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-60
LIVER, WILLIAM J.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-22
LIVERMORE, BRIGGS B.                   INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-413
LIVERMORE, JOEL FIELD                  ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-57
LIVNGSTON, GEORGE M.                   BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-96
LOCKHART, GEORGE                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-344
LOCKHART, JAMES                        ANGELCIA                                NY-2-4-277
LOCKWOOD, DAVID                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-17
LOOMIS, JOSLYN                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-11
LORD, LEONARD                          WIRT                                    NY-2-3-60
LOWELL, WILLIAM L.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-40
LOWNSBERY, MELISSA                     BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-148
LUCKEY, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-64
LUDESCHER, GRATTUS                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-245A
LYBOLT, JULIA                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-415
LYNCH, JAMS A.                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-72
LYNCH, TERENCE                         INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-287
LYON, SAMUEL R.                        NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-4-444
LYON, SIMEON                           BIRDSALL                                NY-2-3-295
LYON, SPENCER                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-15
MABIE, HOSEA                           ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-269
MACKEN, JOSEPH B.                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-83
MADISON, JOHN N.                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-293
MADOLE, CORNELIUS                      BURNS                                   NY-2-3-216
MAGEE, SIDNEY                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-395
MAGMAN, FRANCIS                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-270
MAHAN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-350
MAJORS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-131
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM                    FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-61
MANNING, JULIA                         BIRDSALL                                NY-2-4-49
MANUEL, JACOB                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-127
MAPES, HENRY                           CUBA                                    NY-2-4-442
MAPES, HENRY J.                        AMITY                                   NY-2-3-137
MARITN, WILLIAM                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-258
MARR, NATHANIEL                        BURNS                                   NY-2-2-85
MARTIN, THOMAS W.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-141
MASTERS, ANSON                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-45
MATHER, ANNIS                          CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-187
MATSON, CLINTON                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-175
MATYCK, STANISLAUS F.                  SCIO                                    NY-2-4-345
MAXSON, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-70
MAXSON, JOEL                           GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-167
MAYS, ADDA L.                          BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-4-308
MCALLISTER, DAVID                      WIRT                                    NY-2-2-252
MCCARTHY, ANDREW                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-123
MCCARTHY,MARTHA                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-69
MCCLEASE, CORNELIUS                    ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-306
MCCRARY, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-181
MCCULL, JOHN                           CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-24
MCDONALD, EDWARD J.                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-72
MCDOUGALL, WILLAM                      WILLING                                 NY-2-3-422
MCDUNGAL, MARIA                        CLARKVILLE                              NY-2-3-27
MCEWEN, DUNCAN                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-175
MCEWEN, WILLIAM R.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-276
MCFADDEN, JANE                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-420
MCGIBENY, ANDREW                       WARD                                    NY-2-2-45
MCGIBENY, HENRY                        AMITY                                   NY-2-2-94
MCGIBNEY, ALONZO B.                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-323
MCGINNIS, PATRICK                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-205
MCGOVERN, JOHN                         WARD                                    NY-2-4-343
MCGUINS, PATRICK                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-176
MCHARDY, SARAH                         NTL                                     NY-2-4-349
MCHENRY, PHILIP                        WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-2-320
MCINTOSH, ANGUS                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-199
MCINTOSH, PETER                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-169
MCKEAN, ANTOINETTE                     HUME                                    NY-2-4-208
MCKEE, AMANDA                          CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-199
MCKEE, AMBROSE W.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-274
MCKINNEY, OWEN                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-24
MCKINNEY, WARREN                       NTL                                     NY-2-2-157
MCLAUGHLIN, FRANCIS                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-169
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-28
MCLOUGHLIN, FRANK                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-253
MCMONAGLE, WILLIAM                     CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-121
MCMULLEN, CHARLES                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-359
MCNAUGHTON, ALLEN                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-197
MCTIGHE, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-247
MCWARER, LEONARD                       BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-82
MCWHORTER, JOHN N.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-213
MEAD, ENOS                             ALMA                                    NY-2-4-98
MEAD, HENRY A.                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-294
MEEK, HARRISON                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-127
MEEK, JOHN                             SCIO                                    NY-2-4-425
MEEKS, JOHN                            ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-204
MEEKS, LLOYD                           SCIO                                    NY-2-3-354
MEINEKE, JOHN C.                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-67
MENARD, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-46
MENEAN, WILLIAM M.                     ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-185
MERRELL, NATHAN                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-26
MERRICK, WHEELER                       BURNS                                   NY-2-3-319
