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Washington County, New York
Cemetery Burials

Washington County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ABBOTT                                 Lucy
ABBOTT                                 Sarah
ABBOTT GREEN                           Sarah
ABEEL                                  Catherine
ABEEL WRIGHT                           Catherine
ACKLEY                                 Anna
ACKLEY                                 Elizabeth
ACKLEY                                 J Albert
ACKLEY                                 John Warren
ACKLEY                                 Lois A
ACKLEY                                 Solomon
ACKLEY (1812)                          Solomon
ADAMS                                  Elsina
ADAMS                                  Harriet
ADAMS                                  Harriet
ADAMS                                  Harriet E
ADAMS                                  John G
ADAMS                                  Margaret H
ADAMS                                  Minerva
ADAMS                                  Sally
ADAMS                                  Sarah
ADAMS                                  Sumner H
ADAMS                                  Wright
ADAMS                                  Wright
ADAMS (RW)                             John
ADAMS COLLINS                          Sarah
ADAMS REED                             Margaret H
ADAMS SKINNER                          Harriet
AGAN                                   Jacob F
AGAN                                   John Lansing
AGAN                                   Margaret
AGAN                                   Mary M
AGAN                                   Nancy Maria
AKIN                                   Florence L
AKIN AUSTIN                            Florence L
ALDRICH                                Susan W
ALDRICH FRYER                          Susan W
ALEXANDER                              James
ALEXANDER                              Jennet
ALLEN                                  Charles
ALLEN                                  Ebbenezer
ALLEN                                  Grace M
ALLEN                                  Hannah
ALLEN                                  James H
ALLEN                                  Lucy
ALLEN                                  Lucy M
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN                                  Rosanna
ALLEN                                  Roy Hutchins
ALLEN                                  Roy Hutchins
ALLEN                                  Sibbel
ALLEN                                  Sophia
ALLEN                                  Susan
ALLEN                                  Thomas
ALLEN (RW)                             Thomas
ALLEN DWINELL                          Hannah
ALLEN GREEN                            Sophia
ALLEN PITTS                            Mary
AMEDEN                                 Alembert
AMEDEN                                 Elsie
AMEDEN                                 Johnson
AMEDEN                                 Mary Ann
ANDREWS                                Amanda C
ANDREWS                                Eliza
ANDREWS TANNER                         Eliza
ARCHER                                 Alfred
ARMITAGE                               John
ARMITAGE                               Robert D
ARMITAGE                               William R
ARMITAGE (RW)                          John
ARMSTRONG                              Anna E
ARMSTRONG                              George A
ARMSTRONG                              Susan
ARMSTRONG OVIATT                       Susan
ARNOT                                  Eleanor
ARNOT MCARTHUR                         Eleanor
ARNOTT                                 Sarah B
ARNOTT                                 Sarah B
ASHLEY                                 Roger
ASHTON                                 Elisabeth
ASHTON                                 Elizabeth
ASHTON                                 James
ASHTON                                 John
ASHTON                                 John
ASHTON                                 Lydia Ann
ASHTON                                 Rebecca
ASHTON                                 Rebeckah
ASHTON                                 Thomas
ASHTON (RW)                            James
ASHTON BARBER                          Rebeckah
ATWELL                                 Tharina R
ATWOOD                                 Samuel
AUSTIN                                 Alice Rivette
AUSTIN                                 Catharine
AUSTIN                                 Charles W
AUSTIN                                 Daisy
AUSTIN                                 Eliza Jane
AUSTIN                                 Florence L
AUSTIN                                 Freeman C
AUSTIN                                 George W
AUSTIN                                 Sarah
AUSTIN COLLINS                         Sarah
AUSTIN JOHNSON                         Catharine
AUSTIN MCNAMARA                        Daisy
BABCOCK                                Elizabeth
BABCOCK CAMPBELL                       Elizabeth
BADGER                                 Cornelia
BADGER TILTON                          Cornelia
BAILEY                                 Almira
BAILEY BROWNELL                        Almira
BAIN                                   Catharine
BAIN                                   Elizabeth
BAIN                                   James
BAIN                                   John C
BAIN                                   Margaret M
BAIN                                   Mary
BAIN                                   Mary
BAIN (CW)                              John
BAIRD                                  David
BAKER                                  Alfred H
BAKER                                  Amanda
BAKER                                  Asa Coodell
BAKER                                  Charles
BAKER                                  Charles Allen
BAKER                                  Charles K
BAKER                                  Columbus C
BAKER                                  Davis
BAKER                                  Edwin B
BAKER                                  Eldad
BAKER                                  Ellen M
BAKER                                  Emeroy
BAKER                                  Etta
BAKER                                  Fletcher
BAKER                                  Frances
BAKER                                  George Comstock
BAKER                                  H Amelia
BAKER                                  Harvey
BAKER                                  Helen Newton
BAKER                                  Isaac Volney
BAKER                                  Isabelle
BAKER                                  John
BAKER                                  Kenneth M
BAKER                                  L Orlando
BAKER                                  Laura D
BAKER                                  Laurance Clark
BAKER                                  Leonard
BAKER                                  Lucy Comstock
BAKER                                  Lydia
BAKER                                  Lydia A
BAKER                                  Lydia Ann
BAKER                                  Mabel
BAKER                                  Margaret
BAKER                                  Margaretta
BAKER                                  Marie Antoinette
BAKER                                  Marion
BAKER                                  Minnie J
BAKER                                  Nellie A
BAKER                                  Permelia
BAKER                                  Reuben
BAKER                                  Ruth A
BAKER                                  Sarah
BAKER                                  Sarah Ann
BAKER                                  Sarah Ann
BAKER                                  Sarah J
BAKER                                  Silas
BAKER                                  Solomon
BAKER (RW)                             John
BAKER (WWI)                            Kenneth M
BAKER CULVER                           Lucy Comstock
BAKER SHELDON                          Emeroy
BAKER WELLS                            Permelia
BALDWIN                                Dyer W
BALDWIN                                James M
BALDWIN                                Jeannette
