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Westchester County, New York
Cemetery Burials

Westchester County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

BAGGETT                                Martin V B
BAGGETT (CW)                           Martin V B
BAILEY                                 Hortense
BAILEY VAIL                            Hortense
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER SNIFFIN                          Mary
BARGER                                 Anna Marie
BARGER                                 Harrison
BARGER TOMPKINS                        Anna Marie
BARNES                                 Eugene
BARRY                                  Daniel
BARRY                                  Frances
BARRY                                  Mary
BARRY                                  Mary
BOYCE                                  Abram
BOYCE (CW)                             Abram
BROWN                                  Caleb T
BROWN (CW)                             Caleb T
BRUSH                                  John J
BURCKHARDT                             Carole
BURD                                   George W
BURD                                   John R
BURD (CW)                              GEORGE W.
BURD (CW)                              JOHN R.
COLVIN                                 Clarissa Ann
COLVIN JESSUP                          Clarissa Ann
CROSBY                                 Edward Nicoll
DAILY                                  Daniel
DAILY (CW)                             Daniel
DREDGER                                Charlotte
DREDGER VAIL                           Charlotte
DREWES                                 Charles J.
DREWES                                 Mariko A.
ELSEMORE                               Herbert James
ELSEMORE                               Ruth Amelia
ELSEMORE                               Thelma
ESKDALE                                Isabella
ESKDALE                                James
ESKDALE                                Mary
ESKDALE                                William P.
FELTER                                 John M
FELTER (CW)                            John M
FIELD                                  George
FIELD (CW)                             George
FINDLAY                                William A.
FOLLETT                                Hamilton B
GLENN                                  William
GLENN (CW)                             William
GORMALLY                               Mary
GORMALLY BARRY                         Mary
GORTON                                 Edna A
GORTON RAMSHAW                         Edna A
HAIGHT                                 Caleb W.
HAIGHT                                 Frederick
HAMILTON                               Alexander
HAMILTON (CW)                          Alexander
HUMPHREYS                              Arthur
HUMPHREYS (CW)                         Arthur

IRVING                                 Washington
JESSUP                                 C. Jeannette
JESSUP                                 Charles N
JESSUP                                 Clarissa Ann
JESSUP                                 Glendon
JESSUP                                 Jeanette
JESSUP                                 Laura Mae
JESSUP                                 Leonia Augusta
JESSUP                                 Marie
JESSUP                                 Thomas Stanley
JESSUP                                 William Stanley
JESSUP (CW)                            Charles N.
LANCASTER                              Augusta Fisher
LANCASTER                              Charles William
LANCASTER                              Leonia Augusta
LANCASTER JESSUP                       Leonia Augusta
MCADAMS                                Alexander D
MCCUTCHEN JESSUP                       Marie
MEEKER                                 Robert
MEEKER (CW)                            Robert
O'DELL                                 Daniel L.
O'DELL                                 Gertrude Amanda
O'DELL                                 Ruth Amelia
O'DELL ELSEMORE                        Ruth Amelia
PAGANUCCI                              Florence
PAGANUCCI                              Lina
PAGANUCCI                              Rose
PAGANUCCI RISING                       Florence
PAGANUCCI ROFFI                        Rose
PAIGE                                  Janette
PATRICK                                Charles H
PATRICK (CW)                           Charles H
PHILLIPS                               Charles W
PHILLIPS (CW)                          Charles W
PURDY                                  Silas R
PURDY (CW)                             Silas R
QUICK                                  Julia
QUICK VAIL                             Julia
RAMSHAW                                Edna
RAMSHAW                                Thomas
RISING                                 Caroline
RISING                                 Florence
RISING                                 Robert
RISING BURCKHARDT                      Carole
RODMAN                                 William
RODMAN (CW)                            WILLIAM
ROFFI                                  Cesare
ROFFI                                  Rose
SEE                                    Raphael G
SHERWOOD                               Augusta Fisher
SHERWOOD LANCASTER                     Augusta Fisher
SNIFFEN                                John
SNIFFEN (CW)                           John
SNIFFIN                                Mary
SNIFFIN                                Nathaniel J.
SPRINGSTEEL                            Cornelius
SPRINGSTEEL (CW)                       Cornelius
STORM                                  George E
STORM (CW)                             George E.
SWANSON                                Isabella
SWANSON ESKDALE                        Isabella
TOMPKINS                               Anna Marie
TOMPKINS                               Gertrude Amanda
TOMPKINS                               John R.
TOMPKINS O'DELL                        Gertrude Amanda
VAIL                                   Abby
VAIL                                   Arthur Hubert, Sr.
VAIL                                   Arthur Hulbert, Jr.
VAIL                                   Charles Hubert
VAIL                                   Charlotte
VAIL                                   David Perry
VAIL                                   Earle Lobdell
VAIL                                   Harold Q.
VAIL                                   Hortense
VAIL                                   Joseph
VAIL                                   Julia
VAIL PAIGE                             Janette

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