MERRILL, JENNETT                       GROVE                                   NY-2-3-427
MERRITT, BENJAMIN C.                   GENESEE                                 NY-2-4-212
MERRITT, CYNTHIA                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-84
METCALF, GREGORY                       CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-136
METCALF, RUFUS                         CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-23
MIDDAUGH, LOUISA N.                    SCIO                                    NY-2-4-437
MILES, BRYAN                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-32
MILES, JULIE A.                        SCIO                                    NY-2-4-431
MILLARD, ANCIL                         BIRDSALL                                NY-2-3-402
MILLARD, DELIA                         BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-4-153
MILLER, DANIEL G.                      ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-299
MILLER, HENRY                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-292
MILLET, EPHRAIM                        CUBA                                    NY-2-2-221
MILLS, ABBY M.                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-173
MILLS, ALBERT                          HUME                                    NY-2-4-147
MILLS, LUCY B.                         SCIO                                    NY-2-4-284
MILLS, MARCUS F.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-334
MILLS, VOLNEY                          HUME                                    NY-2-3-172
MINA, CASPER                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-187
MINAKA, HENRY                          NTL                                     NY-2-2-4
MINARD, ANSEL L.                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-263
MINER, HENRY                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-227
MINER, PETER                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-18
MIX, ELIZA                             ALMA                                    NY-2-3-360
MIX, IRA                               FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-246
MIX, SALLY                             FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-288
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-184
MOORS, ASAHEL                          CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-126
MORAN, MARY                            HUME                                    NY-2-4-141
MORARITY, MARGARET                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-414
MORIARTY, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-108
MORRIS, ARCHIBALD                      AMITY                                   NY-2-2-107
MORROW, ROBERT                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-178
MORSE, ALVIN K.                        RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-346
MORSE, REBECCA                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-120
MORSE, THEODOCIA                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-254
MOTT, SAMUEL M.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-42
MOULTON, STEPHEN B.                    NTL                                     NY-2-3-48
MULDOON, PATRICK                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-203
MULEYAN, EDWARD                        WARD                                    NY-2-2-62
MULKIN, ALONZO                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-237
MULLAUPHY, MICHAEL                     BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-344
MULLHOLLEN, WILLIAM                    BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-89
MUNN, JOHN                             NTL                                     NY-2-1-20
MUNN, LOUISA J.                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-256
MURPHY, JOHN                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-312
MURPHY, JOHN W.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-1
MURRAY, NEWTON J.                      CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-298
MURTAUGH, BARNEY                       WILLING                                 NY-2-4-369
MYERS, MARY E.                         ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-262
MYERS, SALLY A.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-196
MYLES, BRYAN                           NTL                                     NY-2-4-247
MYRES, LYDIA F.                        HUME                                    NY-2-2-265
NASH, LOUIS                            CUBA                                    NY-2-3-312
NEFF, MARIAH                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-59
NEILL, ARTHUR                          BIRDSALL                                NY-2-3-441
NEILSON, JAMES                         HUME                                    NY-2-3-78
NEVILLIS, MILO                         BURNS                                   NY-2-2-296
NEWTON, HOLLIS B.                      BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-375
NICHOLS, EMMA                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-416
NICHOLS, WARD B.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-169
NICHOLS, WILLIAM W.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-289
NICKERSON, SARAH                       SCIO                                    NY-2-4-366
NIVER, ALBERT C.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-186
NOBLE, CASPER                          RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-229
NOLAN, CHRISTOPHER                     WILLING                                 NY-2-4-400
NORTON, BENJAMIN                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-76
NORTON, BERTHIER                       WILLING                                 NY-2-4-143
NORTON, EBENEZER                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-42
NORTON, EDWIN                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-142
NOWLEN, JAMES                          WILLING                                 NY-2-3-344
NYE, J. DWIGHT                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-324
OAKES, EZRA                            ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-191
OAKS, EZRA                             ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-269
OCONNER, MICHAEL                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-279
OCONNER, PATRICK                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-6
ODELL, JAMES                           NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-285
OGDEN, SAMUEL                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-156
OLBY, GEORGE                           CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-154
OLDHAM, ELIZA                          CUBA                                    NY-2-4-266
OLIVER, FRED L.                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-2
ORCUTT, ADDISON                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-55
ORCUTT, JOHN                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-76
ORMSBY,DANIEL O.                       WARD                                    NY-2-2-38
ORSBORNE, SAMUEL K.                    FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-323
ORTON, JAMES F.                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-233
OSBORN, ANDREW B.                      BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-36
OSBORNE, CHLOE                         CUBA                                    NY-2-4-152
OWEN, MARY A.                          CUBA                                    NY-2-4-48
