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Steuben County, New York
Cemetery Burials

Steuben County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ADAMS                                  Samuel Harvey
ALLEN                                  Phebe
ALLEN                                  Phebe
ALLEN                                  Sally Adeline
ALLEN                                  William
ALLEN                                  William
AYERS                                  Maybell
AYERS BROOKS                           Maybell
BAKER                                  Nellie
BAKER GORTON                           Nellie
BANKS                                  Daniel E.
BANKS                                  Maryett C.
BARBER                                 Sarah (Emma)
BARBER                                 Sarah Emma
BARBER MOORE                           Sarah (Emma)
BARBER MOORE                           Sarah Emma
BAXTER                                 Amelia
BENNETT                                Ann E.
BENNETT                                Ira W.
BENNETT                                Willson L.
BIXBY                                  Rufus
BONHAM                                 Edwin Douglas
BONHAM                                 Margaret A.
BONHAM                                 Mildred L.
BONHAM                                 William Ephraim
BONHAM (CW)                            William Ephraim
BORST                                  John J.
BRADBURY                               Charles J.
BRADBURY                               Eliza
BRONSON                                Augustus Harley
BRONSON                                Erastus
BRONSON                                Mehetabel M.
BROOKS                                 Clara
BROOKS                                 George
BROOKS                                 George W.
BROOKS                                 Joel
BROOKS                                 Mary
BROOKS                                 Maybell
BROOKS                                 Norman J.
BROOKS                                 William E.
BROOKS                                 William M.
BROWN                                  Henry E
BROWN (CW)                             Henry E.
CAMPBALL                               Annie
CAMPBELL                               George
CAMPBELL (CW)                          George
CARPENTER                              Nelson
CHERRY                                 Sarah
COLVIN                                 Electa B
COLVIN                                 Lois
COLVIN                                 Lois
COLVIN                                 Lucy
COLVIN TUBBS                           Electa B.
COLVIN TUBBS                           Lois
COLVIN TUBBS                           Lucy
CORZETT                                Kenneth R.
CORZETT                                Margaret
CORZETT                                Margaret
CORZETT                                Nellie J.
CORZETT                                William A.
CRAWSHAW                               Mary
CRAWSHAW BROOKS                        Mary
CUPP                                   Daniel N
CUPP                                   Emma H.
CUPP (CW)                              Daniel N.
CUTLER                                 John K.
DUBOIS                                 Clarissa
DUBOIS                                 Mary
DUBOIS                                 Ruben
FERENBAUGH                             Fidelis
FERENBAUGH                             Mary Ann
FRASER                                 Daniel
GAZLAY                                 Sally
GORTON                                 Dorcus
GORTON                                 Elizabeth
GORTON                                 Ellen
GORTON                                 Emily
GORTON                                 Family marker
GORTON                                 Hiram
GORTON                                 J. M.
GORTON                                 Lydia
GORTON                                 Martha
GORTON                                 Martha A.
GORTON                                 Maryett
GORTON                                 Moses
GORTON                                 Moses Jr
GORTON                                 Nancy
GORTON                                 Nellie
GORTON                                 Peleg
GORTON                                 Perry
GORTON                                 Perry
GORTON                                 Polly
GORTON                                 Samuel
GORTON                                 Silas W.
GORTON                                 Silas W.
GORTON                                 William Peleg
GORTON                                 William R.
GORTON BANKS                           Maryett C.

HALLACK                                Jesse
HILL                                   William
HOUGHTALING                            William H.
HOVEY                                  Charles L.
HOVEY                                  Martha L.
JOHNS                                  Harriett
JOHNS                                  J. M.
JOHNSON                                Myrtle J
JOHNSON SPURLING                       Myrtle J.
KIRKLAND                               Amanda
LAMPHIER                               Benjamin
LAMPHIER                               Samuel
LAMPHIER                               Sarah Elizabeth
LAWRENCE                               Mildred
LAWRENCE BONHAM                        Mildred
LOVELL                                 Calvin
MCCREA                                 William S
MCCREA (CW)                            William S.
MINIER                                 Mary
MINIER                                 Thorton Fleming
MOE                                    Sarah Elizabeth
MOE LAMPHIER                           Sarah Elizabeth
MOORE                                  Sally Adeline
MOORE                                  Sarah (Emma)
MOORE                                  Sarah Emma
MOORE                                  Seymour David
MOORE                                  Seymour David
MOORE (CW)                             Seymour David
MOORE ALLEN                            Sally Adeline
MOORE QUAY                             Sally Adeline
NEWMAN                                 Adelia Franie
NEWMAN ORR                             Adelia Franie
ORR                                    Adelia Franie
ORR                                    James C.
PLATT                                  Catharine
PLATT SAVORY                           Catharine
PUFF                                   Emeline L.
PUFF                                   Isaac
PUFF                                   Mary
PUFF                                   Mary Ann
QUAY                                   Sally Adeline
RANDALL                                Martha A.
RARRICK                                Jacob
RARRICK (CW)                           Jacob
RARRICK RANDALL                        Martha A.
RICHMOND                               Lois
RICHMOND COLVIN                        Lois
ROBORDS                                Phebe
ROBORDS                                Phebe
ROBORDS ALLEN                          Phebe
ROBORDS ALLEN                          Phebe
SAVORY                                 Catharine
SAVORY                                 Nancy
SAVORY                                 Sarah
SAVORY                                 Willis J.
SAVORY CHERRY                          Sarah
SMITH                                  Edward Henry
SPURLING                               George A
SPURLING                               Myrtle J
SPURLING (WWII)                        George A.
THOMAS                                 Florence L.
THOMAS                                 Grover C.
TILLINGHAST                            Margaret A
TILLINGHAST BONHAM                     Margaret A.
TUBBS                                  Electa B.
TUBBS                                  Florence L.
TUBBS                                  Henry J.
TUBBS                                  James H.
TUBBS                                  Levi
TUBBS                                  Lois
TUBBS                                  Lucy
VAN KLEECK                             Martha Jane
VAN KLEECK YOCUM                       Martha Jane
VIEW                                   Old Gorton Cemetery Gate
WALKER                                 David
WALKER                                 James Elroy
WATTS                                  Mary
WATTS MINIER                           Mary
WHITENACK                              Frank H.
WHITENACK                              Mary E.
WICKHAM                                Harriet Elizabeth
WICKHAM WILDER                         Harriett Elizabeth
WILDER                                 Harriett Elizabeth
WILDER                                 James Zaller
YOCUM                                  Margaret
YOCUM                                  Martha Jane
YOCUM                                  mary Ann
YOCUM III                              Swan
YOCUM PUFF                             Mary Ann

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