BALDWIN                                John H
BALDWIN                                Pamelia
BALDWIN                                Samuel
BALDWIN                                Sarah D
BALDWIN                                Wilbert C
BALLENTINE                             Jane
BALLENTINE MCFARLAND                   Jane
BALLEY                                 Martha
BALLEY MCDOUGALL                       Martha
BAMAGE                                 John
BAMAGE (RW)                            John
BANE                                   John
BANE                                   Mary
BANE                                   Mary
BANE                                   Patrick
BARBER                                 George
BARBER                                 Lydia
BARBER                                 Mariah A
BARBER                                 Polly
BARBER                                 Rebeckah
BARBER WALLACE                         Polly
BARKER                                 Eliza
BARKER                                 Phineas  P
BARKER                                 Samuel
BARKLEY                                Agness
BARKLEY                                Jane
BARKLEY                                Robert
BARKLEY CONWAY                         Agness
BARNS                                  Abigail
BARNS                                  Gamaliel
BARR                                   John
BARR                                   Mary
BARRETT                                Fannie E
BARRETT COLBURN                        Fannie E
BATTEY                                 Mary Ann
BAXTER                                 Ann
BAXTER SNOW                            Ann
BEADLE                                 Etta I
BEAN                                   Amanda
BEARD                                  Helen F
BEATTEY                                James
BEATTIE                                Grace
BEATTIE MORRIS                         Grace
BECKER                                 Irene J
BECKER BROWNELL                        Irene J
BECKWITH                               Butler
BECKWITH                               Caroline
BECKWITH                               Hannah
BECKWITH                               Henry
BEEBE                                  Gideon
BEEBE                                  Ira
BEEBE                                  Justin
BEEBE                                  Nancy Ann
BEEBE                                  Thankful
BEECHER                                Ann Amelia
BEECHER                                Carrie
BEECHER                                Charles F.
BEECHER                                Charles L.
BEECHER                                Clara Edna
BEECHER                                David Ross
BEECHER                                Edna A.
BEECHER                                Eliza Ann
BEECHER                                Henry A.
BEECHER                                Henry Ward
BEECHER                                Ida M.
BEECHER YOLE                           Clara Edna
BEERS                                  Elizabeth
BELGARDE                               Mary J
BELGARDE ROCK                          Mary J
BELL                                   Martha
BELLAMY                                Louisa
BELLAMY CULVER                         Louisa
BEMIS                                  Alida G
BEMIS                                  Charles E
BEMIS                                  Charles J
BEMIS                                  Daisy E
BEMIS                                  Georgia A
BEMIS                                  John J
BEMIS                                  Lillian
BEMIS                                  Lillian E
BEMIS                                  Thurman M
BEMIS                                  Wm L
BENNETT                                Martin
BENTLEY                                James Wayne
BENTLY                                 Benjamin
BENTLY                                 Deborah
BENTLY                                 Layton
BENTLY                                 Lucy
BENWAY                                 Charles H.
BENWAY                                 Sarah Jane
BERNARD                                Anna M
BERNARD                                Jessica S.
BERNARD                                Julius D.
BEVERIDGE                              George F
BEVERIDGE                              Jennie
BILLINGS                               Chester
BILLINGS                               Elizabeth L
BILLINGS                               William S
BISHOP                                 Alvin
BISHOP                                 Elizabeth
BISHOP                                 Elizabeth
BISHOP                                 Linus
BISHOP                                 Linus D
BISHOP                                 William
BISHOP                                 baby dau of William
BITLEY                                 Jacob
BLAIR                                  David
BLAIR                                  Eliza
BLAIR                                  Elizabeth
BLAIR                                  James
BLAIR                                  Jane
BLAIR                                  John
BLAIR                                  John
BLAIR                                  Nancy Maria
BLAIR                                  Sarah
BLAIR AGAN                             Nancy Maria
BLAKE                                  Carrie
BLAKE BEECHER                          Carrie
BLANCHARD                              Asaph
BLANEY                                 Henry
BLANEY (CW)                            Henry
BLINN                                  Sarah Jane
BOICE                                  Benjamin
BOICE (RW)                             Benjamin
BORDEN                                 Isaac S
BORDEN                                 Margaret
BORLAND                                Martha A
BORLAND DARROW                         Martha A
BOUGHTON                               Azor
BOUGHTON                               Azor
BOUGHTON                               Elizabeth
BOVEE                                  Jane
BOVEE                                  Peter
BOWEN                                  Abner Carswell
BOYCE                                  Sally
BOYCE PATTERSON                        Sally
BOYD                                   Louise M
BOYD THOMPSON                          Louise M
BRADFORD                               Alonzo
BRADFORD                               Hannah
BRADFORD                               John
BRADFORD                               Maria
BRADFORD                               Mary
BRADFORD SLOAN                         Mary
BRADLEY                                John Lloyd
BRADWAY                                Pheba
BRADWAY WHITE                          Pheba
BRAYTON                                Lucy W
BRAYTON DALY                           Lucy W.
BREASON                                Ella J
BREASON                                Emma
BREASON                                Mae
BREASON HENRY                          Ella J.
BREASON HENRY                          Emma
BREASON HENRY                          Mae
BREDY                                  Rosay
BREWSTER                               Abel W
BREWSTER                               Alice J
BREWSTER                               Eliza
BREWSTER                               Huldah
BREWSTER                               Sally
BREWSTER COLEMAN                       Huldah
BREWSTER COMSTOCK                      Eliza
BRIDGE                                 Mary
BRIGGS                                 Catharine S
BRISTOL                                Albert E
BRISTOL                                Albert G
BRISTOL                                Charles G
BRISTOL                                Frances J
BRISTOL                                John E
BRISTOL                                Margaret
BRISTOL                                Margaret
BRISTOL                                Marion C
BRISTOL                                Mary
BRISTOL                                Mary
BRISTOL                                Mary E
BRISTOL                                Merritte
BRISTOL                                Sophia A
BRISTOL PIKE                           Mary E
BROCK                                  Louise A.