OWENS, EVAN                            CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-439
OWENS, JOHN T.                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-242
PADDOCK, ESTHER A.                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-144
PALMER, BENJAMIN                       SCIO                                    NY-2-2-139
PALMER, CALEB                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-104
PALMER, JASPER                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-297
PALMER, JASPER                         CUBA                                    NY-2-4-330
PALMER, JOSEPH                         CUBA                                    NY-2-4-204
PALMER, MARY J.                        WIRT                                    NY-2-4-419
PALMITER, FITCH                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-119
PALMITER, HARRISON L.                  ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-109
PALMITER, HIRAM C.                     ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-282
PALMITER, JONATHAN                     ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-59
PALMITER, WILLIE M.                    ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-152
PARK, EDWIN W.                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-261
PARKER, ELEAZER                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-167
PARKER, GEORGE                         CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-245
PARKER, HARVEY                         INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-294
PARKER, ISAAC                          GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-122
PARKER, ISAAC R.                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-3-280
PARKER, POLLY                          CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-12
PARKER, RICHARD                        CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-333
PARKER, ZELMUNNA                       ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-226
PARTELLO, STEPHEN                      INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-313
PATCH, MARY                            HUME                                    NY-2-4-211
PATTEN, ANSON                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-170
PATTERSON, RICHARD W.                  HUME                                    NY-2-4-156
PEARSE, BENJAMIN H.                    FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-238
PEAVEY, SYLVENUS D.                    ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-350
PECK, DANIEL                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-342
PECK, PHEBE                            BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-41
PECKHAM, GEORGE W.                     NTL, CATTARAUGUS, NY                    NY-2-3-423
PECKHAM, HIRAM                         CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-3-273
PEEBLES, JOEL                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-70
PENNY, JOHN                            AMITY                                   NY-2-2-153
PERKINS, GEORGE                        WIRT                                    NY-2-2-249
PERKINS, NATHANIEL                     ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-140
PERKINS, NATHANIEL R.                  FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-369
PERRY, WILLIAM                         WIRT                                    NY-2-2-65
PETERS, JOHN                           RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-103
PETERSON, JOHN                         SCIO                                    NY-2-3-188
PETTIBONE, MARY V.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-263
PETTY, IRA                             NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-257
PETTYS, LIVONIA                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-200
PHILBRICK, WILLIAM B.                  NTL                                     NY-2-1-67
PHILIPS, THOMAS C.                     WIRT                                    NY-2-2-231
PHILLIPS, CHARLES C.                   INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-245
PHILLIPS, ELISHA                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-49
PHILLIPS, NATHAN W.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-80
PHILLIPS, NICHOLAS                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-79
PHILLPS, WARREN                        WIRT                                    NY-2-4-294
PHINNEY, JOHNATHAN                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-83
PHINNEY, SILAS                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-342
PIERCE, DAVID D.                       WIRT                                    NY-2-4-356
PIERCE, OLIVER C.                      ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-258
PIERSON, ANNETTE C.                    ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-96
PIERSON, JOHN Y.                       NTL                                     NY-2-2-208
PINKERTON, SARAH                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-239
PITT, OLIVE                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-124
PIXLEY, ETHA A.                        AMITY                                   NY-2-3-277
PLUMB, BETSEY                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-30
POST, ABRAM                            ALLEN                                   NY-2-4-443
POTTER, CLARK L.                       SCIO                                    NY-2-4-71
POTTER, JOHN G.                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-91
POTTER, NELSON A.                      SCIO                                    NY-2-3-211
POTTER, PAUL                           ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-133
POTTER, WILLIAM H.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-105
POWELL, JASON                          ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-411
POWELL, MOSES E.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-3-321
PRATT, AARON S.                        BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-193
PRATT, DELANSON                        CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-182
PRATT, DEXTER                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-172
PRATT, ELIJAH                          ALLEN                                   NY-2-4-110
PRATT, LUCIA                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-296
PRATT, MORTON                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-95
PRATT, THOMAS L.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-46
PRENTICE, ANNA                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-135
PRESTON, ANN                           GROVE                                   NY-2-2-352
PRESTON, STEPHEN F.                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-125
PRIOR, BENJAMIN                        NTL                                     NY-2-4-67
PRIOR, ELEANOR                         ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-78
PRIOR, ELISHA                          NTL                                     NY-2-2-16
PRIOR, JESSE                           ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-81
PURINGTON, DAVID                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-287
PYPHER, MARY                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-111
RACE, JONATHAN                         WILLING                                 NY-2-3-208
RACKLIFF, WILLIAM H.                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-139
