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St. Lawrence County, New York Cemetery Burials
St. Lawrence County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

AMES                                   William Augustus
BROWN                                  Anna
BROWN DOUGLASS                         Anna
DOUGLASS                               Anna
DOUGLASS                               Bertha
DOUGLASS                               Charles William Harold
DOUGLASS                               George R.
DOUGLASS                               William
DOUGLASS                               William Arthur
DOUGLASS (WWI)                         Charles William Harold
DOUGLASS DOUGLASS                      Bertha
FIFIELD                                Lafayette
FIFIELD PELKEY                         Lettie
GIBBS                                  Loren E.
GIBBS                                  Lorenzo
GIBBS                                  Lyla
GIBBS                                  Roy D.
PELKEY                                 Joseph
PELKEY                                 Lettie
TAGGART                                Lyla
TAGGART GIBBS                          Lyla

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