BROMLEY                                Bertha Parsons
BROMLEY                                Ralph Nelson
BRONSON                                Amy
BRONSON ROGERS                         Amy
BROUGHTON                              Amos
BROUGHTON                              Hannah
BROUGHTON                              Orville G
BROUGHTON                              Sylvia
BROWN                                  Alfred W
BROWN                                  Ann W
BROWN                                  Clarissa
BROWN                                  Harriet
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Obadiah
BROWN                                  Polly
BROWN                                  Theda R
BROWN LELAND                           Harriet
BROWNELL                               A C D
BROWNELL                               Almira
BROWNELL                               Alvin A
BROWNELL                               Amanda
BROWNELL                               Benjamin
BROWNELL                               Comfort
BROWNELL                               Elijah
BROWNELL                               Elijah
BROWNELL                               Emily R
BROWNELL                               Flavilla
BROWNELL                               Hannah
BROWNELL                               Hannah A
BROWNELL                               Horace
BROWNELL                               Horton
BROWNELL                               Ida E
BROWNELL                               Irene J
BROWNELL                               Job R
BROWNELL                               John F
BROWNELL                               John Wesley
BROWNELL                               Lucinda
BROWNELL                               Marietta H
BROWNELL                               Patience
BROWNELL                               Phebe
BROWNELL                               Raymond W
BROWNELL                               Sarah
BROWNELL                               Sarah A
BROWNELL                               Sary Ann
BROWNELL (RW)                          Benjamin
BROWNELL (RW)                          Elijah
BROWNELL HALL                          Patience
BROWNELL TUBBS                         Sarah A
BRYANT                                 Mary Kate
BRYANT                                 Sarah
BRYANT EDIE                            Mary Kate
BRYANT MCKENZIE                        Sarah
BUEL                                   Adelia A
BULKELEY                               Chester
BULKELEY                               Fayette S
BULKLEY                                Charles
BULL                                   Mary
BULL                                   Mordicai
BULLOCK                                Sarah P
BUMP                                   Catharine
BUMP                                   Prudence
BURBANK                                Ann
BURCH                                  Grace R
BURCH CORNELL                          Grace R
BURDICK                                Sarah J
BURDICK BAKER                          Sarah J
BURGESS                                Anson H
BURNETT                                Belle
BURNETT                                Christopher M
BURNETT                                Edgar J
BURNETT                                Irwin
BURNETT                                J Stanley
BURNETT                                James A
BURNETT                                John
BURNETT                                John W
BURNETT                                Lillian M
BURNETT                                M Louise
BURNETT                                Mariah A
BURNETT                                Nancy
BURNETT                                Phebie R
BURNETT                                Ruth
BURNETT                                Sarah M
BURNETT BARBER                         Mariah A
BURNS                                  Helene A
BURNS MURRAY                           Helene A
BURRELL                                Zeviah
BURRINGTON                             Ann E
BURRINGTON CONE                        Ann E
BURROUGHS                              Ephraim
BUTLER                                 Catharine
BUTLER DONAHOE                         Catharine
BUTTERFIELD                            Alice F.
BUTTERFIELD                            Beatrice A
BUTTERFIELD                            Charles Clyde
BUTTERFIELD                            Elizabeth M
BUTTERFIELD                            Maxwell G.
BUTTERFIELD                            Thelma
BUTTERFIELD HENRY                      Elizabeth M.
BUTTERFIELD HERVIEUX                   Beatrice A.
CALDWELL                               Margaretta
CALDWELL BAKER                         Margaretta
CAMPBELL                               Charlotte A
CAMPBELL                               Cornelia w
CAMPBELL                               David
CAMPBELL                               Duncan
CAMPBELL                               Elizabeth
CAMPBELL                               George
CAMPBELL                               George H
CAMPBELL                               George H
CAMPBELL                               George W
CAMPBELL                               Issabella
CAMPBELL                               John A
CAMPBELL                               Lucy M
CAMPBELL                               Lula G
CAMPBELL (FI)                          Duncan
CAMPBELL RICE                          Lucy M
CAREY                                  John
CAREY                                  Mary
CAREY                                  Matthew
CAREY (RW)                             John
CARPENTER                              Allie S
CARPENTER                              Charles H
CARPENTER                              Eva C
CARPENTER                              Henry
CARPENTER                              Jeannette
CARPENTER                              L May
CARPENTER                              Lyman
CARROL                                 John
CARSWELL                               Abner
CARSWELL                               Abner H
CARSWELL                               David P
CARSWELL                               Elisabeth
CARSWELL                               Esther
CARSWELL                               Esther
CARSWELL                               Ira
CARSWELL                               Jane
CARSWELL                               Margaret
CARSWELL                               Martha
CARSWELL                               Nathaniel
CARSWELL                               Sarah
CARSWELL (RW)                          Abner
CARSWELL (RW)                          Nathaniel
CARSWELL SAFFORD                       Esther
CARY                                   Henry C
CARY                                   Maria
CASEY                                  Bridget
CASEY                                  James
CASWELL                                Mary A
CHAMBERLAIN                            Clarissa A
CHAMBERLAIN                            Isaac
CHAMBERLAIN STEVENS                    Clarissa A
CHANDLER                               Esther
CHANDLER                               Esther
CHANDLER                               George D
CHANDLER                               Joseph
CHAPMAN                                Cynthia N
CHAPMAN                                Ebenezer
CHAPMAN                                Merton
CHAPMAN                                Muriel
CHAPMAN (RW)                           Ebenezer
CHASE                                  Anna E
CHASE                                  Phebe R
CHASE                                  Rena
CHASE SIMMONS                          Anna E.