RADBY, JACOB                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-32
RAMSEY,R OBERT                         BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-225
RAWSON, DANIEL                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-61
RAWSON, JAMES                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-195
RAYMOND, JOSEPHINE E.                  CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-303
REASE, JOHN M.                         HUME                                    NY-2-4-59
REDANZ, JOHN                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-272
REDFIELD, LAFAYETTE                    NTL                                     NY-2-2-336
REDMAN, CHARLES F.                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-56
REED, RANDALL                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-108
REED, ROBERT                           AMITY                                   NY-2-2-80
REID, JOHN JR.                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-207
RELYEA, JAMES S.                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-10
RENNICK, FRANK                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-97
RENNICK, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-200
RENWICK, ADAM                          ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-341
RENWICK, REBECCA                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-178
RENWICK, ROBERT                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-46
REYNOLDS, CALVIN J.                    CUBA                                    NY-2-3-236
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH P.                    FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-216
REYNOLDS, NELSON L.                    SCIO                                    NY-2-3-431
REYNOLDS, PHILANDER                    WIRT                                    NY-2-1-207
REYNOR, CYNTHIA                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-251A
RICE, ARTHUR H.                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-169
RICHARDSON, SARAH                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-271
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-253
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     LT/ALMOND                               NY-2-1-11A
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-289
RICHARDSON, WASHINGTON                 NTL                                     NY-2-1-250
RIDER, WILLIAM H.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-3-148
RIGDON, PHEBE                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-250
RIGGS, LUCRETIA                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-113
RIGHTER, GEORGE W.                     ALMA                                    NY-2-4-361
RILEY, BARNEY                          CANEADEA                                NY-2-2-30
RILEY, JOHN C.                         ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-87
RIPENBARK, PHEBE                       WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-419
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-127
ROBERTS, HANNAH                        CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-65
ROBERTS, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-2-4-22
ROBERTSON, OLIVER                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-78
ROBINSON, ALMOND                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-216
ROBINSON, BETSEY                       WIRT                                    NY-2-1-201
ROBINSON, CHARLES P.                   CUBA                                    NY-2-2-70
ROBINSON, ENOS R.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-270
ROCK, WILLIAM                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-430
ROCKEFELLOW, LAMBERT                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-1
RODGERS, ORTON                         WARD                                    NY-2-2-341
ROE, SARAH                             ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-130
ROGERS, GEORGE D.                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-79
ROGERS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-4-379
ROGERS, SARAH A.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-234
ROGERS, VERAMUS                        WARD                                    NY-2-3-251
ROLISON, FRED J.                       BURNS                                   NY-2-4-332
ROONEY PATRICK                         WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-428
ROOT, SUSAN ANN                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-183
ROSE, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-5
ROSE, NATHAN                           AMITY                                   NY-2-3-120
ROSE, STEPHEN M.                       ALFRED                                  NY-2-2-166
ROUNSVILLE, JAMES P.                   NTL                                     NY-2-3-52
ROUNSVILLE, JAMES P.                   CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-196
ROUP, JOHN                             BURNS                                   NY-2-3-314
ROWLEY, CHARLES                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-426
ROWLEY, CHARLES                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-404
ROYCE, GALUSHA                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-220
ROYCE, JOHN                            ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-153
ROYS, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-245
RUDE, ALONZO M.                        CUBA                                    NY-2-1-192
RUDER, CHARLES                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-248
RUMICH, WALTER                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-19
RUSSELL, JOSEPH                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-317
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                       CUBA                                    NY-2-3-364
RUTHERFORD, ANDREW                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-205
RYNO, RANDOLPH                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-385
SACKET, ANNIE                          WARD                                    NY-2-4-307
SANDBORN, ABIJAH                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-14
SANFORD, ELLERY                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-12
SANFORD, JOSEPH A.                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-159
SAUNDERS, IRA                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-91
SAUNDERS, JOHN H.                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-62
SAUNDERS, NETTIE                       BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-283
SAUNDERS, SUSANNAH                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-64
SAYERS, CHARLES W.                     NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-195
SCHERMERHORN, SARAH A.                 ADRIANCE, STEUBEN, NY                   NY-2-4-320
SCHIL, DANIEL                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-84
SCHOLES, THOMAS                        NTL                                     NY-2-3-54
SCHROEDER, AUGUST CHRISTIAN            NTL                                     NY-2-4-64
SCHROEDER, JOHN                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-129
SCHUYLER, WILLIAM                      WARD                                    NY-2-2-358
SCOTT, ALFRED                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-392
