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Queens County, New York Cemetery Burials
Queens County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

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Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ALLEN                                  Nancy
ALOUA                                  Angelina
ALOUA VACCARELLA                       Angelina
ANDERT                                 Joseph
ARROYO                                 Lorimer
BARBALATO                              Rocco
BAUER                                  Catherine
BAUER                                  Charles
BERDOFF                                Isidore
BERDOFF                                Rose
BERNTSON                               Hilda Charlotta
BERNTSON                               John Albin
BOGERT                                 ELLA F.
BOGERT                                 FRANK
BONOTTO                                Thomas
BROWN                                  Bertha
BROWN                                  Julia
BROWN HAYES                            Bertha
BRUSH                                  Family Mausoleum
BUONAMASSA                             M.
BUONAMASSA                             Vincent
BURT                                   Barbara
BURT                                   Harry
CAMBIA                                 Maria Cristina
CAMBIA NORMANDIA                       Maria Cristina
CARABALLO                              Luz
CAREY                                  Mary
CONDE                                  Gladys
DECAPRIO                               Armando
DENARO                                 Mary
DESMOND                                Catherine Ann
DESMOND                                Jerome John
DESMOND                                John A.
DIRR                                   Joseph Frederick
DIRR                                   Margaret Mary
DIRR                                   Marie Sabina
DIRR                                   Padraic Andrew
DIRR                                   Peter Aloysius
DIRR                                   Sabina Margaretha
DIRR VASAK                             Margaret Mary
DONOVAN                                Gertrude R
DOWNING                                Julia
DOWNING HEARN                          Julia
DRISCOLL                               Mary T
DRISCOLL KELLY                         Mary T
FARAKER                                Cyril C
FATH KROMM                             Anna Marie
FATONE                                 Antonio
FATONE                                 Michelina
FLANAGAN DENARO                        Mary
FLANAGAN HANLEY                        Mary
FROHWEIN                               Bertha
FROHWEIN                               Emma
FROHWEIN                               Louisa
FROHWEIN                               Louise Charlotte
FROHWEIN                               Margaret
FROHWEIN                               Margareth
FROHWEIN                               Max
FROHWEIN                               Theobald
FROHWEIN                               Theobald R.
FROHWEIN                               Wilhelm Theobald Charles
FROHWEIN                               Wilhelmine
FROHWEIN                               Wilhelmine L.
FROHWEIN KHUEN                         Louise Charlotte
FRY                                    Family Mausoleum
GORDON                                 Family Mausoleum
HALLER                                 Laura Catherine Clare
HALLER KROMM                           Laura Catherine Clare
HAMM                                   Margareth
HAMM FROHWEIN                          Margareth
HANLEY                                 Mary
HAYES                                  Bertha
HAYES                                  Martin
HAYES                                  Patrick
HEARN                                  Julia
HEARN                                  Mary
HEARN O'NEIL                           Mary
HEHL                                   Johann
HERRMANN                               Mary
HERRMANN                               Maurice
HERRMANN                               Maurice Family Mausoleum
HERRMANN                               Samuel
JACKSON                                Elizabeth
JACKSON KENNY                          Elizabeth
JOHNSSON                               Mary
KALKHOF Anna Margaret KALKHOF Charles KAUFMAN Bertha KAUFMAN Esther KAUFMAN Rosie KAVAL Gary A. KAVAL Glenn C. KELLY Gertrude R KELLY Mary KELLY Mary T KELLY CAREY Mary KELLY DONOVAN Gertrude R KELLY PLUNKETT Mary KENNY Elizabeth KENNY Elizabeth KENNY John KENNY Michael KENNY REISS Elizabeth KHUEN Louise Charlotte KNAPP Katharina KNAPP MECKEL Katharina KOCH Elizabeth KOCH Elizabeth Amelia KOCH Michael Joseph KREWET Anna KREWET REMPE Anna KROMM Anna Margaret KROMM Anna Marie KROMM Charles Christian KROMM Conrad Freidrich KROMM Laura Catherine Clare KROMM Louisa KROMM Maria Katharina KROMM Marie Augusta Amalie KROMM Valentin KROMM Valentine KROMM Wilhelm KROMM FROHWEIN Louisa KROMM KALKHOF Anna Margaret LINDEMANN Sabina Margaretha LINDEMANN DIRR Sabina Margaretha LIPPMAN Ricka MECKEL Adam MECKEL Albert Jerome MECKEL Catherine Ann MECKEL Elizabeth MECKEL Katharina MECKEL Marie Elizabeth MECKEL Mary MECKEL Mary Margareth MECKEL Philip MECKEL Philip Adam MECKEL Philip Peter MECKEL Simon L. MECKEL DESMOND Catherine Ann MECKEL KOCH Elizabeth MEYERSON Family Mausoleum MURRY Peter NORMANDIA Alfonso NORMANDIA Anniello - Henry NORMANDIA Giovannina NORMANDIA Maria Cristina NORMANDIA Michael NORMANDIA Sylvester NORMANDIA Theresa NYBURG Family Mausoleum O'NEIL Mary O'NEIL Sara O'NEIL Thomas PAULICH Marie Augusta Amalie PAULICH KROMM Marie Augusta Amalie PAULSSEN Emma PAULSSEN FROHWEIN Emma PETRY Ella F PETRY BOGERT ELLA F. PLUNKETT Julia PLUNKETT Mary PLUNKETT SAILS Julia QUINN Sara QUINN O'NEIL Sara REISS Elizabeth REISS Louis REMPE Agnes REMPE Anna REMPE Anna REMPE Frank Anthony REMPE Hieronymus Albert REMPE Mary Margareth REMPE MECKEL Mary Margareth RILLING Julia RILLING SCHAEFER Julia ROSENBERG Joseph ROSENBERG Theresa ROSENTHAL Beatrice SAILS Julia SARGEANT James SARGEANT Mary SAWYER Isabel SAWYER Thomas SCHAEFER Julia SCHAEFER Konrad SCHLESINGER Handel SCHLESINGER Johanna SCHLESINGER Louis SCHLESINGER Louisa Bernhard SCHLESINGER Meyer SCHMITT Eugene SCHMITT Gertrude SCHNEIDER Unknown SCHWEERS Mary R. SCHWENZER Marie Sabina SCHWENZER DIRR Marie Sabina SICHLER Frederick SICHLER Louise SKLAVOS Efterpe SKLAVOS Harry SKURA Helen R. SKURA Martin SMITH Emma SMITH John SMITH Ruth STAHL Louis THOMAS Mabel E. TONEY Charles Omar TUORTO Giovannina TUORTO NORMANDIA Giovannina VACCARELLA Angelina VACCARELLA Donato VANNESS William VASAK Margaret Mary VASAK Raymond Albert VASAK Thomas Francis VIERA Ricardo VIERA (WWII) Ricardo VISKUP Anna VISKUP Michael VOLLAND Wilhelmine VOLLAND FROHWEIN Wilhelmine WORKUN Robert WORKUN Tessie WORKUN Tony YULA Michael YULA Nellie Back to Top