CHERRY                                 Catharine
CHERRY                                 Hannah Ann
CHERRY                                 James
CLARK                                  Ebenezer
CLARK                                  Elijah
CLARK                                  George
CLARK                                  Jane
CLARK                                  Margaret
CLARK                                  Maria
CLARK                                  Noble W
CLARK                                  Phebe
CLARK                                  Sophie
CLARK                                  Tharina R
CLARK ATWELL                           Tharina R
CLARK STEWART                          Jane
CLARY                                  Uriel
CLEMONS                                Sarah
CLEVELAND                              Aaron
CLEVELAND                              Dorothy
CLEVELAND                              Dorothy
CLEVELAND (1812)                       Aaron
CLOUGH                                 Abigail
CLOUGH                                 Elijah
CLOUGH                                 Mary E
CLOUGH                                 Phebe
CLOUGH                                 Prudence
CLOUGH BUMP                            Prudence
CLOUGH GREGORY                         Prudence
CLOUGH PRATT                           Mary E
CLUFF                                  Betsey
CLUFF GOURLAY                          Betsey
COLBURN                                Fannie E
COLBURN                                Levi W
COLBURN                                Lottie W
COLBURN JUCKETT                        Lottie W
COLEMAN                                Adonijah
COLEMAN                                Alvin
COLEMAN                                Brackenridge
COLEMAN                                Catharine
COLEMAN                                Hannah
COLEMAN                                Huldah
COLEMAN                                Ozias
COLEMAN (RW)                           Ozias
COLLINS                                Andrew J
COLLINS                                Betsey
COLLINS                                Mary Ann
COLLINS                                Nathan
COLLINS                                Sarah
COLLINS                                Sarah
COLTON                                 Belle
COLTON BURNETT                         Belle
COMAN                                  Betsey
COMSTOCK                               Allen
COMSTOCK                               Cyrus
COMSTOCK                               Demmis Dewey
COMSTOCK                               Eliza
COMSTOCK                               Laura D
COMSTOCK                               Lucy
COMSTOCK                               Peter
COMSTOCK                               Samuel
COMSTOCK                               Sarah
COMSTOCK BAKER                         Laura D
COMSTOCK KELLOGG                       Demmis Dewey
CONE                                   Ann E
CONE                                   George B
CONGDON                                Thomas J
CONGDON (CW)                           Thomas J
CONGER                                 John
CONKEY                                 Joshua
CONKEY (RW)                            Joshua
CONNOR                                 Elizabeth
CONNOR                                 John
CONVERSE                               Mary Ann Winegar
CONVERSE COLLINS                       Mary Ann Winegar
CONWAY                                 Agness
COOK                                   Delos
COOK                                   Edward
COOK                                   Margaret
COOK                                   Russell John
COOK                                   Sabrina
COOLING                                John H
COOLING                                Mary Edna
COON                                   Daniel
COON                                   Elisabeth
COON                                   Emily Eaton
COON                                   George P
COON                                   Maria
COONRADT                               Clarence H
COOPER                                 Ethel M
COOPER PRATT                           Ethel M
COPELAND                               Mary C
CORBIN                                 Alpheus
CORLEW                                 Sarah
CORLEW CUMMINGS                        Sarah
CORNELL                                Abigail
CORNELL                                Daniel
CORNELL                                George W
CORNELL                                Grace R
CORNELL                                Hiram P
CORNELL                                Sabrina
CORNLEE                                Alcy
CORNLEE                                James
CORY EDDY                              Fidelia M
COUGHLAIN                              Thomas
COULTER                                James
COULTER                                Robert
COULTER                                Sarah
COULTER                                Sarah
COULTER (RW)                           James
COULTER GREEN                          Sarah
COW                                    John
COW                                    Martha A
COWAN                                  Elizabeth
COWAN                                  Peter
COWAN (RW)                             James
COWDEN                                 James
COWDEN (RW)                            James
COX                                    Edward B
COX (WWII)                             Edward B
COZZENS                                Lewis S
COZZENS                                Nancy Marie
CRANDALL                               Celias
CRANDALL                               James H
CRANDALL                               Martha
CRANDALL                               Prudence
CRARY                                  John C
CRIPPEN COMSTOCK                       Sarah
CROCKER                                Mary
CROCKER                                Seth
CROCKER                                Susannah
CROCKER (RW)                           Eleazer
CROCKER (RW)                           Seth
CROSIER                                George
CROSIER                                Jane E
CROSIER LINDSAY                        Jane E.
CROWE                                  Samuel
CROWLEY                                Helen A
CROWLEY                                Helen A.
CROWLEY                                Jeremiah J.
CROWLEY                                Joseph D. Jr
CROWLEY WARREN                         Helen A.
CULVER                                 Algeron
CULVER                                 Anna
CULVER                                 Azor B
CULVER                                 Charles David
CULVER                                 David H
CULVER                                 Edward Peck
CULVER                                 Emily K
CULVER                                 George Bradley
CULVER                                 Harriet
CULVER                                 Helen M
CULVER                                 James
CULVER                                 James Lee
CULVER                                 James Lee
CULVER                                 Joseph
CULVER                                 Keziah
CULVER                                 Louisa
CULVER                                 Lucy Comstock
CULVER                                 Martha A
CULVER                                 Mary E
CULVER                                 Moses
CULVER                                 Obidah
CULVER                                 Sarah H.
CULVER                                 Solomon
CULVER                                 Stewart Lee
CULVER                                 Thomas Lee
CULVER                                 William Lee
CULVER (RW)                            Obidah
CULVER COW                             Martha A
CULVER HUNT                            Mary
CULVER RICHARDS                        Mary E
CUMMINGS                               Albert Eugene
CUMMINGS                               Almond G.
CUMMINGS                               Alta V.
CUMMINGS                               Alta V.
CUMMINGS                               Alvin J.
CUMMINGS                               Alvin Jay
CUMMINGS                               Ethel May
CUMMINGS                               Ethel May
CUMMINGS                               Forrest Milton
CUMMINGS                               Mable L.
CUMMINGS                               Robert
CUMMINGS                               Sarah
CUMMINGS                               Susan
CUMMINGS                               Thomas
CURLEY                                 Catharine
CUSHMAN                                G A
CUTTER                                 Benjamin
CUTTER                                 Elizabeth O
CUTTER                                 John
DAILEY                                 Mary
DAILEY MAHAR                           Mary
DALY                                   Albert B.