SCOTT, CHARLES                         ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-437
SCOTT, ELIAS                           BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-4-274
SCOTT, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-48
SCOTT, LLEWELLYN                       BOLIVAR                                 NY-2-3-220
SCOTT, MARTHA                          NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-137
SCOTT, WILLIAM H.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-205
SCOTT, WILLIAM S.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-182
SCOVILLE, SUSAN                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-12
SEAMAN, JOHN                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-98
SEARL, DANIEL H.                       RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-123
SEARS, ARTIMITIA                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-149
SEATON, FREEMONT                       CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-371
SEELY, EBER S.                         ALLEN                                   NY-2-2-286
SELDEN, ALMEDA                         WILLING                                 NY-2-3-66
SELLON, MARY                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-339
SEVERANCE, ANGELINA G.                 BIRDSALL                                NY-2-3-336
SEVERANCE, ANGELINE G.                 BIRDSALL                                NY-2-3-406
SEVERANCE, HUGH M.                     HUME                                    NY-2-3-407
SHAFER, ELNATHAN                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-166
SHAFER, JAMES                          CUBA                                    NY-2-3-182
SHAFER, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-167
SHARPE, ICHABOD B.                     HUME                                    NY-2-4-253
SHAW, DAVID                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-72
SHAW, STPEHEN P.                       WIRT                                    NY-2-2-241
SHEAHAN, JOHN                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-392
SHELDEN, HENRY                         ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-234
SHEPARD, CHARLES                       GRANGER                                 NY-2-1-194
SHEPARD, HENRY D.                      SCIOP                                   NY-2-4-390
SHEPARD, HOWEL                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-191
SHERMAN, GEORGE                        ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-129
SHERMAN, HALSEY                        CUBA                                    NY-2-3-376
SHERMAN, RICHARD                       BURNS                                   NY-2-4-160
SHORTS, ELIZABETH                      HUME                                    NY-2-3-239
SICKNER, EZEKAEL                       NTL                                     NY-2-3-34
SILSBY, HARRIET B.                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-32
SIMONS, ANSON W.                       AMITY                                   NY-2-2-262
SIMONS, HENRY S.                       ANGELICA                                NY-2-2-58
SIMONS, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-2-2-54
SIMONS, THOMAS                         NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-4-401
SISSON, ALONZO C.                      ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-219
SISSON, ASA                            ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-400
SISSON, JOSEPH M.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-268
SKIFF, ALONZO                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-184
SKIFF, ALONZO                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-255A
SKIFF, LUCY                            FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-183
SLADE, GEORGE H.                       ALLEN                                   NY-2-2-345
SLATER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-2-4-112
SLINGERLAND, SOPHINA                   ALMOND                                  NY-2-3-160
SMALLEY, WILLIAM J.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-103
SMITH, ALLEXANDER H.                   NTL                                     NY-2-2-7
SMITH, ALONZO                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-380
SMITH, ARNOLD M.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-4-86
SMITH, ASHER C.                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-159
SMITH, BARTLE                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-117
SMITH, BETSEY                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-16
SMITH, DARLING                         GROVE                                   NY-2-4-28
SMITH, ELVIRA                          GROVE                                   NY-2-4-445
SMITH, EPHRAIM A.                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-296
SMITH, GEORGE N.                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-4-413
SMITH, HENRY A.                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-168
SMITH, JENNET                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-295
SMITH, JOSEPH                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-134
SMITH, LOIS                            WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-381
SMITH, MARIETTA                        CUBA                                    NY-2-4-70
SMITH, MICHAEL S.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-147
SMITH, NORMAN J.                       GRANGER                                 NY-2-2-84
SMITH, ROBERT                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-150
SMITH, RUSSELL                         CUBA                                    NY-2-2-238
SMITH, STEPHEN R.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-81
SMITH, THOMAS G.                       GROVE                                   NY-2-2-274
SMITH, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-23
SNIDER, RODOLPH                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-2-181
SNOW, ANNA                             NTL                                     NY-2-1-125
SNYDER, H. ERWIN                       GRANGER                                 NY-2-3-51
SOMBERGER, AARON                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-429
SOMERS, WILLIAM F.                     HUME                                    NY-2-4-128
SORTORE, ELISHA                        BELMONT                                 NY-2-4-347
SORTORE, ELISHA                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-159
SORTORE, JONATHAN H.                   AMITY                                   NY-2-4-36
SORTORE, MINERVA                       AMITY                                   NY-2-4-19B
SORTORE, VOORHIES                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-389
SOUTHWORTH, BYRON D.                   BELMONT                                 NY-2-3-145
SOUTHWORTH, JAMES W.                   CLARKVILLE                              NY-2-3-3
SPAULDING, JASON                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-179
SPENCER, JAMES                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-163
SPENCER, JAMES D.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-151
SPENCER, MARY A.                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-4-133
SPICER, SETH                           INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-246
STACY, JOHN                            CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-128
STACY, WILLIAM A.                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-109
STANARD, GREENVILL                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-85
STARR, JOHN                            ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-309
STEARNS, CALVIN                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-229
STEARNS, CHARLES B.                    ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-161
STEBBINS, ANNA J.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-164
STEVENS, EBENEZER                      WILLING                                 NY-2-4-31
STEVENS, EUNICE                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-198
STEVENS, GEORGE W.                     GENESEE                                 NY-2-2-222
STEWARD, AZERIAH B.                    HUME                                    NY-2-3-267
STEWARD, ELESIFF L.                    HUME                                    NY-2-3-285
STEWART, ANNIA                         NTL                                     NY-2-2-370
STEWART, FREDERICK                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-43
STIBBINS, ABIEL                        CUBA                                    NY-2-2-373
STIBBINS, NELLIE                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-373
STILES, SAMUEL S.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-4
STILLMAN, BRADDOCK                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-257
STILLMAN, ERASTUS B.                   ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-271
STILLMAN, JARED                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-41
STILLMAN, MATHEW                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-27
STOCKHAM, IDA                          *, ERIE, PA                             NY-2-3-180
STOCKHAM, LEWIS                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-142
STOCKTON, HARRY                        HUME                                    NY-2-2-201
STONE, GEORGE                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-131
STONE, ITHIEL V.                       CUBA                                    NY-2-2-199
STONE, JOHANNAH                        HUME                                    NY-2-4-290
STORY, MARY C.                         CUBA                                    NY-2-3-170
STORY, SAMUEL JR.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-45
STOUT, ISAAC                           WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-424
STOUTER, HARRY                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-109
STRAHAN, JAMES                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-206
STRAIT, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-13
STRAIT, MATTHEW                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-130
STRICKLAND, ANDERSON                   ALMA                                    NY-2-4-337
STRICKLAND, MARTIN                     ALMA                                    NY-2-3-272
STRONG, ELESTOR N.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-19
STRONG, JOHN M.                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-2-104
STRONG, WILLIAM B.                     NTL                                     NY-2-2-149
STUCK, JEREMIAH                        WARD                                    NY-2-4-131
STURGESS, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-156
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-338
SUMNER, POLLY                          AMITY                                   NY-2-3-57
SWEENY, THOMAS                         WILLING                                 NY-2-4-255
SWEET, SAMUEL N.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-183
SWEET,MILO                             ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-264
SWETLAND, EZRA                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-310
SWIFT, ALVA V.                         CUBA                                    NY-2-4-14
SWIFT, LEONARD                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-90
SWIFT, MARTHA                          NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-379
SWIFT, ORVILLE                         NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-2-205
SWIFT, REBECCA                         BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-434
SWIFT, TRUMAN                          COOKS VALLEY, MN                        NY-2-2-282
TADDER, CHARLOTTE M.                   GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-260
TADDER, DAVID E.                       GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-259
TAFT, ELI                              CANEADEA                                NY-2-4-452
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-126
TAYLOR, HIRAM                          WIRT                                    NY-2-2-289
TAYLOR, PRISCILLA                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-75
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        CANASERAGA                              NY-2-4-279
TAYLOR, WILLIAM M.                     ALLEN                                   NY-2-2-86
TEATER, HORACE K.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-68A
TEFFT, CHRISTOPHER                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-100
TERWILLIGER, LEVI                      NTL                                     NY-2-2-332
THOMAS, DANIEL JR.                     RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-231
THOMAS, HARRIET A.                     SCIO                                    NY-2-4-387
THOMAS, MARY                           OUT OF COUNTRY                          NY-2-2-300
THOMAS, ROWLAND P.                     ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-107
THOMAS, SAMUEL S.                      SCIO                                    NY-2-4-409
THOMAS, VIAL                           ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-225
THOMPSON, DANIEL J.                    BURNS                                   NY-2-4-88
THOMPSON, JUDAH                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-219
THURSTON, NELSON E.                    CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-41
THURSTON, REUBEN                       CUBA                                    NY-2-2-114
TIBBETS, JAMES A.                      BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-165
TIFT, JESSE                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-25
TOBY, ANNA                             NTL                                     NY-2-1-9
TOWNSEND, AMOS A.                      CUBA                                    NY-2-4-51
TOWNSEND, JOSHUA                       BIRDSALL                                NY-2-2-319
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-123
TROTTER, JOHN JR.                      CHASE CITY, MECKLENBURG, VA             NY-2-4-223
TRUE, DANIEL                           CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-2-89
TRUESDELL, HIRAM                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-134
TUCKER, GARDNER                        WARD                                    NY-2-4-171
TUCKER, JOHN D. W.                     CANEADEA                                NY-2-3-271
TUCKER, WILLIAM                        WARD                                    NY-2-4-45
UNDERWOOD, MARCIUS N.                  NTL                                     NY-2-1-218
UNDERWOOD, MARY S.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-177
UTLEY, DOLLY                           HUME                                    NY-2-4-435
UTLEY, HARRIET                         HUME                                    NY-2-4-395
UTLEY, HULDAH                          HUME                                    NY-2-4-420
UTTER, REUBEN W.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-53