DALY                                   Edward A.
DALY                                   Elizabeth G.
DALY                                   Frank B.
DALY                                   Helen A.
DALY                                   Henry B.
DALY                                   Isabelle
DALY                                   James Ernest Jr
DALY                                   Jane E.
DALY                                   Joseph P.
DALY                                   Lucy W.
DALY                                   Mary Elizabeth
DALY                                   Patrick Bryan
DALY                                   Pearl
DAMSEL                                 Frances
DAMSEL                                 Frank F.
DARROW                                 Agnes
DARROW                                 Jared
DARROW                                 Jemima
DARROW                                 Josiah
DARROW                                 Martha A
DAVIS                                  George H
DAVIS                                  Marion
DAVIS BAKER                            Marion
DAWLEY                                 Abbie
DAWLEY KENYON                          Abbie
DAWSON                                 John
DAWSON                                 Mary
DAY                                    Charles
DAY                                    Clarisa A
DAY                                    Elizabeth
DAY                                    Franklin
DAY                                    Jesse
DAY                                    Jesse
DAY                                    Phebe
DAY                                    Ruth
DAY                                    Samuel
DAY (RW)                               Samuel

DE GARMO                               Anna
DE GARMO CULVER                        Anna
DECKER                                 Abraham
DECKER                                 Mary E
DENISON                                Hugh
DENISON                                Ida M
DENISON                                James Thomas
DENNIS                                 Archibald
DENNIS                                 Elizabeth
DENNIS                                 George
DENNIS                                 Hannah
DENNISON                               Ann
DENNISON                               Eliza
DENNISON                               Hugh G
DENNISON                               Margaret
DENNISON                               Mary Jane
DENNISON                               Rachel
DENNISON                               Thomas
DENNISON                               William
DEWEY                                  Charles
DEWEY                                  Charles
DEWEY                                  Charles Lee
DEWEY                                  Cornelia M
DEWEY                                  Laura
DEWEY                                  Lucy Comstock
DEWEY FARR                             Lucy Comstock
DEWEY HAWLEY                           Cornelia M
DIAMOND                                William
DINGS                                  Casper
DINGS                                  Jane
DIXON                                  Frances J
DIXON                                  Harriet P
DIXON BRISTOL                          Frances J
DOANE                                  John
DOANE                                  Nancy
DOLE                                   Samaramis
DOLLARD                                Edward
DOLLARD                                Ellen
DOLLARD                                James
DONAHOE                                Catharine
DONAHOE                                Patrick
DONAHUE                                Michael C
DOOLEY                                 Lawrence
DOOLEY                                 Mary L
DOOLEY                                 Thomas
DOTY                                   Ann Eliza
DOTY GRAY                              Ann Eliza
DOUGLASS                               Amelia
DOUGLASS                               B F
DOUGLASS                               Frank
DOUGLASS                               George W
DOUGLASS                               Hermione
DOUGLASS                               Lavina
DOUGLASS HILL                          Hermione
DOUGLASS KESSLER                       Lavina
DUNCOMB                                Lavina
DUNCOMB                                William H., Jr.
DUNHAM                                 Eunice
DUNHAM                                 Jonathan
DUNHAM                                 Thirza
DUNIHUE                                Henry
DUNLAP                                 John
DUNLAP (RW)                            John
DUNN                                   Thomas
DUNNELS                                David
DURKEE                                 Alonzo
DURKEE                                 Carrie E
DURKEE                                 Sally
DURKEE                                 Sarah
DURKEE                                 Solomon
DWINELL                                Ebenezer
DWINELL                                Hannah
DWINNELL                               William
EASTMAN                                Betsy
EASTMAN                                Sherwood P
EASTMAN WYMAN                          Betsy
EASTON                                 George
EASTON                                 Helen Jane
EASTON                                 Helen Newton
EASTON                                 Jane
EASTON                                 Margeret
EASTON                                 Mary
EASTON BAKER                           Helen Newton
EASTON GRAHAM                          Helen Jane
EDDY                                   David
EDDY                                   Fidelia M
EDDY                                   Mary
EDDY                                   Russell
EDDY BEADLE                            Etta I
EDGAR                                  David
EDGAR                                  William
EDGAR (RW)                             David
EDGAR (RW)                             William
EDGAR GILLIS                           Margaret
EDGERTON                               Ariel
EDGERTON                               Maria
EDIE                                   Betsy
EDIE                                   Judson
EDIE                                   Mary Kate
EDIE                                   William
EGERTON                                Mariah
ELDREDGE                               Esther A
ELLIOTT                                David
ELLIOTT                                Methitable
ELLIOTT                                Micajah
ELLIOTT (RW)                           Micajah
ELLMERS                                Claire
ELLMERS                                Diane Claire
ELLMERS                                Gordon R., Sr.