UTTER, RILEY M.                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-421
VANALLEN, JOHN HENRY                   BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-317
VANBUREN, HERMAN                       WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-2-142
VANDYKE, FRED H.                       HUME                                    NY-2-4-116
VANFLEET, SOLOMON                      NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-217
VANHORN, JOHN                          FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-117
VANHORN, JOSEPH                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-3-91
VANNOSTRAND, ADDIE                     GROVE                                   NY-2-3-82
VANNOSTRAND, ELEANOR                   ALLEN                                   NY-2-3-436
VANNOSTRAND, ISAAC                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-187
VANNOSTRAND, LEWIS                     GRANGER                                 NY-2-4-338
VANPELT, WILLIAM                       WILLING                                 NY-2-4-132
VANSCOTER, MARY                        BURNS                                   NY-2-4-414
VANSICKLE, PETER                       ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-288
VANVEGHTEN, JERRY                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-69
VAUGHN, HENRY                          BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-240
VEAZEY, LEWIS C.                       CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-3-13
VEDDER, HORATIO H.                     HUME                                    NY-2-3-343
VESPER, JAMES W.                       BOLIVER                                 NY-2-2-49
VINCENT, DAVIS                         ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-150
VREELAND, JOHN                         WAIT                                    NY-2-4-19
VREELAND, LEWIS                        FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-217
VROOMAN, MARGARETTE                    CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-248
WAGER, EDWARD                          INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-4-163
WAGGONER, JOHN H.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-73
WALKER, THOMAS                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-117
WALLACE, HUGH                          BRADFORD, MCKEAN, PA                    NY-2-4-139
WARD, DUGAL E.                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-156
WARD, HORACE                           BURNS                                   NY-2-2-376
WARD, JAMES                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-77
WARD, SEPHEREMUS L.                    WARD                                    NY-2-3-363
WARNER, LAWRENCE                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-4
WARNER, MARGARET                       NTL                                     NY-2-2-353
WARNER, POLLY                          CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-1-206
WASHBON, EDWIN                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-5
WASSON, WILLIAM                        BELFAST                                 NY-2-3-81
WATKINS, ANNA                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-82
WATKINS, MARY                          NTL                                     NY-2-4-107
WATSON, EFFA                           CUBA                                    NY-2-4-198
WATSON, SAMUEL T.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-106
WEAVER, IRA R.                         GRANGER                                 NY-2-2-88
WEAVER, LEWIS                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-213
WEAVER, LUCIAN B.                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-263
WEAVER, NANCY                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-152
WEBB, GEORGE W.                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-11
WEBSTER, ISRAEL S.                     CUBA                                    NY-2-3-405
WEBSTER, WILLIAM                       NEW HUDSON                              NY-2-3-118
WEED, MARGARETT                        BIRDSALL                                NY-2-1-235
WEED, SUSAN                            WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-209
WEIR, WILSON A.                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-273
WELLS, ALBERT F.                       FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-351
WELLS, DANIEL B.                       GENESEE                                 NY-2-3-20
WELLS, ELEANOR                         NTL                                     NY-2-1-17
WELLS, HARRIET J.                      GENESEE                                 NY-2-4-21
WELLS, HARRIS                          WIRT                                    NY-2-2-143
WELLS, JOSEPH W.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-161
WELLS, NATHANIEL M.                    HUME                                    NY-2-3-421
WELLS, PERRY G.                        ANDOVER                                 NY-2-3-341
WESLER, MARIAH                         CUBA                                    NY-2-4-221
WEST, AMY                              RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-438
WESTBRIDGE, MADISON                    BURNS                                   NY-2-2-316
WESTBROOK, RICHARD                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-249
WESTERN, JEREMIAH                      CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-3-261
WESTON, JEREMIAH                       CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-2-224
WHEELER, GEORGE M.                     WIRT                                    NY-2-3-357
WHEELER, JOHN B.                       BURNS                                   NY-2-4-136
WHITBECK, IRA                          ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-42
WHITCOMB, WILLIAM H.                   NTL                                     NY-2-2-83
WHITE, ASA N.                          BURNS                                   NY-2-3-38
WHITE, CAROLINE C.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-183
WHITE, DUGALD C.                       INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-388
WHITE, ELIJAH                          GROVE                                   NY-2-3-260
WHITE, EZRA                            NTL                                     NY-2-1-154
WHITE, HAROLD M.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-249A
WHITE, JOHN                            GROVE                                   NY-2-3-323
WHITE, JOHN                            GROVE                                   NY-2-4-3
WHITE, NANCY                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-248A
WHITE, NATHANIEL                       CUNNINGTON, HAMPSHIRE, MA               NY-2-4-24
WHITE, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-47
WHITE, SAMUEL S.                       INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-87
WHITE, SAMUEL S.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-197
WHITE, SYLVIA                          NTL                                     NY-2-3-162
WHITE,BRAINARD                         GROVE                                   NY-2-4-10
WHITECAR, DAVID                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-31
WHITEMORE, CLARA E.                    NTL                                     NY-2-4-119
WHITICAR, PELEG G.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-122
WHITNEY, ALBERT R.                     ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-50
WHITNEY, ANDREW                        NTL                                     NY-2-1-135