EMPEY                                  Francis N
EMPEY                                  Jane
EMPEY                                  Margaretta
EMPEY                                  Mary
EMPEY                                  Mercy K
EMPEY                                  Richard
FAGAN                                  Ann
FAGAN MOORE                            Ann
FAIRCHILD                              Jesse
FAIRCHILD                              Zeruah
FAIRCHILD (RW)                         Jesse
FARMER                                 Julia
FARMER                                 William H
FARR                                   Edna Dewey
FARR                                   Frances
FARR                                   George Wray
FARR                                   Hosea Bleu
FARR                                   Hosea Bleu
FARR                                   Irene Frances
FARR                                   Lottie
FARR                                   Lucy Comstock
FARR                                   Mary Jane
FARR                                   Mary Jane
FARR                                   Mildred Louise
FARR                                   Sarah Ann
FARR DAMSEL                            Frances
FARR FARR                              Mary Jane
FARR FRIEDMAN                          Mildred Louise
FARR GILLIS                            Edna Dewey
FARR GOODMAN                           Mary Jane
FARR JACKSON                           Irene Frances
FENTON                                 H Amelia
FENTON                                 Lovina
FENTON BAKER                           H Amelia
FENTON SLAFTER                         Lovina
FERGUSON                               Archibald
FINTON                                 David
FINTON                                 Sylvester
FISHER                                 Almira
FISHER                                 Jane E
FISHER                                 John
FITZPATRICK                            Thomas
FLEMING                                James
FOLLIERINGAME                          Jennet
FONES                                  Mary E
FONES DECKER                           Mary E
FORD                                   Charles
FORD                                   Elizabeth
FORD                                   Elizabeth D
FOSTER                                 Amos
FOSTER                                 Mary
FOSTER                                 Ruth
FOSTER                                 William
FOTHERINGHAM                           Jannet
FOWLER                                 George
FOWLER (RW)                            George
FOX                                    Ann
FOX                                    Mary
FOX                                    Patrick
FRAZER                                 Alexander
FREEMAN                                Franklin
FREEMAN                                Phinehas
FRENCH                                 Benj
FRENCH                                 Charlotte
FRENCH                                 David
FRENCH                                 John
FRENCH                                 Lana
FRENCH                                 Phillip B
FRENCH                                 Rachel
FRENCH (RW)                            David
FRIEDMAN                               Edward Charles
FRIEDMAN                               Mildred Louise
FRISBIE                                Anna R
FRISBIE                                Bert
FROST                                  Clarisa
FROST                                  Oscar
FRYER                                  Horace
FRYER                                  Susan W
FRYER                                  Valentine S
FULLER                                 Levi
GALLAWAY (RW)                          Thomas
GALLUP                                 Hannah
GALLUP BECKWITH                        Hannah
GARDINER                               Mary Ann
GARDNER                                Frances
GARDNER                                Isabel C.
GARDNER                                William E.
GIBSON                                 Charles W
GIBSON                                 Eleanor
GIBSON                                 Elisabeth
GIBSON                                 Elizabeth
GIBSON                                 Elizabeth
GIBSON                                 Hannah
GIBSON                                 Jane A
GIBSON                                 Mary L
GIBSON                                 William
GIBSON                                 William
GIFFORD                                Deborah
GIFFORD                                Elizabeth
GIFFORD                                Gideon
GILCHREST                              Archibald
GILCHRIEST                             Mary
GILCHRIST                              Eleanor
GILCHRIST                              Katharine
GILCHRIST GILLIS                       Eleanor
GILCHRIST GILLIS                       Katharine
GILCRIEST                              Catharine
GILCRIEST                              James H
GILLCHERIEST                           John
GILLCHERIEST                           Mary
GILLESPIE                              Richard
GILLETT                                Sarah J
GILLETT VAUGHN                         Sarah J
GILLETTE                               Abigail
GILLETTE WHELDEN                       Abigail
GILLIS                                 Alexander
GILLIS                                 Archibald
GILLIS                                 Archibald, Jr
GILLIS                                 Archie
GILLIS                                 Catharine
GILLIS                                 Catharine
GILLIS                                 Catherine
GILLIS                                 Edna Dewey
GILLIS                                 Eleanor
GILLIS                                 Eleanor
GILLIS                                 Elizabeth M
GILLIS                                 James W.
GILLIS                                 John
GILLIS                                 John E
GILLIS                                 Joseph
GILLIS                                 Katharine
GILLIS                                 Lucy F
GILLIS                                 Margaret
GILLIS                                 Marguerite J
GILLIS                                 Mary
GILLIS                                 Nancy
GILLIS                                 Richard L.
GILLIS                                 Sarah Margaret
GILLIS                                 Susan
GILLIS                                 Wilbur
GILLMOR                                George
GILLMORE                               William
GILLMORE                               William
GILLMORE                               William Jr
GILLMORE (RW)                          William
GILLMORE (RW)                          William
GILLMORE (RW)                          William Jr
GILMORE                                William
GILMORE                                William
GILMORE (RW)                           William
GOODALE                                Josiah
GOODMAN                                Mary Jane
GOODRICH                               Elizabeth
GOODRICH DAY                           Elizabeth
GOODWIN                                Mary
GOODWIN BRIDGE                         Mary
GORHAM                                 Peyrl
GOSS                                   Carver
GOULD                                  John
GOUNDREY                               Jessie
GOUNDREY                               Julia
GOUNDREY                               Thomas
GOUNDREY LENNON                        Jessie
GOURLAY                                Betsey
GOURLAY                                infant son
GOURLIE                                Alex C
GOURLIE                                Ellen A
GOURLIE                                Jennett
GOURLIE                                Thomas
GOURLIE                                Thomas
GOW                                    Archibald
GOW                                    Christianna
GOW                                    Elizabeth
GOW                                    Isabel
GOW                                    William
GRAHAM                                 Christopher Columbus
GRAHAM                                 Dorothy Mary
GRAHAM                                 Elizabeth
GRAHAM                                 Elizabeth Ann
GRAHAM                                 Emmet Darwin
GRAHAM                                 Helen Jane
GRAHAM                                 John
GRAHAM                                 John
GRAHAM                                 Josephine
GRAHAM                                 Mary
GRAHAM                                 Nancy Ann
GRAHAM                                 Robert
GRAHAM                                 Robert George
GRAHAM                                 Samuel
GRAHAM                                 Samuel
GRAHAM                                 William G
GRAHAM (WWI)                           Christopher Columbus
GRAHAM BEEBE                           Nancy Ann
GRAHAM BUTTERFIELD                     Alice F.