WHITNEY, CLARA A.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-3-101
WHITNEY, EDWIN H.                      ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-13
WHITNEY, ERASTUS                       BURNS                                   NY-2-2-303
WHITNEY, JACOB                         BURNS                                   NY-2-2-355
WHITNEY, LOUISA                        NTL                                     NY-2-4-292
WHITOCMB, HARVEY                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-107
WHTIE, HARRISON G.                     WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-230
WICKHAM, ANN                           NTL                                     NY-2-3-55
WIER, DANIEL                           WEST ALMOND                             NY-2-4-285
WIGHT, HASBY                           WIRT                                    NY-2-2-372
WILBER, ASENATH                        SCIO                                    NY-2-4-340
WILCOX, ANNIS                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-143
WILCOX, CANSIDE                        ALMOND                                  NY-2-2-331
WILCOX, CLARK A.                       *, *, PA                                NY-2-3-111
WILCOX, CONSIDER SR.                   NTL                                     NY-2-1-3
WILCOX, FRED C.                        WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-311
WILCOX, HENRY                          WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-399
WILCOX, JAMES L.                       AMITY                                   NY-2-4-241
WILCOX, JOSEPH M.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-248
WILCOX, LINUS                          ANGELCIA                                NY-2-2-163
WILCOX, PHYNANDO                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-86
WILDMAN, MATTHEW K.                    WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-4-85
WILDRICH, JULIA ANN                    NTL                                     NY-2-3-136
WILKIN, MARTHA                         HUME                                    NY-2-4-68
WILLAMS, SARAH                         MILTON                                  NY-2-4-77
WILLARD, ALICE                         BELFAST                                 NY-2-4-300
WILLESTONE, MARY                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-210
WILLETS, ABRAM B.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-3-29
WILLETS, HELEN M.                      AMITY                                   NY-2-4-90
WILLEY, ETHLIN J.                      WELLSVILLE                              NY-2-3-306
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-88
WILLIAMS, HIRAM                        GRANGER                                 NY-2-3-374
WILLIAMS, T. WAYLAND                   ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-424
WILLIAMS, T. WAYLAND                   ALFRED                                  NY-2-3-331
WILLIAMS, WALTER J.                    NTL                                     NY-2-1-240
WILLIS, BENJAMIN F.                    HUME                                    NY-2-4-360
WILSON, CALIVN                         INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-191
WILSON, CHLOE                          WILLING                                 NY-2-3-380
WILSON, LEWIS                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-189
WILSON, WELLMON                        INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-3-244
WILSON, WILLIAM                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-322
WILSON, WILLIAM J.                     NTL, BRADFORD, PA                       NY-2-3-409
WINDSOR, ARMENIA                       BURNS                                   NY-2-4-434
WING, EUNICE                           BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-56
WING, IRRA                             NTL                                     NY-2-1-69
WING, TRICE                            BELFAST                                 NY-2-2-47
WINGATE, EDWARD B.                     FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-4-371
WITHEY, WILLIAM                        AMITY                                   NY-2-4-60
WITHY, CHARLES S.                      NTL                                     NY-2-3-147
WITTER, DANIEL                         WILLING                                 NY-2-4-394
WITTER, JOSHUA                         FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-185
WITTER, JOSHUA B.                      FRIENDSHIP                              NY-2-3-373
WITTER, SALLY                          NTL                                     NY-2-1-253
WITTER, STILLMAN B.                    ALFRED                                  NY-2-4-224
WIXSON, GEORGE                         WIRT                                    NY-2-2-281
WIXSON, MOSES                          CLARKVILLE                              NY-2-3-361
WOOD, BENJAMIN F.                      NTL                                     NY-2-4-106
WOOD, CHESTER                          CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-82
WOOD, HANNAH                           ANDOVER                                 NY-2-4-96
WOOD, HORTON                           INDEPENDENCE                            NY-2-2-230
WOOD, MATILDA                          BURNS                                   NY-2-4-374
WOOD, WASHINGTON W.                    BURNS                                   NY-2-2-215
WOOD, WILSON J.                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-123
WOODRUFF, JACOB L.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-146
WOODRUFF, JULIA B.                     NTL                                     NY-2-3-49
WOODS, ELY                             RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-322
WOODWARD, PERKINS B.                   CENTERVILLE                             NY-2-4-451
WOODWORTH, LUTHER                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-415
WOODWORTH, MATILDA L.                  RUSHFORD                                NY-2-3-368
WOODWORTH, WILLIAM W.                  NTL                                     NY-2-1-247A
WOOLWORTH, NORMAN                      NTL                                     NY-2-1-251
WORDEN, ASA E.                         RUSHFORD                                NY-2-4-201
WORDEN, GARDNER S.                     NTL                                     NY-2-1-158
WORDEN, JOHN T.                        NTL                                     NY-2-2-333
WORTHINGTON, JOHN                      RUSHFORD                                NY-2-2-95
WRIGHT, ANGELINA                       ALMOND                                  NY-2-4-441
WRIGHT, FRANK M.                       HUME                                    NY-2-4-158
WRIGHT, JAMES C.                       CLARKSVILLE                             NY-2-4-37
WRIGHT, JOHN T.                        ANGELICA                                NY-2-4-262
WRIGHT, WILLIAM WESLEY                 NTL                                     NY-2-4-41
WRIGHTMAN, SALLY                       NTL                                     NY-2-2-99
WYANT, NORMAN                          BURNS                                   NY-2-2-53
WYCKOFF, LYDIA                         WIRT                                    NY-2-4-375
YAGER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     NY-2-3-264
YOUNG, CYRENUS                         AMITY                                   NY-2-3-88
YOUNG, EDWARD C.                       NTL                                     NY-2-1-255
YOUNG, HARVY                           NTL                                     NY-2-1-71
YOUNG, PETER                           HUME                                    NY-2-2-360

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