GRAHAM SHARPE                          Mary Elizabeth
GRAHAM WEBSTER                         Elizabeth Ann
GRANGER                                Calista
GRANGER                                Chester
GRANGER                                Elizabeth
GRANGER                                Harrison
GRANGER (1812)                         Chester
GRAVES                                 Meriel
GRAY                                   Ann Eliza
GRAY                                   Isaac
GRAY                                   John
GRAY                                   John
GRAY                                   Margaret
GRAY (RW)                              Isaac
GRAY (RW)                              John
GRAY (RW)                              John
GRAY MAGEE                             Mary J
GREEN                                  Agness
GREEN                                  Allen
GREEN                                  David J
GREEN                                  Evalena
GREEN                                  James
GREEN                                  John
GREEN                                  John
GREEN                                  Mary
GREEN                                  Mary
GREEN                                  Samuel
GREEN                                  Samuel
GREEN                                  Sarah
GREEN                                  Sarah
GREEN                                  Sophia
GREEN                                  Spencer
GREEN                                  Susannah
GREEN                                  Thomas
GREEN                                  Thomas
GREEN                                  Thomas
GREEN                                  William
GREEN (RW)                             John
GREEN (RW)                             Thomas
GREEN HATCH                            Mary
GREEN KINYON                           Evalena
GREGORY                                Prudence
GRIFFIN                                John H
GRIFFITH                               Samuel R
GRIFFITH                               Susan C
GRISWOLD                               Eleanor
HAGGARD                                Andrew
HAGGARD                                Fanny
HALBACH                                Claire
HALBACH ELLMERS                        Claire
HALL                                   Elizabeth
HALL                                   Henry H
HALL                                   Henry Merchant
HALL                                   John
HALL                                   Mary
HALL                                   Patience
HALL                                   Sophie
HALL CLARK                             Sophie
HAMBLIN                                Jemima
HAMBLIN HILLIBERT                      Jemima
HAMILTON                               Jane
HAMILTON                               Nancy
HANNA                                  Margaret
HANNA CARSWELL                         Elisabeth
HANNA CARSWELL                         Margaret
HARRIGAN                               Edward W
HARRIGAN                               Gertrude White
HARRIGAN                               Marietta L
HARRINGTON                             Edward
HARRINGTON                             Edwin D.
HARRINGTON                             Louisa A.
HARRINGTON                             Louisa A.
HARRINGTON                             Nancy
HARRINGTON                             Ruth
HARRINGTON LENNON                      Nancy
HARRINGTON TUBBS                       Ruth
HARRIS                                 Dorothy
HARRIS                                 Elisha
HARRISON                               William
HARROUN                                Cena
HARROUN                                John
HARROUN                                Martha
HARROUN                                Oliver
HARSHA                                 Carrie
HARSHA                                 Charles G
HARSHA                                 Jeannette
HARSHA                                 Lilly M
HARSHA CARPENTER                       Jeannette
HARSHA MCEACHRON                       Carrie
HARVEY                                 Daniel P
HARVEY                                 Infant
HASKILL                                William
HATCH                                  Ira
HATCH                                  Mary
HATHAWAY                               John P
HATHEWAY                               Alpheus
HATHEWAY                               Elizabeth
HATHEWAY                               John
HAWLEY                                 Cornelia M
HAY                                    Anna
HAY                                    John
HAY WEIR                               Anna
HAYFORD                                Webster
HEATH                                  Arden
HEATH                                  Asenath Elizabeth
HEATH                                  Daniel
HEATH (RW)                             Daniel
HEATH WOODWORTH                        Asenath Elizabeth
HENDRICKSON                            Eric Thomas
HENDRICKSON                            F LeRoy
HENDRICKSON                            Robert William
HENRY                                  Christopher G.
HENRY                                  Clifford Leo
HENRY                                  Donald
HENRY                                  Eleanor
HENRY                                  Elizabeth
HENRY                                  Elizabeth
HENRY                                  Elizabeth M.
HENRY                                  Ella J.
HENRY                                  Emma
HENRY                                  Esther
HENRY                                  Esther Elizabeth
HENRY                                  Family Lot
HENRY                                  George A.
HENRY                                  Isaac
HENRY                                  Isabelle
HENRY                                  James
HENRY                                  John
HENRY                                  Joseph
HENRY                                  Josephine
HENRY                                  Mae
HENRY                                  Margaret
HENRY                                  Martha
HENRY                                  Mary
HENRY                                  Miriam
HENRY                                  Nancy
HENRY                                  Parmelia
HENRY                                  Parmelia
HENRY                                  Sarah Jane
HENRY                                  William
HENRY                                  William
HENRY                                  William
HENRY                                  William John
HENRY (RW)                             Joseph
HENRY BENWAY                           Sarah Jane
HENRY CARSWELL                         Esther
HENRY DALY                             Isabelle
HENRY GRAHAM                           Josephine
HENRY HARROUN                          Martha
HENRY HOLMES                           Elizabeth
HENRY WELLS                            Miriam
HERRINGTON                             Martha
HERVIEUX                               Beatrice A.
HERVIEUX                               Paul E.
HILL                                   Alexander
HILL                                   Alexander
HILL                                   Ann
HILL                                   Charity
HILL                                   Elnora
HILL                                   Hannah
HILL                                   Hermione
HILL                                   Hugh
HILL                                   Jane
HILL                                   John
HILL                                   Lydia M
HILL                                   Mary
HILL                                   Mary Ann
HILL                                   Miron S
HILL                                   Newton V
HILL                                   Peter
HILL                                   Whiteside
HILL                                   William
HILLEBERT                              John
HILLIBERT                              Jemima
HILLMAN                                Demarus
HILLMAN                                Hannah
HILLMAN                                Samson
HINCKLEY                               Susannah
HINCKLEY CROCKER                       Mary
HINCKLEY CROCKER                       Susannah
HISCOCK                                Betsey
HISCOX                                 Nancy
HISCOX                                 Simeon W
HITCHCOCK                              Anna Beach
HITCHCOCK                              Asahel
HITCHCOCK                              John
HITCHCOCK                              Pamela
HODGES                                 Abel
HODGES                                 Keturah
HODGES (RW)                            Abel
HOGAN                                  Eliza Ann
HOGAN BEECHER                          Eliza Ann
HOGEL                                  Barnet
HOLBROOK                               Amariah
HOLBROOK                               Daniel
HOLBROOK                               Vina
HOLMES                                 Elizabeth
HOLMES                                 Elizabeth
HOLMES                                 George Henry
HOLMES DALY                            Jane E.
HOLMES REARDON                         Elizabeth
HOPKINS                                Agness
HOPKINS                                Alexander
HOPKINS                                David
HOPKINS                                George
HOPKINS                                Patience
HOPKINS                                Robert
HOPKINS                                Sarah
HOPKINS (RW)                           David
HOPKINS (RW)                           George
HOPKINS (RW)                           Robert
HOWARD                                 Abel
HOWE                                   Annis A
HOWE                                   Cyrus
HOWE                                   Cyrus H
HOWE                                   John
HOWE                                   Lorain
HOWLAND                                Catharine
HOXIE                                  Florans E
HOXIE                                  George Howard
HOXIE                                  Grace M
HOXIE                                  Ida
HOXIE                                  Rhoda B
HOXIE ALLEN                            Grace M
HOY                                    Agness
HOY                                    Hellen
HOY                                    James
HOY                                    Margaret
HOY                                    William
HOYT                                   Mary Ann
HOYT HILL                              Mary Ann
HUGGINS                                Tryphena
HUGHES                                 S. Elizabeth
HUGHES                                 Winnifred
HUGHES WILLIAMS                        Winnifred
HUNT                                   Barbara
HUNT                                   Mary
HUNT                                   Roy
HUNT                                   Sycha
HUNT                                   William
HUSTED                                 Harriet
HUSTED HUSTED                          Harriet
HUSTED WATSON                          Harriet
HUTCHENS                               Sarah P
HUTCHENS BULLOCK                       Sarah P
HUTTON                                 Nancy
HYATT                                  Charles I
HYATT                                  James K
HYATT                                  Sarah
INGALLS                                James H
INGALLS                                Patty
INGALLS                                Susan
IRVINE                                 James
IRVINE                                 Peter
IRVINE                                 Rosanna
IRVINE (RW)                            James
IRVING                                 Mary Ann
IRVING YOLE                            Mary Ann
IRWIN                                  M Louise
IRWIN BURNETT                          M Louise
JACKSON                                Bradley Morris
JACKSON                                Irene Frances
JACKSON                                James
JACKSON                                Lucy
JACKSON                                Noel E., Jr
JACKSON                                Sophia
JACKSON COMSTOCK                       Lucy
JAMES                                  Watey
JANE                                   Williamson
JENKINS                                Clarisa
JENKINS                                John
JENKINS                                Sarah Ann
JENKINS BAKER                          Sarah Ann
JEPSON                                 Donald
JEPSON (WWII)                          Donald
JILLET                                 Roda
JILLSON                                Abram
JILLSON                                Rachel Harret
JILSON                                 J Harvy
JOHNSON                                Anna
JOHNSON                                Anna
JOHNSON                                Anna M
JOHNSON                                Asa
JOHNSON                                Asa
JOHNSON                                Barent
JOHNSON                                Catharine
JOHNSON                                Charlotte W
JOHNSON                                Jaques
JOHNSON                                Margaret Jane
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON                                Sarah L
JOHNSON                                Sarah O
JOHNSON                                William M
JOHNSON                                Worthy
JOHNSON                                Worthy W
JOHNSON JUCKETT                        Sarah O
JOHNSON WHITE                          Sarah L
JOHNSTON                               Fannie P
JOHNSTON                               William James
JOHNSTON PERRY                         Fannie P
JONES                                  Cena
JONES                                  Mary
JONES (WWII)                           Alfred G
JONES HARROUN                          Cena
JONES WHITE                            Mary
JUCKETT                                Alva
JUCKETT                                Byron
JUCKETT                                Clark B
JUCKETT                                Clayton D
JUCKETT                                Daniel S
JUCKETT                                Emily D
JUCKETT                                Howard C
JUCKETT                                Lavina E
JUCKETT                                Lottie W
JUCKETT                                Mildred E
JUCKETT                                Rachel
JUCKETT                                Sarah O
KEHOE                                  Alice
KEHOE                                  Alice
KEHOE                                  John F
KEHOE                                  Lawrence J
KEHOE                                  Mary C
KEHOE                                  Miles W
KEHOE                                  Paul
KELLOGG                                Charles White
KELLOGG                                Demmis Dewey
KELLOGG                                Fanny
KELLOGG                                Julia
KELLOGG                                Peter Comstock
KELLOGG                                Roy
KENNEDY                                Alexander
KENNEDY                                Hannah
KENNEDY                                Jane M
KENNEDY                                Mary
KENNEDY                                Matthew
KENNEDY                                William
KENYON                                 Abbie
KENYON                                 Ambrose H
KENYON                                 Ann H
KENYON                                 Betsey
KENYON                                 Bryon W
KENYON                                 Card
KENYON                                 Clara B
KENYON                                 Clark
KENYON                                 Clark H
KENYON                                 Eldred L
KENYON                                 Elizabeth
KENYON                                 Elizabeth
KENYON                                 James L
KENYON                                 Jane
KENYON                                 John
KENYON                                 John
KENYON                                 Lois A
KENYON                                 Minnie
KENYON                                 Mumford
KENYON                                 Mumford
KENYON                                 Polly
KENYON                                 Sarah
KENYON                                 Sarah M
KENYON                                 Sarah M
KENYON                                 Sarah W
KENYON ACKLEY                          Lois A
KERR                                   Elizabeth
KERR                                   Laney
KERR                                   Robert
KERR                                   William
KESSLER                                Lavina
KETCHAM                                Sarah H
KETCHAM CULVER                         Sarah H.
KIANG                                  Almira
KILLMER                                Peter
KILLMER                                Sarah
KING                                   Almira
KING                                   Elijah
KING                                   John
KING                                   Mary
KING FISHER                            Almira
KING GILLIS                            Mary
KINGSLEY                               Hannah
KINGSLEY                               Mary A
KINGSLEY COLEMAN                       Hannah
KINNE                                  Denison
KINYON                                 Evalena
KINYON                                 James P
KINYON                                 Jane
KINYON                                 Lizzie
KINYON                                 Milton
KNEELAND                               Ichabod

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